A Look into the Past: Allagi’s Story

Note: It may not be a bad idea to write down the bolded terms in order to remember them, as some of them I don’t use as often.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – With the popular idea of moving to a CPPS, I’ve decided to look into the past to see what could possibly go wrong. Once upon a time, there was an Army member who I’ll refer to as Allagi. Allagi was an experienced individual, having been in several small and medium Armies, the Rebel Penguin Federation, and the Army of Club Penguin respectively. Before quitting the ACP to create his own Army, Allagi had been relatively high-ranking.

Unfortunately, Allagi’s Army was never that successful or even known about at all. It was always a small Army that never made it into any Top Tens. Allagi struggled because of the many problems in the Army Community that, sadly, still remain relevant today. This is when Allagi decided to turn his Army into a CPPS Army and cut ties with our community in hopes of being more successful. How did it go?

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BREAKING NEWS: Doritos Website Defaced


SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – After a number of leadership changes, ups and downs, and just plain chaos around the Doritos Army, their site has suddenly been defaced and a null claiming to be the culprit has come forth and admitted to this act. Read more to find out more about this developing situation.

This is a developing story, so CPAC will keep you posted with updates and other news regarding the current situation.

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Legends Cup VIII – End Of An Era: Quarter-Final Battle Information


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Hippos Swimming to Legends Cup Glory?

YUKON, Hippos Capital – With the Legends Cup battle coming ever closer, we’re going take an in depth look at one of the favourites for the tournament, Hippos. The pressure is on for the Hippos as they face Light Troops and Thugs but a wise man once said “Don’t let your dreams be dreams” therefore implying that if Hippos dream enough, they will be victorious.

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Top Ten Armies: 2/26/17

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As we head into the last days of Club Penguin, we see a decent amount of armies in this week’s Top Ten.

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Elmikey Celebrates 21st Birthday with “Weed and Cheese Pizza”f

KLONDIKE, CPA Central, Bam’s Trailer – With the end of Club Penguin coming closer and closer – Today RPF and other worthless armies celebrate the 21st birthday of their beloved ruler and legend, Elmikey. Lets take a quick over view of these amazing turn of events.

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Former Nacho Leader Ryan Referred to FBI in Prank Gone Wrong

FJORD, Nacho Army Empire – Recently, CPA Central published a post highlighting Ryan’s obsession for cross dressing and public humiliation, after learning that he had stopped due to the embarrassment of such events, I visited the Nacho Army chat today in order to learn that Ryan was still continuing on with these dangerous online actions.

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Breaking News Regarding Legends Cup

UPDATE: All is fine again, and we’ll be using the CPAC chat once more, thanks to sexy af former CPA Central CEO, Goblinguy1 coming in and saving the day, isn’t he cute?

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Don’t panic, the Legends Cup is still going ahead as planned. The breaking news is that someone in CPAWM, not mentioning names, has decided to change the chat password to something that I do not know. Now, simply put, due to the format of this tournament with the judges discussing both a first place AND a second place, discussion is therefore needed. For this reason, I need a boardroom.  We will therefore be using SM Army Press chat to conduct today’s tournament.

As there are three armies competing in each event, and following the chaotic events that was the Christmas Chaos tournament – at the beginning of the battle, room entry will be announced on the SM Army Press chat. This is to ensure that no one army finds out the room at an earlier interval than the others. This is further to ensure that army leaders are held accountable for moving their troops, not the judges as it should be.


Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer

Tournament Rules and Regulations

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Following the chaotic Christmas Chaos final, one of the first things that I did is establish several tournament rules and regulations. With the Legends Cup coming up tomorrow, I thought I’d post the rules once again. If you have any objections to the rules set forth in this post, then please do not bother attending the Legends Cup.

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? SWAT’s Generation Count

Mammoth, SWAT Capital – Badboy, SWAT Legend, has officially announced the shut down of the SWAT army. Will one of the most recent Top Ten contenders these past few years finally end, and how will this shut down affect other armies?

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