BREAKING NEWS: Doritos Website Defaced


SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – After a number of leadership changes, ups and downs, and just plain chaos around the Doritos Army, their site has suddenly been defaced and a null claiming to be the culprit has come forth and admitted to this act. Read more to find out more about this developing situation.

This is a developing story, so CPAC will keep you posted with updates and other news regarding the current situation.

Over the last month or so, the Doritos Army have undergone lots of changes, seeing the return of two former leaders, Mustapha10 & XxToysoldier, and numerous other notable figures that have returned for DCP’s last days in CPA. With these changes, came a short stint of success, which saw DCP reaching sizes of 30, and 1st on top ten just last week.


A recent DCP event, with sizes of 20-25

At about 2:00 PM EST today, the Doritos website was defaced, with all posts being deleted dating back to February 7th, along with all of their pages. Below is a picture of what DCP’s Empire page currently looks like.

And below is a screenshot of how many pages remain on DCP site.

Below is a picture of how many posts were deleted, dating back to February 7th.

So far, no attempt to restore any of the deleted posts/pages has been made, and no statement regarding the deface has been released.

After I was informed of the deface, I looked into it and asked around about it. To my surprise, a null account who went by the name of “Anonymous” pced me and took the credit for defacing DCP’s site. I decided to ask him a few questions about why he defaced the site, and what his intentions are moving forward in regards to DCP.

Interview With “Anonymous”

How did you gain access to DCP’s site?

Anonymous: “I hacked Mustapha10’s computer, and I had to sort through all of the gay and tyranny porn website descriptions to find his WordPress account information. Weird how much gay stuff this guy is subscribed to. Anyways, after I logged into his account, I started deleting as much as I could but that faggot Wwe came online and removed me but its whatever.”

Why did you decide to deface DCP’s site, do you have a problem with someone specifically in DCP or this was an act against the entire army?

Anonymous: “I was shown screenshots of how disrespectful the Doritos were being towards the UMA, I thought I’d stop by and pay the Doritos a visit, to show them that we will not stand for the immaturity and abuse from braindead troops. UMA till the end gang gang we got shooters nigga get blasted.”

Are UMA planning another attack on DCP, or was this it?

Anonymous: “This should be it, as long as the Doritos keep their distance away from us. We didn’t want to do it in the first place but the disrespect had gone on for too long. Don’t even attenpt to guess who I am, you won’t be able to figure it out – I hide my tracks very well.”

Any last statements?

Anonymous: “gang gang we the only ones with shooters out here, mustapha got no goons weak shit watch your ass before we torch your house bro we ’bout it gang shit keep talking.”

As you can see, the “Anonymous” has taken full credit for hacking into Mustapha10’s account to deface DCP site. He claims he was doing it on UMA’s behalf because of DCP’s disrespect towards them. It may or may not have something to do with an argument DCP veteran, Possum, may or may not have gotten into with UMA, but all we know for now is that the culprit can be very dangerous and threaten the safety of your army. He was also very confident that he will cover up his tracks and ensure that no one finds out who he is. Still, no statement regarding the deface has been made by Wwe or anyone in DCP, but CPAC will keep you posted with updates on the situation.

What do you think about DCP’s site being defaced? Who do you think it was? Will this cause DCP to decline and how can they protect themselves from any potential attacks in the future? Let me here YOUR thoughts, and thanks for reading.


CPA Central Editor-In-Chief

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