Tournament Rules and Regulations

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Following the chaotic Christmas Chaos final, one of the first things that I did is establish several tournament rules and regulations. With the Legends Cup coming up tomorrow, I thought I’d post the rules once again. If you have any objections to the rules set forth in this post, then please do not bother attending the Legends Cup.

Judging Regulations

CPA Central constantly gets complaints about the choice of judges at our events. CPA Central will be working on a Judge Directory which will inform us of who is allowed to judge and what armies they specifically can not judge. We will also be following this set of judging rules.

  1. You can NOT judge an army you have been in within a thirty-day period.
  2. You can NOT judge an army that you are currently within the ranks of.
  3. Judges may be denied for any reason not listed above at the discretion of the Gamesmaster(s) or Board Chair(s).

The Gamesmaster at the event, usually the highest ranking CPAWM official on chat and/or most experienced official on chat, is responsible for choosing and allowing people to judge. Any concerns in regards to judges should be past along to them with the relevant evidence where required.

Rules for Judges

While there is a set number of rules in which armies are expected to follow, there are also rules that help to ensure the quality of non-bias officiating of all CP Army World Media events.

  1. You can NOT accept bribes, this must be reported to the Gamesmaster with evidence.
  2. You can NOT purposely go out of your way to ensure an army loses in any way.
  3. You can NOT reveal your vote or any other judges vote to the public.
  4. You can NOT judge an event under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  5. You MUST follow the instructions of the Gamesmaster, whose decision is final.
  6. You MUST vote only on what army performed the best in that event.
  7. These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Gamesmaster(s) or CEO(s), with the approval of the Board Chair(s).

Rules for Participating Armies

These rules apply to all armies in CPAWM Ranking Jurisdiction (armies who wish to be eligible for the weekly Top Ten Armies), be they current tournament participants, armies who have been eliminated, or armies who were never participating at all but are ranked on CPAWM sites.

1. Allies are not permitted unless stated otherwise by tournament rules. Complaints relating to the use of allies should be brought to judges and/or the Gamesmaster(s), accompanied by sufficient proof, and will be ruled on at the Gamesmaster’s discretion. 

2. The word of the Gamesmaster(s) is final and absolute for purposes of the tournament. This includes the time when the battle begins, when armies are allowed to enter the battle room, any room changes that occur during the duration of the battle, and any other necessary cases not mentioned here. 

3. No insulting of/arguing with/belittling of the judges will be tolerated and can result in disqualification if it occurs in excessive or leader-sanctioned capacities. This includes rage posts following the battle.

4. No hacking/DDoSing/threatening or use of other means to get an unfair or unlawful advantage over another army is permitted.

5. Botting/multilogging/any other form of controlling multiple penguins at once is strictly prohibited.

6. Judges must be allowed to be on all participating armies’ chats at the time of the battle, regardless of their affiliation or previous history with said army. It is strongly advised (though not required) that armies owner the Gamesmaster(s) during the battle in order to avoid issues with chat hushes that prevent announcements by the Gamesmaster(s). If an army misses an announcement because the Tournament Representative was hushed, fault lies with the army. 

7. Raids of tournament battles are permitted under absolutely no circumstances, and may result in tournament disqualification or other punishments, at the discretion of the Gamesmaster(s) and/or CEO(s). 

8. Tournament battles cannot be used to allow an army to gain a strategic advantage in warfare or other intra-army conflicts (i.e. Invading an army during their tournament battle).

9. The above rules are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Gamesmaster(s)/CEO(s), with the approval of the CPAWM Board Chair(s). 

Tips to Tournament Winning

  1. We judge size – Recruit a lot and hype up your battle so that everyone can attend.
  2. We judge tactics – Try a combination of emotes and witty word tactics.
  3. We judge formations – Don’t stay still, keep moving, try different formations.
  4. We do NOT judge lockouts, we judge based on happenings in the battle rooms alone.

Any further questions about participation in CPAWM Tournaments, judging regulations, or any other aspect of this post should be directed to the Gamesmaster(s) (preferably well before the tournament battle), or the CPAWM Board Chairmen, who have run many CPAWM Tournaments and can answer any additional questions.

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer

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