My Experience As A Veteran Returning To This Community


The news of Club Penguin shutting down has, unsurprisingly, spurred armies and army leaders alike into one final run before the inevitable end of the community. Understandably, this game was a high point of many childhoods, so much that even those in their early 20s found it in their spare time to log on to the island one final time. Even those who had long outlived the game still had a special place in their hearts for it, so that they could enjoy it in its sorry state again. Many of these people had once taken part in this community. I am one of them.

Most refer to me now as just GORDY. I celebrated my 17th birthday 3 days ago, and I’m currently a Junior in high school, with aspirations to go into higher education under English Language and Creative Writing. Club Penguin was a large part of my childhood, especially when I was 6-12 years old. I played every day after school with all of my friends, and the memories we made I remember to this day. I stumbled upon this community in the summer of 2008, where I then built up my career over 6 years, even enjoying a brief tenure on CPAC as a philosopher. With high school around the corner, I finally quit in 2014, and looking back I feel as though it was one of the best decisions I made going into my teenage years. Since then, I’ve visited sparingly, often just to chill on the Ice Warriors chat; the only army I ever joined. Each time, I noticed changes within the community. For better or worse, I didn’t put my mind to it. Of course, I would be one of the many veterans that kept the community in the back of my mind all this time, and I was pleasantly surprised to see old friends online again. We discussed old times, and caught up with each other, and I found that some of them had stayed for longer than I had. As it turned out, many did not like at all how the community had turned out over time.

For the first time in over 3 years, I took a look at what I had left behind so long ago. What the fuck happened? 


Change is a fundamental aspect of progress, as the world we live in is one of constant and dynamic change. I understand that my absence indicates a lack of context and understanding on my part. However, what is undeniable is the gradual death of integrity that I am witnessing in the community. Many of these changes are, as I observe, attributed mainly to the shortcomings of Club Penguin itself, as it has also recognized the state this community is in. It’s gotten to the point that I can’t even talk to my friends in game, because half of my messages will be blocked without me knowing. This is the effect that auto-typing a third-party site to children has had on a game marketed towards 8-10 year olds.

A stagnant community is one that will never gain new players. Old players will become bored and quit, and progress is essential for good health, in video games and in our day to day lives. However, this is not the progress you are looking for. Auto-typing, though as bad as multi-logging, is treated no different from back when a couple buddies and I would log on after school and have a good time together under a single colour and uniform. Multi-logging by itself is used as a label towards degrading other armies, and degrading other armies has been a mainstay of battling a war for as long as I can remember in recent history. It is self evident that few people can still have fun standing a line with 3 other people for half an hour trying to sync up their smileys and quotes. Then why do you do it? Shouldn’t the priority of the community, just like the Club Penguin itself, to be to have fun? Can you recognize when no one is having fun anymore?

When did this,

Become this?

When did this,

Become this?


Many of us have lives now. Most who have moved on from the game are finished with the politics, scandals, and tediousness of the community. I honestly couldn’t be bothered to be write about a video game that I played years ago, but walking away from it all while it is dying on the floor is just as bad as having killed it yourself. There have been countless philosophy posts over the years about this situation, but it’s clear now that no one has listened.

This is your final call to reform. Almost everyone can remember their childhood on Club Penguin, and in turn the times of past years. If you want your last month on Club Penguin, and in this community to be ones that you will remember fondly, take it upon yourself to make it that way. Veterans that happen to read this post, I hope you’ve remembered me. Maybe you can lend whatever advice you can give to those left in the community, but keep in mind that no one can ever help someone who first refuses to help himself. All I can do is complain. And what can that accomplish?
(In accordance to my terms as I serve my third and last stint on CPAC, I’ll continue to keep posting on whatever topics are in need of addressing. Happy to take suggestions, btw)

~ War Has Come Home

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