Battle Review: RPF vs. Night Warriors ft. Nachos and Bots

FOG, Night Warriors Empire – The Night Warriors Army decided to face the Rebel Penguin Federation in a friendly practice battle. However, things took a little twist when the battle was raided by bots. RPF faced the Nachos Army instead. Let us move on and see what happened.

The Practice Battle

On the 14th of January, 2017, the Night Warriors army and the Rebel Penguin Federation met at the server Fog for a friendly practice battle. However, things took a new turn when the bots arrived. The Rebel Penguin Federation ended up battling the Nachos Army.

Although the Night Warriors didn’t stay online for long following the bot raid, the Nachos Army logged on instead planning to raid the practice battle. During this battle, the Rebel Penguin Federation, and the Nachos army, both managed to get 20+ in all the rooms.

The battle started at the Town, where the Rebel Penguin Federation logged on to face the Night Warriors. However, the RPF ended up getting raided by purple bots. In the Town, the Night Warriors Army decided to help the Rebel Penguin Federation following the raid by Bots and the Nachos Army. In the Town, RPF managed to get total 28 troops to be accurate. Below is a picture of RPF in the Town Center:


The second and the final room that I was able to analyze was the Ice Rink. This was the room where both the army, the Rebel Penguin Federation, and the Nachos Army faced each other. In the Ice Rink, RPF managed to get 32 troops, while the Nachos managed to get 20 troops. A picture of this room can be seen below:

Nachos Army doing J Bomb

Rebel Penguin Federation doing E+P tactic

The battle finally ended, and the Rebel Penguin Federation came out to be the winners of this practice battle. The Nachos Army leader, Dan101, announced that RPF won this practice battle. A picture of Dan101 saying RPF won can be shown below:


Nachos Army leader, Dan101 stating that RPF won


Result Posts

Once the battle ended, both the Rebel Penguin Federation, and the Nachos Army made result posts on their websites. Below are the result posts found from both the armies website.

The Rebel penguin Federation:

Today we were supposed to hold a PB with the Night Warriors but it turned into a complete mess when the bots arrived. Long story short we ended up having practice battle with Nachos instead and defeating then.

Max 42+ (with lockouts)

The Nachos Army:

Hola Nachos

Today we logged onto Fog to raid RPF vs NW battle. We started the pre-battle at the Pool then moved to Iceberg. As we got bot raided, we switched rooms and went to the Stadium. The whole battle took place there. NW didn’t move so we just battled with RPF. We had about 10 lockouts.

I’d say that was our best event in this week but we could’ve had 40 on CP if more people had attended.

MAX: 33 || AVERAGE: 28

We were wearing orange and RPF were wearing red.

Although the Night Warriors partially attended this battle, I was still not able to find any result post on NW website. Following this, I decided to interview NW 3ic, Dawix. CPAC asked them about how they felt about the event and the bot raid by the purple bots recently. The interview can be found below:

Interview with Dawix, Night Warriors 3ic

CPAC: How do you feel about the recent raid during the practice battle again RPF?

DawixI feel like it should stop. Honestly, the person doing raids is some 12 years old, who has no life and plays Club Penguin all day.

CPAC: How do the Night Warriors plan to grow out of this kind of situation the future?

DawixWe plan to find out those who are doing this. If we can’t, we will switch rooms or server.

CPAC: Do you think the Night Warriors did well even though the event was raided?

DawixYes, The Night Warriors always do well. If that raid didn’t happen, we would’ve have been 1st.

CPAC: Who do you think did well, the Rebel Penguin Federation, or the Nachos Army.

Dawix: To be honest, I really don’t know. I was locked out, but I would say the Nachos Army did well.


Dawix seems to be really disappointed following the bot raid that occurred. However, Dawix states that from next time, the Night Warriors army with either switch room, or will switch the servers. Now, the question arises, is this way effective, or not?

This practice battle would’ve been more interesting if it wasn’t raided by the bot raider. Now that the community has yet another challenge to face, how can this effect on the troops and armies as a whole?

So, what do YOU think? Who did well in this practice battle? Who bot raided the event? How can we fight against the bot raids? How will the community face this problem? Will the botter continue to raid the armies, or will they stop eventually? We here at CPA Central value YOUR opinion, so let us know what do YOU think!


CPA Central Reporter-In-Training

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  1. I’m not sure where you got the number of 28 troops in the town from. Here is a picture of 38 counted out.

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