Analysis of the SM Army Legend Status

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Earlier today I happened to be on the Army of Club Penguin’s chat in which I saw a rather interesting debate taking place in regards to the SM Army Legend status that is awarded to some by the Legends Committee around the same time that the Major Legends are inducted.

In December, CPA Central held our usual SM Army Legend Induction which saw a few more people come to hold the rank of legend. The SM Army Legends have also now been transferred over to the CPA Central site following a merger with SMA Central. The SM legends were given their own page on the site which is viewable today by checking out the buttons in the side widget below. Alternatively, you can click here to be redirected to this page.

With that being said, what is a legend? CPA Central has never published an official guide as to what makes someone a legend in the community. Furthermore no restrictions or quotas have been put in place to govern who gets nominated for a shot at being an SM Army Legend. This makes it increasingly difficult to determine if someone is worthy of legend or not because it is simply opinion based. History tells us that anything that is opinion based is likely to be the source of controversy which the SM Army Legend status is.

It seems that some people fail to realise that when the SM Army Legend status was brought in, we effectively had two different communities. Back in the day, we had the sizes and the ability to have two communities – a Major Army Community and a Small/Medium Army Community. This was actually a physical thing with an entirely different server page being produced for the SM Army Community – something that became increasingly difficult to maintain as the Top Ten got smaller and the lines between small, medium and major armies began to blur.


As you can see from the above screenshot, Vendetta makes an extremely interesting point about small armies and their intentions. When you set up an army, no matter who you are – it is a small army. Once you open it, you only have one person on the ranks. Now, some people are so good that over time, they can get that one person to sizes of twenty plus, others are not so good at it and face sizes in single figures or low double digits. While not impossible, it’s extremely unlikely that one would set up an army and aspire to remain small calling into question the idea of a Small/Medium community.

This is effectively the way in which the lines between the two communities have actually got blurred. How do we distinguish between a major army and a medium army? The Top Ten is a useful tool in establishing where armies are in terms of ability but we’ve all seen how drastically fast that can change. An army that is in the top five of CPAC’s Top Ten one week could just as easily fall out of the Major Top Ten the next week an account of a technicality such as less events. That doesn’t necessarily make the army a “Small and Medium Army”. An example of this is the Army of Club Penguin. In one of the last SMAC Top Tens, ACP fell down onto it – but would they be considered a small or medium army?

I chose the people on the SM Legend Induction list by going through past SM Legend posts and whoever got a public vote, or was recommended by a lot of people in the comments under question three of “who would you like to see” were then nominated.

– CPAC Vice President Zoomey comments on the SM Army Legend nominees in the most recent induction.

There is a question that needs answering before that of “Should we have SM Army Legends?” The question is of whether or not a Small/Army community does or has ever existed. If we accept that divide and we accept the idea that there have been two communities, then the need to have SM Army Legends finds itself becoming more apparent. With just one community however, then it does become a question of why we have people with the rank of legend for not being able to break out of the proverbial chains of small armies into the major leagues.


Jodie is a well-known figure in the community, most commonly known for her work in the media industry. As well as this, she has lead armies such as the Golds, Silver Surfers and Hairy Bears in recent months. Whilst leading the Golds after their return, Jodie was able to witness the army reach number one and since has been leading them as a consistent contender in CPA Central’s weekly Top Ten. Alongside this, she also led the Silver Surfers, getting them to 6th position CPAC and places below that numerously, as well as leading the Hairy Bears to 8th CPAC twice in their existence as a solo leader.

Published above is the biography on the Legends Page for the current CPA Central Chief Executive Officer, Jodie. The reason I’ve decided to select her biography is because she is CEO and I’m sure she’d be fine with being the example. The first part of her biography talks about her time in the media, with this being a SM Army bio, we must assume this means her time in CP SMAC. There is an ongoing debate about whether media can play any part in being legend, which is a subject to look at for another day. Despite this being an SM Army biography, look at all the mentions of the CPAC Central Top Ten, including the mass multilog army of the Hairy Bears.

A biography like that just goes to prove how blurred the lines have become between the SM Army and Major Army communities and it’s blurred to a point in which we must now wonder if we actually need SM Army Legends. It’s my belief that unless we establish whether we do see this as having two different communities or just the one – the title of SM Army Legend has become obsolete.

