Battle Review: RPF vs. Night Warriors ft. Nachos and Bots

FOG, Night Warriors Empire – The Night Warriors Army decided to face the Rebel Penguin Federation in a friendly practice battle. However, things took a little twist when the battle was raided by bots. RPF faced the Nachos Army instead. Let us move on and see what happened. Continue reading

Battle Review: Golds Army vs. Army of CP

BREEZE, Battle Territory – Now that the CP Army Community enters school days once again, we observe many armies falling, as well all rising. During this period of time, two armies clashed in a practice battle. This time, the Army of CP and the Golds Army. Continue reading

Battle Review: Night Rebels vs. Night Warriors || Practice Battle on Fog

FOG, Night Warriors Empire – On the 4th of January, the Night Rebels and Night Warriors faced off in a practice battle. Who won this encounter?

Continue reading