The Move To CPPS Paradox

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – When the news of Club Penguin shutting down broke, the more sensible of the community began planning the end of days, while others turned to survival attempts, with the most common being that of Club Penguin Private Servers.

To understand this post, it is first vital that we establish a definition of what we mean by Club Penguin Armies. Only then can we understand what it means to be part of the Army Community. For this reason, let’s take a look at some definitions to be clear what it is we are talking about.

Key Term: Club Penguin Armies

A type of military roleplay that uses key aspects of real army life for the basis of our armies, using the platform of Club Penguin to host them.

Key Term: Army Community

A social group binded together by mutual interest and participation in Club Penguin Armies.

As you can see, Club Penguin Armies is the community that we as people have developed. It’s us logging onto Club Penguin for events, it’s us and the community that we have built. More importantly to that, it’s the platform that we have devised from Club Penguin as a game. This is where the paradox comes in.

The old CPAWM office on Private Server.

The old CPAWM office on Private Server.

At what point, are CP Armies – no longer CP Armies? The answer is when they move away from the platform of Club Penguin, like some have proposed we do. The act of moving away from Club Penguin, renders Club Penguin Armies dead. The choice we have on March 29th is a very simple one, but it’s not the one you think it is.

While many of you are currently believing that our choice is Die or Move, it really isn’t. As soon as Club Penguin dies, Club Penguin Armies die. The choice isn’t to Die or to Move, we die either way. The choice is Die and stay dead, or Die and have a rebirth as CPPS Armies.

Understanding the point I’ve just made is key to being able to make the right decision about what will happen to your army. I’ll take the Nacho Army for example. The Nacho Army has announced that on March 29th, they will be putting down their sombreros and bringing the army to a close. Let’s say they had chosen to move to CPPS. The Nacho Army would not move, it would become a CPPS Army, which will result in an entirely new community.

What do YOU think? Are you in favour of dying and staying dead? Or do you think armies should respawn as CPPS Armies?

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer

13 Responses

  1. The biggest problem is – how we’ll recruit new faces?

    • You don’t get it.

      You will all be new faces. If you go to CPPS, you are opening a brand new community – it’ll be Day 1 of a New Community, the current Army Community does not continue.

      You are the new faces.

  2. CPPS have no future.

  3. I think we shouldnt move to cpps because I think disney will try to sue em and I think when cp moves to cp island that 60% of the community wants to actually do shit with there lives

  4. Yes. Yes and no actually. CP armies don’t inherently die and take on a new meaning on a CPPS. We could argue CP armies weren’t “real” CP armies as soon as Disney purchased Club Penguin as well. I feel as if the more logical approach to all of this is in fact to move to a CPPS.

    If armies wanted to continue, and if this community and the members of it want to keep going with armies (which it seems most people have grown tired of CPA and this is a peaceful and graceful way out) then a CPPS makes sense.

    I’ve said it before, a CPPS that is aimed towards armies would’ve been a great idea. Think about it. Severs that identify army domain, an interface for real snowball fights instead of emotes as “tactics”, armies could even customize their servers so you did have a capital, a barracks, and what not. If someone with the skills wanted to it could’ve been a welcomed change for armies, and made things more interesting.

    That being said where do you get your recruits from? Most likely through other means of networking on other similar games (not that I know of a ton that exist), and by recruiting on other CPPS.

    Its not a perfect solution, granted it may have not even worked or gotten off the ground. It would’ve been cool though.

  5. I don’t think Armies should move to CPPS
    We can’t recruit new faces to the community so it’s therefore just causing a slow death. Armies can end well now, rather than painfully over the next year.

  6. im going to ddos it

  7. Move to club penguin island

  8. Someone needs to fork out some cash and make a bigass Minecraft server for armies

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