Special Report: Badboy Confirms Multilogging and Treachery in Doritos

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital – For the past year, many have been accusing the Doritos of not playing fairly. But after months of accussations, deductions and multiple exposure posts, the Doritos have finally been confirmed of multilogging.

For the past year, several armies such as WV, RPF & Nachos have been accusing the Doritos of multilogging. Since the beginning of November, DCP has been banned off our Top Ten and deducted more than five times this past year. Despite the overwhelming evidence against them, the DCP leadership has continuously denied that they were cheating.

Former DCP leader Badboy sent me a private chat after he got fired from the army. He revealed to me that himself, Trader and Mustapha have all been multilogging, and that DCP has been multilogging since its “golden generation of 2015.” Mustapha10 was the mastermind behind most of the operation; he even had a extra registered xat users that he would use to talk on DCP’s chat. These users were named O-S, caninekane, rushtheworld, and bidoum. In addition to these, Mustapha would also null the chat to mirror multilogs such as crazyhightech and alfrondo. To make nulling the chat easier, he even bought a sponsorship to put their chat at the bottom of a site. Badboy continued to say that there are very few real people in the Doritos; it is almost entirely multilogs.

After our conversation, Badboy sent me a pastebin with all the penguins that the three of them used, including their usernames and passwords. I decided to test these and I can confirm that all the penguins were orange and were 81 days old. I can also confirm that a stamp adder was used.

Here is the list of the penguins:

billknob – akhi856
firegame – akhi856
pjmonster6 – akhi856
vanillarod – akhi856
camila8567 – akhi856
stallionfire – akhi856
jacob3996 – akhi856
joannah12 – akhi856
lowkeyalbert – akhi856
ariannag2 – akhi856

savannah1124 – akhi856
 fredclaus6 – akhi856
chrisrabbit – akhi856
jennifer1728 – akhi856
timmyburner – akhi856
bob4376 – akhi856
jasonmatrix – akhi856
danny845 – akhi856

Several of the confirmed multilogs at a DCP event.

Me testing some of the penguins. All of them are 81 days old.

Nearly all of these penguins were previously exposed by 13yearoldn00b in October, which leads this report to the most appalling part of this entire ordeal. After 13yearoldn00b and Meta exposed the Doritos multiple times on 13’s site, Mustapha hired people he referred to as his “heavy hitters” to hack into the site and deface it, removing all the evidence. But it gets worse; he even had people hack into Meta’s parents’ bank account, forcing him to quit xat.

Even though Trader and Mustapha haven’t confessed yet, it is now 100% confirmed that Badboy multilogged for the Doritos. There are at least 20 penguins that have been confirmed as multilogs, and according to Badboy, they are planning to space out penguin IDs for new multilogs to use when they return.


While nearly everyone in the community has known about it, and dismissed the Doritos as cheaters, Badboy’s confession and exposure of their operation finally drives the nail in their coffin. It has become completely clear that DCP can never be trusted, nor recognized as a legitimate army anymore as long as Mustapha10 is at the helm. It is a shame that an army that once thrived on the dedication of real troops and hardworking leaders has been reduced to an elaborate facade orchestrated by someone who has truly taken things too far over Club Penguin armies. This is even more upsetting for the legitimate, fair-playing people who have called the Doritos their home in the past, particularly for Wwebestfan, their creator.

CPAC would like to thank Badboy for stepping up and coming forward with all the information he provided. Sometimes, it is not an easy thing to see your faults, admit to your own mistakes, and call attention to what you know is wrong, especially given his circumstances.


CPA Central Executive Producer

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO

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  1. he was fired, ofc hed say that

  2. I adore boobs.

  3. Whole freaking paragraph but hear me out.
    Well who would have known. But saying that everyone multilogs in DCP is definitely not true whatsoever. There are a few actual loyal troops who stayed with DCP (me included, just saying) so claiming leaders multilogging might be a possibility but in all honesty to the point where calling everyone in DCP multilogs makes me sick and just once in for all Badboy being really salty. I mean Doritos could have joined Legends Cup because it might be the chance to rub it to everyone’s face that they could be Trump of CPA but instead no troops got any schedule for it and Badboy saying that they would disqualify us instead. Now we know it’s a work of multilog. Sure, I personally don’t contribute as much as other troops but all I know is that either DCP is corrupted but I didn’t know or Badboy is being salty.
    (Oh here’s a message for you Badboy. I heard you sweat a lot right? I guess that you’re being a bit too…salty…ba dum tsss)

      • One of your own troop. I know people hate it but you can’t just say that everyone in DCP is multilogging and no penguin is not the leader. I mean sure you can say that the leader multilogs but not to the point saying everyone is fake.

