Into the Vault: Dark Warriors vs. Light Troops


Klondike, CPA Central Headquarters – Today is the first edition of CPA Central’s Into the Vault! Into the Vault is where we look back at some old & cool battles from the past in the CP Army Community, we post this once every Tuesday! Today we look back at one of the most anticipated & legendary battles to have ever happened. The Dark Warriors vs The Light Troops in the Christmas Chaos IV finals.

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Cowboydan101 Joins Night Warriors

FOG, Night Warriors Nation – Not long after the announcement of a return for the Night Warriors, former Nachos Army leader, Cowboydan101 has decided to move onto a potential candidate for success army that goes by the name of Night Warriors. How will this effect NW? Lets just see. Continue reading

Legends Cup V: Nachos vs Ice Warriors: A Look Back in History

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As Legends Cup VII Finals draw closer everyone becomes more eager to see who will be the victor. However, before we get to Legends Cup VII let’s take a look back at Legends Cup V where Nachos of Club Penguin faced off against the Ice Warriors to try claim the gold and be victorious. Let’s once again hop on our time machines and take a look back to two years ago when the Legends Cup V Finals took place!

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Night Warriors Return To The Community

Fog, Night Warriors Capital – Following the decision by BMX48 and SH80532 to shut down the Night Warriors on July 23rd, it was quickly overruled by Night Warriors legend XxToySoldier.

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Night Warriors Decline Ends In Closure

FOG, Night Warriors Empire – Following the retirement of key leaders such as Toysoldier and Drake, the Night Warriors have gone on a slide down the top ten rankings and in size, finding themselves classified as a Medium Army in recent weeks. Their inconsistency and smaller sizes have led to SH80532 announcing the closure of the Night Warriors.

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Ice Warriors Return at The Helm of Andrew24

HUSKY, Ice Warriors Capital – In the recent days, the Ice Warriors have been an army trying to succeed what they have done in their previous eras. In a post a while back, I talked about the Ice Warriors going leaderless and the army shutting down, to which Andrew24 responded that there may be a return if the troops wanted it. Here’s what happened after.

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Ice Warriors in Decline || Andrew24 Returns

HUSKY, Ice Warriors Capital – The Ice Warriors, a very controversial army, have had their ups and downs. In their most recent era of the army; starting in early June of 2016, the army hit great sizes. The army soon then started to die off leaving the troops and even the leaders concerned.

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Silverburg Departs from the Ice Warriors, Joins the Rebel Penguin Federation Shortly After

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Capital – A few days ago, Silverburg shocked the community when he released an unexpected publication regarding his departure from the Ice Warriors, unbeknown to most his plans to join another army; the Rebel Penguin Federation. What does this mean for both armies? Let’s take a look!.
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Tensions Rise Between Ice Warriors and Water Vikings

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – After returning just a week ago, the Water Vikings have already encountered a conflict with the Ice Warriors. Both sides have proceeded to make posts on their respective sites sharing insults with each other and explaining their side of the story.  Will this result in a war, or is it just another minor squabble?
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Rebel Penguin Federation Declares War on Ice Warriors

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Nation – Tension between Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation has been on a rise over the last few weeks which is mostly due to Silverburg, former RPF leader, joining the Ice Warriors leadership. The tensions finally boiled over when RPF announced their declaration of war. What does this mean for both armies? Click continue reading to find out!
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