Breaking News Regarding Legends Cup

UPDATE: All is fine again, and we’ll be using the CPAC chat once more, thanks to sexy af former CPA Central CEO, Goblinguy1 coming in and saving the day, isn’t he cute?

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Don’t panic, the Legends Cup is still going ahead as planned. The breaking news is that someone in CPAWM, not mentioning names, has decided to change the chat password to something that I do not know. Now, simply put, due to the format of this tournament with the judges discussing both a first place AND a second place, discussion is therefore needed. For this reason, I need a boardroom.  We will therefore be using SM Army Press chat to conduct today’s tournament.

As there are three armies competing in each event, and following the chaotic events that was the Christmas Chaos tournament – at the beginning of the battle, room entry will be announced on the SM Army Press chat. This is to ensure that no one army finds out the room at an earlier interval than the others. This is further to ensure that army leaders are held accountable for moving their troops, not the judges as it should be.

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer

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