        • My own troop? I’ve never seen you in my entire life LOL

          • Amnesia I see…Hope you feel better. Maybe it’s because you never look at posts before this when you said that the RPF vs Blue Troops tournament is going to be nub, and you even said CPAC is rigged. Yet after all this, after you got fired, you start to talk to CPAC to ban Doritos off the Top 10 forever. Nice job mate. Maybe next time.

          • I’m not Mustapha for god sake. I have a penguin not even in his ping with actual game time man…And yes, I just realized Mustapha got fired instead by forcing you to multilog…It sounds a bit bullsh*t though…

          • he didnt force me, he encouraged me and other loyal DCP soldiers to multilog, and even did some himself

          • Oh in the post made by wwebestfan he said you and others were forced.

          • thats right, we also have a new chat, sorry if I forgot who you were. xat.com/doritoscp is new chat

          • Well sorry for being mean to you in the first place then.

          • Sure but don’t you think you took it a bit too far by calling everyone in Doritos are fake and nobody in the army is real .When you are still in DCP you told me that CPAC is rigged and that’s why DCP never wanted to be in the Legends tournament in the first place. Yet here you are…talking to me about who the hell am I while I’m a troop for 2 and a half years already. You are being so sweet and loyal to DCP but then as soon as you got fired you tried to expose Doritos. If this is the case then, take this quote from Chip…Fight the good fight. Because now, it’s you who have to Fear The Shield. Plus, there is not enough evidence just yet to prove anyone is cheating. Because right now, we can say only you are multilogging under the leader’s nose because they didn’t know WTF are you doing until now. If you have any evidence that the penguins that are on the list is actually Mustapha, I will look at it again

  4. b-b-b-ut I thought I was just jealous of DCP and I made fake evidence?
    Fight the Good Fight

  5. Im not mad at Bad boy he admitted to it and gave them no on must and others 🙂

  6. It’s scary how far some people will go to hide cheating in a kids game.

  7. “he even had people hack into Meta’s parents’ bank account, forcing him to quit xat.”

    Brb, killing myself.

  8. Is this really news

  9. Doesn’t surprise me.

  10. Now this is something…

  11. Something disgusts me more than the multilogging. Mustapha had the bank account of Meta’s parents hacked into? That is sickening and exposes the lack of sanity in this community, because this is taking club penguin too far. What happened to when Guitar sent Elmikey (Or hilariously known as El Mikey as said on the package) diapers and that was seen as too far?

  12. Sammie boy, I really care about your trust (sarcasm) because I don’t even know you. For you to trust someone that you don’t know would be idiotic, just like your post. I had Metas mothers bank account hacked into? He just texted me saying nothing like that has ever happened, so how could that be? This is another prime example how people just believe anything they read or hear. Badboy is the definition of a poptart, of course I exposed him and fired him. Now Doritos can move beyond cheating ways and rise to become greater. The rehiring of Badboy was a complete mistake, I shouldn’t have trusted him, he always ends up multilogging or worse. I didn’t ever ask him to multilog, that’s why he isn’t able to show any evidence at all and he would never be able to show evidence. He’s a lethargic liar and prevented DCP from growing for far too long. If I allowed this to occur, I wouldn’t have couped him 4 times (and had it vetoed by Brad and Trader who thought he was innocent) and I wouldn’t of called him out on our chat for being a multilogger. Everyone who hangs at DCP knows and has seen me reset the chat 4 times, but this was the final time. He exposed himself, now he can’t convince anybody in DCP that he was ever innocent, and he cannot ever rejoin.

    As for the idiots that just think a random CPAC’s reporters word is bond, I will prove that DCP will prosper positively and continue to rise, without allowing any cheaters to join ever again. Not like we need any of you to believe in us, we believe in ourselves.. we always have. I’ve been doing this for so many years and never once has it been shown that I multilogged. People in DCP did, yes, and I fire them every time.

    p.s. the only person I call a heavy hitter is ya mom!! ha

    • Big Musty isn’t wrong. A lot of this post is just accusations, without proof.

      The only thing that was proven in this post is that there were multilogs at DCP events & Badboy knew all their passes.

      Yet, somehow, this post claims Badboy, Trader, & Mustapha all used them. No proof of that. It claims that DCP is almost entirely all multilogs. No real proof of that. It claims that Musty hired someone to hack Metas bank account? That doesn’t even fit in with the topic of the post & there’s absolutely no evidence to support that whatsoever.

