Arctic Troops Return

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Arctic Troops’ Territory – Now that Club Penguin is closing down in the next month, past armies and legendary armies make a return to the community for one last time as Club Penguin closes down.

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The Corsairs Return

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, The Corsairs’ Territory – The Thanksgiving holiday is over and the Christmas season awaits us. Armies like The Corsairs of Club Penguin return to the community to see if they can beat the other armies again.

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Team Yellow Enters the Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Team Yellow of Club Penguin’s Territory – As we enter the third round of CP Army Central’s annual Champions Cup tourney, armies are being created as we enter the final round.

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Pengs of CP Declare War on the Red Miners

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Penguins of Club Penguin’s Territory – With the merge of SM Army Central and CP Army Central, armies would have to work ten times harder than they used to have to, to get a better rank on the top ten. The merge hasn’t been treating the Pengs of Club Penguin well and to make their army more exciting, they declared war on the Red Miners of Club Penguin.

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The Sharks Army

Hello SMAC, Today I’m going to be talking about a new army called the Sharks. They were created on the 9th June 2012 by Tootsiepop 6. They currently have the size of a small army.  Continue reading

The Ninja Freedom Force- Setting An Example in Alliance Creating for the CfC?

With the NFF’s alliance with the HRCP to claim the server Polar Bear, are they setting an example for the use of alliances in this Clash for Control? Continue reading

Small Top 10 6/21/12

Splasher: Timmy, please don’t make edits for personal questions.

Timmy: Does Purple Heads AND Pirates count? PH got 5 and Pirates got 7. Check PH site. 😉

Welcome to yet another Small Top 10. We have some new armies, and a new  Top 3.

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