Former Nacho Leader Ryan Referred to FBI in Prank Gone Wrong

FJORD, Nacho Army Empire – Recently, CPA Central published a post highlighting Ryan’s obsession for cross dressing and public humiliation, after learning that he had stopped due to the embarrassment of such events, I visited the Nacho Army chat today in order to learn that Ryan was still continuing on with these dangerous online actions.

On February 25th, I went to the Nacho Army chat in which I saw Ryan making several references to wanting a Skype conversation tonight with several owners from the Nacho Army. This Skype chat was not set to be an ordinary one however with the Nacho Army Owners required to wear specific clothing.


As you can see from the above, not talking to Ryan about the Skype chat at all, Ryan decided to message Kerouaz on main chat inviting him to the Skype chat. Despite Kero clearly saying “no thanks” indicating that he doesn’t want to be involved in the conversation, Ryan decided to continue which could be seen as a form of harassment. Ryan than attempted to get Kero to wear a dress on the popular online video service.


The conversation continued with Ryan continuing to pressurise the troops into wearing a dress on Skype, indicating especially “even the guys” should be wearing the stuff, in this case, a dress. This in itself is not illegal, so it will all depend on what else Ryan has been doing online. This of course serves as a warning to all of us about the dangers of the internet and has now got many Nacho Army members worried.


As you can see from the above message, upon telling me the nature of Kero’s allegations, Ryan then alleged that he is screwed. This indicates that there could possibly be some truth in the allegation from Kero. Obviously, in law you are innocent until proven guilty, so for Ryan to believe that he will surely be screwed if the FBI look into the allegation, it’s possible that he is indeed a 40 year-old-man. Whether this is true is yet to be seen.




Where does the law stand on this?

Firstly, it’s extremely unlikely that the Nacho Army chat will receive a visit from anyone as it could be seen as a conflict of interest as well as breaching any evidence banks that could be used to determine whether Ryan is guilty or not of the alleged offences. For this reason, the logical step now will be for the FBI, if they choose to follow up on the investigation, to try to obtain the chat logs from XAT which they will be legally binding to hand over.

The FBI will also be able to contact the internet service providers of both Kero and Ryan, which will give them the complete search history of both army users. If there is nothing suspicious for particularly worrying on that, the FBI will more than likely “NFA” the case, which is a No Further Action result dismissing the claim. If something dodgy does however get found, the chances are that they will apply for a search warrant in order to obtain the property of Ryan to conduct further searches and checks of the hard drive before giving the findings to the prosecution.

It’s important to note that Bluey, the “victim” in this instance, as Kero’s report was that Ryan asked Bluey to strip has opted not to report anything and has not made, or indicated any desire to make a statement. The FBI will need Bluey’s cooperation in order to actually build and file a case against Ryan, cooperation that they do not have.

What do YOU think? Is Ryan a 13-year-old boy or a 40-year-old man? Did Kerouaz go too far to make the complaint?

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer

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  1. More context in this screenshot:

  2. lol

  3. Three years later: No lives are sitting on chat and discussing the biggest prank in armies history. Elm getting diapers or Kero lying about Ryan to the FBI?

  4. we trust our fantastic police force (we really have the best police, don’t we folks) to solve this issue. Sad!

  5. oh my

  6. I was right.
    Nachos…Nachos never changes.

  7. exposed

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