      It’s like when Zing tried to use a pictures of b nulls talking as proof & just claimed it was Trader.

      If you don’t have the proof, present it as allegations, not fact.

      • Gob, DCP’s cock has been so far down your throat forever.

        This post doesn’t mean shit because it doesn’t take a computer scientist to understand that DCP has multilogged for years. Any attempt at defending whatever legacy they have is simply standing in denial.

        What Musta and his friends do in their free time, well, I could care less, but anyone who doesn’t acknowledge that all they have done is multilog is out of their mind.

        • I never said they don’t multilog. You’re fundamentally incorrect on how you’re interpreting this.

          It isn’t about DCP. DCP multilogs. Every army has multilogged. AR has multilogged, ACP, SWAT, IW, DCP, LT, DW, they all either used to multilog, or currently do. Without a doubt.

          Its not about DCPs legacy, it’s about CPACs legacy. CPAC is supposed to be based 100% in provable facts. That’s how we maintain our footing as a reliable news source. If something cannot be proven, then you present them as allegations. Even if it’s painfully obvious, you present them us unproven statements.

          If CPAC fails to do this, If CPAC presents things that have not been proven as factual, then we become as bias as everyone always said we were. CPAC fails to be a news source. Even if everybody knows Mustapha nulls and multilogs, in this case, it is not proven. Once CPAC, as an entity, crosses the line of “Well, everyone already knows it’s true, might as well just mark it as if there is evidence” that is a slope that’s very hard to come back from.

    • So you’re basically acknowledging the fact that DCP practically only maxed a high score of 5 in the past 3-4 months if you disregard Badboys multilogs. How do you expect to do any better with Badboy gone? DCP is a goner. You multilog too Musta, stop trying to sound like you’re innocent.

      • Literally right when you commented every pro-DCP comment got 7 dislikes. And the anti-DCP comments got the same amount of likes! Your soo weird, you even made Phin go nude on skype, get out of this community you’re obsessive. Seriously! You can even check the cached version of CPAC website loool! Plus, it was obvious. Get a life!

    • where r u from MUSTA????

  13. Great post

  14. I feel like this has to be said, and I know that no one else will say it. I don’t care how much hate I get for this comment. For those of you who don’t know me, I am Possum03, Doritos of CP Legend and longtime owner. I joined the army in June of 2015 during the Golden Age. Now for starters, Bad’s claim that DCP has been multilogging since the Golden Age of 2015 made me laugh. I’m sure him of all people would know what’s going on in the DCP leadership, after all, he totally wasn’t in SWAT getting his alliance destroyed by DCP.
    “Anyone that hates on you is always below you, because they’re just jealous of what you have.” Now as for his accusations at the other members of the leadership. Here’s what I have to say to that. The only proof in that post is Bad’s word and a list of multilogs. Now, who had the list of usernames and passwords? Not Mustapha, not Trader, but non-other than yours truly, Bad. Would you look at that, isn’t it convenient, Bad gets fired, confesses to multilogging, then blames the other leaders with no evidence against them. Does this sound fishy to anyone? As for the statement on Meta, Meta and I are good friends, and he’s confirmed that he knows nothing about a bank account. That alone proves there are flaws in this posts information. I’ve been to all the DCP meetings and stuff, and not once has Mustapha mentioned multilogging, let alone encouraged it. And does anyone else find it weird that there is no evidence that Musta has ever had anything to do with multilogging besides the word of FIRED owners/leaders? If I was fired for multilogging, I’d frame the army that fired me too. The only time multilogging has occured in DCP is now, in the form of Bad, who is out of power and thrown out, and Sprite when Mustapha was RETIRED. He clearly cannot be blamed for something that happened when he was retired, but knowing this community, I’m sure someone will try. You can formulate your own opinions about what happened, but I suggest you do your own research before you do, and don’t take word of one CPAC post. Thanks, have a nice day.

  15. Well, this post is kind of late…. Mustapha already exposed Badboy for multilogging on DCP chat about last week. So, in other regards he got caught by the DCP administration and got FIRED.

    For some noob reporter here to say to never trust Mustapha (that one guy that has been there for 7 years but was never exposed) (that one guy that fired the multilogger and exposed him) is just weird.

    LOL @ BADBOY saying ” although he didnt multilog he covered it up ” …. More like he defended you because he trusted you. This whole post is too funny for me.

    TLDR: DCP doesn’t multilog. Badboy did it, got fired for doing it and is now having a fit. Typical.

  16. This type of post used to get minimum 80-90 comments in 2013-14.
    #Winteriscoming 🙁

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