AR Website Defaced

Update: 6:54 PM – I got a hold of Toysoldier, NW Leader to get his share of the conflict

Update: 6:35 PM – Drake, NW Leader has confirmed Flen deleted 20 posts on AR website.

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TOBOGGAN, Army Republic HQ – Approximately at 1:52 AM Tuesday a deface of the Army Republic site took place. The Army Republic currently remain 3rd on the Top Ten could this deface effect the army in coming weeks?

Updates are imminent. Stay tuned.


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Light Troops Raid Ice Warriors Capital Sub Zero

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – As the agitation between the Light Troops and Ice Warriors grows today saw another raid take place as the Light Troops converged onto Sub Zero to ‘send a message’ to the Ice Warriors.

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Tap vs. Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam

tbmThere is an obvious Lack of 628 Aliens.

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Tap vs. The Star Wars Takeover

star wars

200 years ago, in the Andromeda Galaxy…

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Monsters University Takeover

This post will have much vulgar language. If you are a member of ACP, Pirates, IW or Lord Pain then Parental Discretion is advised.

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Tap Vs. Card Jitsu Party 2013

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