A Second Generation of Club Penguin Armies

KLONDIKE, Tax’s Office – For many years, we have joked about the idea of a second generation of CP Armies, where the current veterans of Club Penguin armies become adults and their children start participating in the community. Now, as the way this community works changes day by day, I have decided to take a look into the possibility of the second generation of armies, and how it may already be here.

Armies in their basic essence started in 2005, during the rouge years and the legendary Color Wars. Through time we have watched armies modernize, stabilize, and grow.

The average age of members of this community has also started to increase, as we see more and more people who were in armies back in the earlier years stay and participate in armies one way or another. We are seeing people in the upper teens lead armies and even some people in their early twenties play a part. We have gone from elementary school and middle school kids to elementary school kids to college kids.

More recently, especially among the older members of the community, we hear of former members of the community growing up, marrying, and even preparing to have children of their own. Whispers turn into fire and eventually we dream about the idea of our own children taking part in the CP Army community. Hell, even Ambrosha has a son now. I’ve kept in contact with him and he tells me about his current situation and about his work. His son could possibly start playing Club Penguin and eventually join Club Penguin Armies in the next upcoming years.

It’s a bold and exciting idea, the idea that we can leave an online legacy, but the road to this is very long and treacherous. The idea that Club Penguin will still exist in the same format as it is in today is highly unlikely; presuming it does exist. Even more so, what about Xat? What about WordPress? Will all these major factors still be the same by the time our children are able to fully grasp the concept of the internet and you are willing to unleash them unto the savage community known as CP Armies?

One huge factor that has come into play in the recent months has been the idea of CPPS, the fact that we don’t even need Club Penguin for our events. This has been revolutionary, but it is still in it’s early stages. Xat has been an easy way for us to communicate and stay in touch, but if it does cease to exist, we will most likely find another server for day to day communication. WordPress is just a blog, and there have been plenty of occasions in which armies didn’t use WordPress sites, and if WordPress fails, how hard will it be to find another blogging site?

The fact is, all of the major potential problems seem to be fixable in some way or another, but the biggest problem is keeping interest alive. In no way can I predict how we will do this, for I came from the era before autotyping, bot recruiting, and etc. I never in my wildest dream thought that I could recruit without actually being on my computer.

Now,  that’s enough with all the potential problems that we might face in keeping our community running for the next generation, I’d like to get back to the idea of having one itself. Presuming that through all the potential problems and roadblocks the community manages to stay alive, would we allow our kids to join?

For example, let’s say I have a kid eight years from now, and then by the time he’s eight I’m considering letting him join armies. I go back and look at the community, sixteen years from now, and see that it’s still alive. There are lots of new armies, but I see all the familiar faces like ACP, Nachos, RPF etc. and I start to recall my memories of those armies and the time I spent with them. My kid is a normal eight-year-old, playing Clash Royale 3.0 on his iPhone 10. He doesn’t know any curse words other than “Hell” and “Ass” and he doesn’t know what porn is. I know that several armies are open to cursing on their chats, while others are strict on it. I also know that since I was a part of CPAC, how often sites get defaced with pornography.

To sum it up, will we want our children joining armies? And if we do, will we restrict how early we’d want them joining?

With all this in mind, presuming armies do manage to survive and adapt that far into the future, we will probably continue seeing a flow of new fresh recruits, but the idea of generations in armies is an exciting idea, because I’ll tell you one thing, if my kid joins armies, you might see me online again all these years down the road.


What do YOU think about this? Would you want YOUR kid in Club Penguin Armies? Would what you have done affect what your child would do? We want YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Chief Executive Officer

12 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t mind, but I hate the inappropriate stuff. 🙁

  2. Club Penguin will be shut down by than its no secret that CP its self is dyeing at best I could see Club Penguin being shut down for good by 2020 maybe even in 2019. It just isn’t a big and popular game as it was in 2007-2009 during the height of CP existence and because of that armies have slowly taken a toll in size as well ACP an army who could easily max 60 no problem is now struggling to get 10 on for events. Other armies will are slowly starting to become like that.

  3. Self speaking after the CPI, I could see my kid in armies in the future if it happens to stick around

  4. We won’t last long enough for this to work out. Secondly, I really wouldnt want my kid in armies. Interesting idea though.

  5. If my kid was in armies, I’d come on all the time as an army vet, and scare the shit out of anyone who tries to harm my child. That being said, interesting idea.

  6. It’s been forever since I’ve been involved in this community but can I ask why I see two ACP armies on the Top Ten?

  7. lol are you serious tax? You copied Alb’s EXACT post from a while ago. I literally remember reading the opening paragraph. You also copied another one of his posts not too long ago.

  8. Let it die

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