Blue Troops Declare War On Thugs

WINTERLAND, Blue Troops Nation – With CPA soon coming to an end, armies have decided to take the path of war to end this community. With a lot of conflicts currently ongoing, we see another conflict rise to the occasion. The Blue Troops have officially declared war on the Thugs.

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Doritos Declare War On The Nachos

SUMMIT, Doritos’ Capital – Due to the fact that Club Penguin Armies is expected to end next month, the Doritos have decided to declare war on their fellow army who share the fact that they’re both named after crisps. Nevertheless, the Doritos on the 18th of February, 2017, have declared war on the Nachos.

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Ryan Issues Apology For Bot Raids || RPF Resume War With Nachos

Tuxedo, RPF Nation – Over the past few months bot raiding has been a large problem in our community and on Club Penguin after the sudden rise of Cloud Penguin (CuP), today we see Ryan, who had raided armies over the summer under the alias of Qarv apologizes for his bot raids on the Rebel Penguin Federation.

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Nachos Army Raid The Rebel Penguin Federation || Possible War?

FJORD, Nachos Capitol Hill – The Nachos army raiding the Rebel Penguin Federation and both entering the stage of war. Both of these are not a new thing to that the community will see. Both armies relations have been flickering around since the creation of this community. However, both seem to be going against each other even during the last days. Nachos, in a shocking turn, decided to raid the Rebel Penguin Federation. Let us see what happened!

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Nachos Declare War On RPF

FJORD, Nachos Empire – As CPA is expected to end next month, the Nachos Army have decided to bow out of armies in style. Igniting an old rivalry, the Nachos have declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation in what could possibly be the last war.

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Brigade3 Admits to Multilogging in Teutons || Darklink Denies all Botting Allegations Against him

NORTH POLE, Teuton Army Former Nation- Shockingly, after a long time denying he was, Brigade has decided to finally admit his wrong doings and make a post about his multilogging during a certain generation of Teutons. However, apparently he’s not the only one involved with the multilogging scandal. Let’s take a closer look into the situation.

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Denazification of Nacho Army Begins

FJORD – Nacho Army Empire – Following a few days of radical action being taken to change the Nacho Army by both the current leadership and the veterans, it appears that the army has now taken a huge U-turn on the direction that they would like to take. This has been seen in recent events such as the banishment of former Nacho leader, Shivertoe2.

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Doritos Declare War on RPF

SUMMIT, Dortios Capital – As the Pain War continues, we see yet another army going against Rebel Penguin Federation. The Doritos Army has officially declared war on RPF in a separate war to the Pain Wars. What could this mean? Continue reading

Nachos Announce Temporary Halt From RPF Invasions

FJORD, Nachos’ Empire – Following the cease fire until after Christmas between ACP and RPF, Nachos have decided to take an action similar calling a halt to proceedings until Boxing Day . Why is this?

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Nacho Army Chat Reset Following Bot Ownership Takeover


BREAKING NEWS: Former Nacho Leader, Puckley breaks major road law by texting and driving as he prepares to get the chat back. FBI are reported to be following him.

FJORD, Nacho Army Empire – The Nacho Army’s official chat was recently thrown into chaos upon the chat being taken over by the Nacho Army’s bot seeing many troops getting banned on the popular chat room.

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