Arctic Troops Return

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Arctic Troops’ Territory – Now that Club Penguin is closing down in the next month, past armies and legendary armies make a return to the community for one last time as Club Penguin closes down.

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Mustapha10 & Brad Rejoin Doritos Leadership

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire- After being unbanished and removed from the Doritos Hall of Shame by Bam117, Mustapha10 has rejoined DCP along with Brad. Will Doritos thrive under this new leadership, or will they continue to be stagnant in the Top Ten?

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“The Emergency Period”: Watching The End Times – CP Armies Release Statement

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Following the recent announcement from Club Penguin about shutting down, many CP Armies have released statements on what their thoughts on about the situation is and what we can do to keep armies going.

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Lime Green Army Return To CP Army Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Lime Green Army Nation – Prior to the news of Club Penguin shutting down, the Lime Green Army had been planning its return to the army community. That plan has officially come into fruition with the LGA taking part in an illegal war with the Thugs Army of Club Penguin.

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Mass Post Deletion Paralyses Takis Blog

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Last week we saw the Takis rise up from the dead. Now one week later, the Takis have mysteriously disappeared. All posts have been removed from website. Click read more to follow on….

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The Golds Army Closes Their Doors || The Fall Of An Empire

FLIPPERS, Former Golds Army Capital – For years the Golds Army have been a consistent top ten army force in the community, producing some great leaders into Club Penguin warfare, the Golds Army finally decides to close its doors.

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Night Warriors – Inactive Or Preparing For Future?

FOG, NW Nation – The Night Warriors have been a strong figure in the community since they have returned. Although they are one of the most popular armies, they have been inactive for quite some time now. Will the Night Warriors rise up to stardom once again or will they die out?

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Bam117 Rejoins The Doritos Leadership

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – The Doritos have been a top tier army for the past month, until recently, they have fallen out of our Top Ten. With the recent arrival of Bam, will they rise back to the top?

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CPA Central Spooky Trivia [Day One]

With Halloween approaching quickly, CPA Central will be hosting a Spooky Trivia event in which a trivia question will be asked each day until Halloween.  Continue reading

The Rising People’s Republic Army

This Time, I’m going to talk about an army that is slightly larger than The Sharks but it’s kind of important. Some People say that People’s Republic Army is an alliance but really they are an incredible army! If you never heard of them then read this post… Continue reading