Does Keeping Legendary Armies Alive Destroy Their Legacies?

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – Today I’ll be looking into the what many army veterans and legends have been saying lately. Keeping legendary armies alive destroy their legacies. Is this true or is it just something wild?

Note: The following post is an editorial and contains the writer’s personal opinion. It does not represent the views of CPAC as a whole.

We start our story in 2007 soon after the colors wars with the colored armies starting to die down we see organized armies start to form off Miniclip forums. One of the first armies that were created was the Army of Club Penguin by Oagalthorp. We soon saw more armies forms like the Under Ground Mafias made by Pink Mafias and the Romans made by Explorer7777.

As time went on more and more armies formed. Some were successful others weren’t. Some turned out to be legendary armies and some failed. Armies like the Night Warriors, Dark Warriors, the Doritos, and so many more armies formed. Even though these new armies got to the top, armies like the ACP and Romans were still doing amazing. Leaders like Boomer lead ACP to 150 in its golden age.

Boomer 20's Retirement Party 14

Many years have passed with armies changing a lot. Some armies are still dominating while others aren’t doing well. In probably our last year of armies we see a few armies dominating while others not doing so well. Armies like the Rebel Penguin Federation, Night Warriors, Doritos, and Nachos are currently the top armies. No ACP? Yes, ACP is not a top dog anymore. With armies not getting sizes of more than 30-40 and many bot raids going around this would probably be the worst year in armies.

With the community near its end, we wonder is keeping armies alive destroying their legacy? Let’s take a look back at 2016 see how many times the Dark Warriors have tried to return. DW returned three times all under different leaderships but in the end, they had one thing in common and that was that they all failed. None of the planned returns lasted a month. Another army by the name of the Night Rebels has reopened more than 5 times in 2016.

So what does this have to do with destroying legacies? Bringing back armies and failing is destroying your legacy. Doing worse than you ever have destroys a legacy. Does that mean the current armies we have alive today are hurting their legacies?

Not all of them are. For example, the ACP have been struggling lately getting nowhere near their old ways of getting large sizes or claiming the top spot every week on CPAC’s “Top 10 Armies of the Week”. So do you think this is harming ACP’s legacy? Yes, I believe it is harming it. I went around asking some people about what they thought about ACP’s current situation and how it was harming their legacy.

Yeah kind of. Well, this isn’t the worst situation ACP has faced, it has faced far worse in the past.

-DocterFlen NW Owner and CPAC Reporter

ACP’s legacy stands as the most hated and corrupt army in the CP Warfare history, that will never change no matter the situation. The natural instinct of any army when in the face of ACP should always be destroyed.

Lord Pain RPF Advisor

No lol, ACP is going to die when armies die. ACP represents how armies are in 2017

-Brad DCP Legend

Yes it is, but ACP’s real legacy was being 1st on the top ten every week which they haven’t done for a long time. But right now it’s more evident than ever.

-Xxtoysoldier NW Leader & Legend

Most people seemed to agree with my thought that ACP’s legacy was getting destroyed. A few thought it wasn’t. Now let’s move on to bigger armies like NW and RPF.

We’ll start with NW, the Night Warriors have been around for a few years now originally created by TheCowboysfan. Their first few generations were very successful getting sizes of 50+ and being the only army that was a challenge to ACP at the time. NW legends did not want the army to be brought back and destroy its legacy so they did not allow it to be brought back. In January of 2016 Tomb gave Xxtoysoldier and Drake permission to bring back NW. They soon did that and lead NW to great heights with sizes of 30-40. Months later they turned it into DW which soon died. At the end of 2016 NW was brought back again by SH, Xxtoysoldier, Drake, and Taco. Badboy was soon hired for leader. This time they did not get as good sizes only getting about 20-35 people on Club Penguin but still getting close to the #1 spot on CPAC’s Top 10 armies. So is this harming a legacy? Is keeping NW alive getting lowers sizes but still being known as one of the largest current armies destroying it’s past? No, in the end, NW is still showing it is one of the largest armies even though it is not getting sizes of 40+.

NW performing its signature formation an N under the leadership of Vendetta and Tomb. Their size was around 50 at the event.

I decided to also ask some people what they thought on this generation of NW and if it was harming their legacy.

No, I think the Night Warriors are creating a legacy. Their leaders are exceptional figures and they have what it takes to conquer this community.

