Elmikey Celebrates 21st Birthday with “Weed and Cheese Pizza”f

KLONDIKE, CPA Central, Bam’s Trailer – With the end of Club Penguin coming closer and closer – Today RPF and other worthless armies celebrate the 21st birthday of their beloved ruler and legend, Elmikey. Lets take a quick over view of these amazing turn of events.

As you all may very well know – Elmikey – the basic historian and walking Jesus of armies resurrected himself back into to armies around 2013 – where he narrowly appeared before Commando with a mystical item called the Autotyper. Since then armies have progressed in various ways with the massive autotyping turning into huge phrase patches – to the insane amount of botting not only for recruiting but just to ruin other armies events. While you can’t blame one person entirely, the best we can do is blame Elmikey – as he indirectly caused nearly all of this, possibly even the closing of Club Penguin itself.

Regardless we here at CPAC truly love and respect our glorified dictator and former God of armies – who now doesn’t regularly stay on long enough to curse out CPAC’s administrative staff – thankfully the Nachos have recently taken that back up for themselves following their “Fake News” push against the media.

Now lets take a quick look into all the incredible things that came of Elmikeys return to the CPA Community –

we cant forget the unforgettable memes made by  other armies such as Nachos & AR

 photo elmikey_zpsf93f3052.png

Image result for elmikey meme

or even more so the amazing egotistical comments made by the big man himself

While there are many pictures in all to truly to push what effects exactly came from this man – pushing from his coup’s that rivaled only pain in sheer amounts to his excessive and over the top use of the autotyper – as well as his numerous blame game type tactics to the slanderous amount of times he called CPAC and all other forms of media biased for completely and utterly disagreeing with him.

Also never forget the Diapers – Never Forget.

Image result for elmikey diapers

Like him or not this man is truly a legend of the community – his ideas and constant influence pushed this community into what it is today – or at least what it turned into the past few years. He has spent 21 years on this earth constantly playing some form of MMORPG game, while being under some sort of drug influenced rage but the years and sheer willpower he put into armies pushes him as one of the greatest and most influential legends this community has ever seen. Best of all he can now buy enough alcohol to drown out all the years and time wasted into a game that will soon not even exist.

As one of the best CPAC staff members of all time – and I’m sure the rest of the community is with me on this one..

~ Happy Birthday Elmikey – We think its time to put down the keyboard and pick up the spatula



CP Army Central Demoted Reporter Guy

Guy who’s literally the best at his job

(Slaying Bodies)

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  1. Fight the Good Fight

  2. lmao nice post bam

  3. RPF banned from Legends Cup for not sharing cheese pizza with me?

  4. Fucking great post.

    Or idk how to laught… yup, it’s me.
    Anyway… F**K OFF BAM!
    Go back to 1st quarter of 2016 when you lead ACP with Trader – your da best time(z).
    But… you+CPAC Comedy Central = Lucky Day.
    Ok, sorry, i just don’t know “highter” (nice grammar Mac, (clap)(wary)) humor.
    Have a nice day.

  6. why is he even aloud to post…

  7. Great post! although im a bit offended by the “Today RPF and other ‘worthless armies’ celebrate the 21st birthday of their beloved ruler and legend, Elmikey.”

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