The Political Becomings of an Older Generation

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Philosophy Desk – This community mimics the real world to an extent, with multiple governments, a form of media, and even politics. One wouldn’t think that politics exist within an internet based community, but if one was to dig deep into the research, he or she would find more than they expect.

Many would ask what politics we have in question, and even if we should have politics. If we don’t, how do we get rid of them while keeping the fun aspect of armies? That’s the hard part about disputing the presence of politics in the community, because while it causes stress for army leaders and veterans, it makes the community more realistic on a small scale. Any presence of realism has provided fun for all of us.

Think about it, there’s foreign relations, treaties, war, laws, etc. the community even has its own news media, but the news isn’t ever a government.

In order to go into this research, politics must be defined.

The activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.


The community actually follows this definition, as every army could be seen as its own country with its own government (regardless of type of government). There are always troops that will dispute who gets the power and what they feel is right for their army amidst controversy and important issues.

There are plenty of issues that exist in the community, such as bot invasions, the debate if the CP Army Council should return, foreign relations, organization as a whole, Club Penguin going against us, etc. and while this community has attempted to fix many of those things, we mostly just complain about them without actually doing something about it.

For now, specific issues and politics will not be discussed, but politics within themselves will be discussed for this article.


Luckily, politics in this community don’t include these two parties in the United States.

To be laconic about what was just said, only the pros and cons of politics within a virtual community will be discussed. At first, politics seem really complex – and they are, but if one pays close attention to said politics, then it becomes easier to understand.

There are a lot of community members that have claimed that politics in the community has a negative influence upon the community as a whole, and they’re not wrong to say that. Back before politics was implemented into the community overtime, armies were still fun to participate in as a result of teamwork and not facing time limits for each battle, and there were no such things as emoticon and formation tactics, just cluster into groups of color (or clans, depending on time frame) and battle.

Think about it, most of an army leader’s time is spent worrying about the foreign relations of another army, or what to do when they face war. They even worry about keeping their land (servers) and making sure their army stays alive. Even a few of those in the Club Penguin Army World Media might constantly worry about getting every fact straight or else face punishment from authority and/or discontentment from the army community itself.

To be compendious, members of the community often take it too seriously and end up worrying over things that don’t even need to be worried over in the first place.


Going back to the main topic, politics within itself are debated amongst community members. Should they stay, or should they go?

Things start to get a little tricky at this point. When politics are debated, they’re usually debated due to not only on how much people worry over this system, but over how much fun this brings into the community. Yes, I said it and I’ll say it again, when used correctly, politics can bring fun into the community. Are they being used correctly? Yes. Is it bringing in fun? To an extent, but it’s there nonetheless.

“You just said that politics cause stress, why are you saying it’s fun now?”

There’s a good reason for the contradiction that was just witnessed. All right, so politics within itself might not bring fun per se, but it’s the realism. Think about it, most people in the Club Penguin army community are adolescents, and what kind of psychology do they have? They want action, they want to be entertained, they also like the internet. You put all that together and what do you get? A community of teenagers looking for to not only be entertained, but they’re attracted to realistic aspects of this community.

War, foreign relations, logging into a game to actually fight, communication amongst your own team members, etc.

It’s a debated topic when somebody looks from both sides. There are many members that want to be realistic, but politics must be involved if that was to happen. There are many people that don’t want politics, but without realism, there’s not much fun.

Now, here’s an idea: if this community wants to go back to when everyone claimed armies were fun, how about getting rid of politics altogether and just focus on having fun?

Will that ever happen? Highly doubtful. Ideas often die off because these community members are so used to what we currently do, they’ve become recalcitrant to regression back to 2006.


But who’s to say that we don’t try to resolve issues and make the community better?

Politics is a sensitive topic due to strong debate, to keep or not to keep?

A solution may never come out of debating politics, but there are many aspects of political issues this community faces, and one of them will be analyzed closely in the next part.

Here at CP Army Central, we want YOUR opinions! How do you feel about CP army politics? Do you think they should stay or should they be disposed? Does realism actually bring in entertainment? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Central Philosopher and Historian

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