What do YOU think? Do you think the title of SM Army Legend is as prestigious as Major Army Legend? Do you believe we’ve had two different communities in the past?

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer

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  1. Re-add me to the S/M legends page lol

  2. I should be legend

  3. Bragging about being a S/M army legend is like bragging about having the biggest small penis lol

  4. I am an S/M Legend myself, but I do agree that the position of S/M Legend is rather unnecessary. What it needs to do is to have a much stricter criteria. Those inducted must be those who prove capability/influence despite small sizes. To be able to prove that means a stricter or equivalent criteria to the process of inducting a major legend. Especially in recent times, the Committee believed that “S/M Legends” have a lower criteria. That is wrong. It needs a higher, not lower standard.

    It is easy to justify removing the position entirely. And since that has been covered in the post, I shall proceed to play Devil’s Advocate and defend the title of S/M Legend.

    There are serveral justifications I can give for S/M legend.

    1.Offering the position encourages the creation of more armies to provide greater diversity in our community, as more work towards it. [But even then, the criteria for induction should be strict. When I say strict, I mean very strict. But its existence provides something for people to work towards.]

    2. It is meant to be rewarded those who had armies that were “small but mighty”, where a small army can make an impact as big as a large army.

    3. When you give legend to a leader (who isn’t the founder) of a long-existing army major army, you have to remember that he did not have to start the army from scratch. When he first became leader of the army, it is likely there was already a decent number of troops in it. Which is easier? Starting an army from scratch with zero troops, or continuing an army starting with perhaps fifty troops? Of course, it depends on what army and individual we refer to. Time and again, new leaders of already large armies get legend, and sometimes they do truly deserve it as they took the army to heights greater than before. More S/M armies tend to be newly created, with their leaders being the founders who had the greater ordeal of building up the army from thin air. Is starting an army today from 1 troop and ending with 15-20 a greater feat, or is building up an army with original sizes of 35 to sizes of 45 more legend-worthy? Debatable and up to perspective.
    Number 3 is a rather strong argument.

    Mr Deedledoo was the founder of CPUN. He brought unity to all S/M armies to make it a force strong enough to match with major armies. He was a man of S/M who made an impact throughout even the major community and caused ‘Order 67’ to wince. He is not one to be doubted. He makes the position of “S/M Legend” hard to get rid off.

    Lenco, creator of the Metal Warriors is there because he was the first to lead a non-English-speaking army which attained significance in our community. To start an army in servers where regular cp players never met an “army” before is rather impressive, for he is introducing something they see a new. For being the first, he deserves his place.

    Sidie9 is there because of his influence in the AUSIA community in the early years and being one of the earliest AUSIA leaders in history long before Flipmoo came. To build an AUSIA army with a small AUSIA community at the time was a great achievement. It may be small, but in a time where there was none, that is legendary. For a period of time, his AUSIA force was the only one in the community. For that, he is indubitably worthy to be in.

    In the case of the my now perhaps barely remembered Greek Sheeps, we were the only AUSIA force in the JLA during the JLA vs NDA World War (the main world war of 2013 or 2014 involving most Top 10 armies) Despite our smaller sizes (due to timezone), we had a significant impact as we were the only force in our alliance able to fight during AUSIA times. Without our presence, AUSIA times would have been the “weak spot” of the alliance which could have been easily exploited and the results and duration of the war would have been drastically affected. While our sizes were small, all AUSIA sizes were small at the time and only 2-3 armies had AUSIA (this was slightly before Flipmoo revitalised AUSIA), making us big for AUSIA, yet small to the community.

    For many foreign armies, they tend to have their own set of size standards as they are relatively new to a US-dominated community. ‘Small’ by US standards could have been ‘Major’ by AUSIA standards, depending on what year we refer to. But as time marches, these standards for even foreign armies continue to go up, simply because it is now getting prevalent enough in CPA.

    There are many more names but it is not my job to analyse every single one. The truth is that many names up there deserve to be there and make the title worthy to exist. Yet, a large number present today should have never went up, for their names mar the quality of the honor, causing it to look worthy to cease.

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