Light Troops Take On The Ice Warriors On Ice Box

ICE BOX, Light Troops’ Nation – Today, after competition about who is the most superior army, a practice battle occurred between the Light Troops and the Ice Warriors. The Practice Battle comes after the Light Troops achieve first place in the weekly Top Ten to demonstrate why they’re the first place!

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Nachos Army Raid The Rebel Penguin Federation || Possible War?

FJORD, Nachos Capitol Hill – The Nachos army raiding the Rebel Penguin Federation and both entering the stage of war. Both of these are not a new thing to that the community will see. Both armies relations have been flickering around since the creation of this community. However, both seem to be going against each other even during the last days. Nachos, in a shocking turn, decided to raid the Rebel Penguin Federation. Let us see what happened!

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Battle Review: Golds Army vs. Army of CP

BREEZE, Battle Territory – Now that the CP Army Community enters school days once again, we observe many armies falling, as well all rising. During this period of time, two armies clashed in a practice battle. This time, the Army of CP and the Golds Army. Continue reading

Battle Review: Night Rebels vs. Night Warriors || Practice Battle on Fog

FOG, Night Warriors Empire – On the 4th of January, the Night Rebels and Night Warriors faced off in a practice battle. Who won this encounter?

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Into the Vault: Dark Warriors vs. Light Troops


Klondike, CPA Central Headquarters – Today is the first edition of CPA Central’s Into the Vault! Into the Vault is where we look back at some old & cool battles from the past in the CP Army Community, we post this once every Tuesday! Today we look back at one of the most anticipated & legendary battles to have ever happened. The Dark Warriors vs The Light Troops in the Christmas Chaos IV finals.

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‘The Grinch War’ – Battle of Deep Freeze [REVIEW]

DEEP FREEZE, Battle Territory – As the RPF & DCP war rages on, the Rebel Penguin Federation decided to take advantage, and hold the first invasion. Although this battle was supposed to be between the Rebel Penguin Federation and Doritos Army, the Army of CP decided to enter the battle field in place of the Doritos.

CP Army Central are not judges for your battle, we simply observe and publish the results that the armies come to. For more in dept coverage, check out ‘The Pain Wars’ – War Coverage.
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Christmas Chaos V: Recap || Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Nachos Army

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – To hype up this years Christmas Chaos VI tournament final, here is an overall recap of CPA Central’s Christmas Chaos V Finals.


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ACP Invades RPF on Half Pipe

HALF PIPE, Rebel Penguin Federation – As the RPF and ACP War rages on, many battles have occurred between these two armies. Most invasions until now have been mostly one-sided or ending with the other army ignoring the battle. Continue reading

Thugs of Club Penguin Accidentally Invade Doritos of Club Penguin

SLEET, Doritos of Club Penguin Empire – The status of the server Sleet has been contested today following a miscommunication on who actually owns the server and therefore who should be defending it.

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Champions Cup V: Semi Final Recap

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The Champions Cup V draws closer to the end of the semi-final round; four competitive armies will battle to move on and fight in the final.  Continue reading