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KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Have you ever thought about what could have happened if multilogging, bot raiding, or any other sorts of cheating in armies didn’t exist and that we stuck to the old ways? A comparison between today’s Club Penguin armies and the older ages in armies is an important event like the color wars.

Club Penguin armies began in the years of 2007 and 2008. Armies like the Army of Club Penguin and the Underground Mafia Army used to battle against each other in the Dojo or any other sort of place on the server. There was no multilogging and there were no bots to make it unfair in the earlier years of Club Penguin army warfare. What if we stuck to the old ways and manually recruited ourselves with no bots and no autotypers?

Armies Then:

Club Penguin armies back then did not have any type of bots to recruit on servers for them. The armies’ troops and leaders manually did it themselves on the servers for about an hour or two. The relationship with Club Penguin and Club Penguin armies weren’t so bad back then. Club Penguin did not really have an issue with us armies until bot recruiting and auto-typing became a thing where the chat logs would get spammed with stuff like “JOIN US TODAY AND GET FREE MEMBERSHIP!”. I’ve heard people say that armies were more fun back then when there were no bots raiding events every once in a while or maybe raiding events often. Club Penguin armies were created for fun but now it has just become too serious for people.

Armies Now:

Armies nowadays are filled with multilogging and bots spamming on Club Penguin for recruits every day during the week. Club Penguin players are getting sick of it from what I’m seeing. I can agree, it could get annoying sometimes with bots spamming you when you are trying to play games or host an event. Some people have even gotten mad at others and went as far as trying to DDoS them and turn their Internet offline just for this little game called Club Penguin. Club Penguin armies will most likely die soon so make it fun while it lasts, no multilogging and no bot raiding, with this maybe Club Penguin armies would be more fun. Sure, you can’t go back to the way things were now because we messed it up already!

I decided to interview a few people who joined back in the earlier ages of Club Penguin armies to see what they think about Club Penguin armies back then in, 2008-2013 and Club Penguin armies now, in 2017.

Interview with Silverburg, RPF Leader:

CPAC: What do you think about armies from the early ages?

Silverburg: I think armies from early ages were much more Club Penguin oriented. It was before we blossomed into a community and it was before there was a set warfare structure. You would log on and throw snowballs at the Dojo, it was pretty simple, but it was fun.

CPAC: Now, with all the bot raids and the multilogging accusations, what do you think of armies, today?

Silverburg: I think before there was a much stronger sense of unity in armies, every leader had mutual respect for each other and that made armies much stronger and more fun. Nowadays, everybody says horrific things about each other and spits accusations at each other, we’ve lost that sense of unity which is pretty sad.

CPAC: In comparison, which period do you think was better and more fun?

Silverburg: That’s a difficult question. For myself, the best time I had in armies was as a troop in 2013 RPF. I met tons of new fun people and I got to experience ranking up, it was like a family over there. But I think armies themselves were most fun when things were simple, back in ’07 and ’08

Interview with Carlos, Former Night Rebels Leader & Now Retiree:

CPAC: What do you think about armies from the early ages?

Carlos: Armies in the early ages were a fun place to be in. You had a fresh batch of new recruits into your army every day without cheating, interaction with the whole army was possible, events were actually fun, and a lot more to say in one message.

CPAC: Now, with all the bot raids and the multilogging, what do you think of armies, today?

Carlos: Absolutely dreadful. Almost every army cheats, we have idiots raiding potential events, and today the community is composed of teenagers who give off a bad example to the “recruits” who come in, hence why multilogging exists. Events are no longer fun, you can barely talk to anyone without causing a bitch fight, and in general it’s just worst (2/2)

CPAC: In comparison, which period do you think was better and more fun?

Carlos: Comparison? No need to compare because back in my day and even farther back things were far simpler.

Interview with Trader, Takis Leader

CPAC: What do you think about armies from the early ages?

Trader: Armies in 2013 were more lively and were actually armies. Nowadays, anyone can make an army and get it to the top with ease. The Top 10 armies were mostly the same and every week it just changes up because of people dying and coming back.

CPAC: Now, with all the bot raids and the multilogging, what do you think of armies, today?

Trader: I believe that armies don’t have much longer. The bot raids and multilogging obviously aren’t stopping and the people doing it have no souls and hope for the community. Big army leaders will soon get tired and we’ll die off, sadly.

CPAC: In comparison, which period do you think was better and more fun?

Trader: Obviously 2013 was more fun. Each army had its own loyal people and everybody had a home, but now everybody just rotates the army they’re in and the number of loyal troops is declining fast. It’s all just recycling and recycling.

Personally, I feel that the earlier ages were a much better period than today’s Club Penguin armies. The old way was simple, fun, and had no one bot raiding events constantly. The earlier ages were legendary, armies had just begun to become a thing and it was fun while it lasted.

What do YOU think? Which period of time do you think was the best? What do you think will happen in the future? Here at CPA Central, we value YOUR opinion!

Ben // ThatWaryGuy

CPA Central Reporter

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