What Makes A Good Army

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Armies nowadays, tend to have multilogging scandals or accusations about multilogging. Today, we will be discussing on what makes a good army.

Why Some Armies Fail To Become A Good Army:

Armies that are small sometimes fail to become a successful army due to lazy recruiting or on their leading experience which only gets them 3-5 people on during events. Other armies multilog which gets them more penguins but when someone does figure the multilogging activity, they will spread the news and points would get deducted on the following Sunday. There have been armies who shut down due to them getting exposed of multilogging, others shut down because of a failure to gain bigger sizes, or their leaders’ schedule and schoolwork affect them which leads to the army’s closure.

What Makes A Good Army Content:

  • Good Sizes

  • Experienced Leaders

  • Non-Multilogging Troops & Leaders

Good Sizes

In the Club Penguin army warfare, sizes are one of the main things you need to become a good or successful army. Let’s say you maxed 3, that wouldn’t get you not as many points as if you would max 20+ which would give you a higher rank on a top ten than maxing 3 in an event. In a Club Penguin army top ten, your sizes helps you get more points as well as more events with good sizes like maxing 25+.

Experienced Leaders

Experienced leaders lead to a successful army since the leaders have experience in recruiting and leading the army. Leaders like this can max good sizes for their army in events like practice battles or tournament battles. The army’s leaders can auto-type for their armies but un-experienced leaders might not even know how to auto-type as they just figured out the whole Club Penguin army warfare. The leaders are also part of the main parts to becoming or making a good and successful army in the community.

Non-Multilogging Troops & Leaders

The armies who DO multilog in the Club Penguin army community get caught sometimes and points deducted. Armies who are truthful or honest won’t get points deducted and they have a better chance of being a successful army than those who multilog in their events.

Interview with Noka, Army of Club Penguin’s LIT:

CPAC: What do you think makes an army good or successful?

Noka: Having a well-experienced leadership and having everyone play an important role in the army.

CPAC: What do you think are the disadvantages and advantages to those who multilog?

Noka: The advantages for multilogging armies is you get bigger sizes. However, the downside is if you get caught, you get deducted and possibly banned from the CPAC top ten and other army leaders think negative of you.

CPAC: What do you think are the disadvantages and advantages to those who DON’T multilog?

Noka: The advantages are: you are playing the game fair, the way it was meant to be played. The disadvantage is you might not get as big sizes as those who multilog.

Interview with Snickers, Nachos’ Advisor:

CPAC: What do you think makes an army good or successful?

Snickers: Size and activity

CPAC: What do you think are the disadvantages and advantages to those who multilog?

Snickers: The disadvantages are that everyone hates them or makes fun of them. The advantage is you might get a higher score than others on the top ten.

CPAC: What do you think are the disadvantages and advantages to those who DON’T multilog?

Snickers: The disadvantage is you have to work hard to recruit troops and make them do tactics. The advantage is you know that you’re playing fair.

Personally, I also feel that sizes, how active the army is, and if they have experienced leaders is what makes a good or successful army. I believe that sizes and the leaders’ experiences are the main part of the success of an army.


What do YOU think? What do you think makes a good and successful army? What do you think are the disadvantages and advantages for both armies who multilog and those who DON’T multilog? Here at CPA Central, we value your opinions!

Ben // ThatWaryGuy

CPA Central Vice President

12 Responses

  1. Where the heck is loyalty?

  2. honestly is anybody reviewing these posts anymore. not saying this is a bad post, but it could use some work

  3. what makes a good army- brigade3

  4. Honestly, size doesn’t make an army. Size just proves how big or strong an army is. The most important thing is having troops who are friendly with each other and communicate. My best memories were from 2012 leading small rogue armies with a few other friends.

  5. #Winteriscoming 🙁
    CPAC posts used to get 20-30 unique comments minimum in 2013-14.
    The only thing they use now for views is maybe Hitleap traffic exchanger. 🙁

  6. I think that what makes a great army is experienced leaders, an army that fights fairly (no cheats or multilogging whatsoever), is willing to accept defeat honorably and graciously, and shows mercy to their enemies and is very considerate in working out fair treaties. They also try to show a good example to others because since armies are dying, we must all unite together in order to stay alive, or else, armies will vanish soon. 🙁

    I believe the sizes doesn’t matter, multilogging armies are cheaters and are not real armies. Even armies that max 5-10 at events but do not multilog deserve more respect because they fight with honor, and fight cleanly. Whether they lose or not, at least that army shows good sportsmanship and shows that even if they’re small, they are willing to fight and have a fun fight with their opponents.

    But what really makes an army great…is the soldiers themselves. Without soldiers, how can an army live?

    I know I”m late commenting on this, but I can’t help but express myself on this issue.

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