-Sammie CPAC Writer

I am not sure, as Toy is making it like DW. I don’t think he should change the army up and all be like DW, as Tomb and Vendetta created a legacy. If he wants to lead DW he should go lead DW.

-Ryan former Nachos Leader

I don’t think NW is harming its legacy. Thus far, they haven’t done anything wrong to harm themselves of anyone for that matter. They’ve just been logging on and doing their thing.

-Zoomey CPAC Writer

Most people thought this generation of NW is creating a legacy or adding onto one and not destroying it. Ryan former Nachos leader thought otherwise saying Toy shouldn’t have brought back NW because he is running it like DW. Let’s move on to RPF.

RPF was created by Commando in 2007. It was a rebellion army against the UMA. It began growing very fast and was soon one of the largest armies. RPF wasn’t doing to good at the start of 2016 struggling to get sizes of over 20. Till about May RPF was struggling. In May RPF got a huge boost and they started getting very large sizes and dominating the community. Many multi logging accusations went around but none were ever proven. RPF continued to dominate after the summer getting sizes of 20-30 and getting the top spot many times on CPAC’s top 10 armies. So is this harming a legacy? Is keeping RPF alive getting lowers sizes but still being known as one of the largest current armies destroying it’s past? No, because it is still being a top army and showing it’s potential.

RPF and ACP defeat UMA in a battle. Getting about 25 troops on CP. This wasn’t one of their biggest sizes but this was their first battle against UMA.

I decided to also ask some people what they thought on this generation of RPF and if it was harming their legacy.

Yeah, I think the current state of RPF is damaging the hell out of RPF’s original legacy, it’s pretty sad how bad the leaderships whishy washy around.

-Bam DCP Legend/ACP God

I wouldn’t say so, armies have been declining and RPF has been a top army for a long time and it won’t change.

-Fluffyboy Former ACP and WW leader

That is utter nonsense. If they are not cheating or acting maliciously I believe they should continue on their legacy. With their current success there is no evidence to suggest that the current RPF should disband. This argument could be put towards and army.

-Sidie  ACP Legend

Most people said no as armies are declining and RPF isn’t. Bam brought up an interesting as he thought it was harming its legacy but not because of their sizes but because of their leadership.


With armies declining many people have been saying keeping armies alive are destroying their legacies. Many CPA veterans and legends have been influencing new armies to be formed instead of bringing back old ones.

Some armies are harming their legendary legacies by keeping the armies alive. Certain armies have a good reason on why they shouldn’t shut down like the ACP who say “we were the first army and we will be the last”. Other armies like The Army Republic might not have a rich legacy but they are still harming it.

Armies like the Night Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation aren’t destroying their legacies but they are instead adding to them. They are both still claiming the top spots on the Top 10 and are know as the biggest current armies.

So what do you think? Is keeping legendary armies alive harming their legacies? Or because of the decline in the community, we should be expecting this? Or does it even matter now? Comment your opinions below!


CPAC Reporter


8 Responses

  1. Great post, husband!

  2. Pain is trying to act like Boomer, LOL.

  3. This post doesn’t seem to have a point to it. The title says it’s about keeping legendary armies alive, but it seems to more orientated on Night Warriors, who would be considered legendary, but they’ve died and been revived countless times, so it doesn’t fit in with the argument you’re making in the post. You talk about RPF, which has been doing badly for 1 week and asking the question should the army shut down? I think it’s pretty retarded, this post should have been orientated on Nachos and ACP because they’re the only two armies to have never died, but instead you focused on two other armies which are considered legendary, but have shut down.

    • Nachos relate more to this post than NW and RPF, considering both armies are no where near the legendary status held by Nachos.

      • Maybe you should before you make a post about legendary armies, or maybe these type of posts should be reserved for people who have seen legendary armies in action.

        • Your post is about keeping legendary armies alive, NW closes down if they’re not doing good, so there was no real point on including them into the post, it added nothing to your argument.

    • Do you like eating shit from your hands Verum?

  4. Reviving an old army in the hopes of gaining recruits under a renowned name is not only a low move, but is also inevitably doomed to failure because what made the former army great was its leaders and troops working together as a team. If the new leader cannot do this, their brand cannot save them. In the end, the revival generation should be treated completely as a separate army, even though it shares the name, as it may not even have the same community as it did before.
    It is disrespectful to the name of an old army if you cannot even revive it properly and hold the team together despite having the advantage of a rich legacy.

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