The Corsairs Return

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, The Corsairs’ Territory – The Thanksgiving holiday is over and the Christmas season awaits us. Armies like The Corsairs of Club Penguin return to the community to see if they can beat the other armies again.

The Corsairs’ History


The Corsairs of Club Penguin was created on the 26th of February 2016 by Paulus2k. The Corsairs army started by just being an army who held their allies’ servers, Federation Fear. When the month, March came by, Paul decided to hand over The Corsairs army to Fear, the Federation Fear creator, and Duck but both refused to lead The Corsairs, so Paul decided to close it down and that was the first generation.


The second generation of The Corsairs’ history started around the month of June 2016 in the summer to help their allies, Club Penguin Clan, and their empire. The Corsairs were a better army than in their first generation, they managed to reach 2nd on SMA Central’s top ten. Later on in their generation, The Corsairs decided to enter permanent lock down until July.


The Corsairs went out of their lockdown that happened in June, in July. The Corsairs had an army named, the Azures of Club Penguin merge into them later on in the month. The Corsairs weren’t as high on the top tens as they were in earlier generations, but they still maxed 10.


The Corsairs was revived on the 22nd of November 2016 by their creator, Paulus2k. On the same day of their rebirth, The Corsairs held an AUSIA training session where they maxed and averaged 6. Three days after the rebirth of The Corsairs, they held 2 events, both were training sessions that maxed around sizes of 7-9.

Interview with Paulus2k, The Corsairs of Club Penguin leader:

CPAC: Why did you decide to revive The Corsairs for another generation?

Paulus2k: I just decided to, I had the domain and everything left over so I said why not.

CPAC: What are your goals for the fourth generation of The Corsairs?

Paulus2k: To float around the top ten, and hopefully this will be our most successful generations as I have some plans for the future of The Corsairs

CPAC: Do you plan to hire any other leaders to lead alongside you for The Corsairs’ fourth generation?

Paulus2k: Yes, besides me and Duck, I have others in mind currently.

CPAC: Do you plan to have any wars with any other armies at the moment?

Paulus2k: Hopefully not until later on in The Corsairs’ fourth generation.

CPAC: How long do you think The Corsairs of Club Penguin will survive in the CPA community?

Paulus2k: I have a lot more time on my hands now, so this will most likely be the longest we will stay alive. I’m aiming for about 3 months for the fourth generation.

CPAC: Do you have any final comments that you would like to say to the viewers?

Paulus2k: Nope.

From the interview above, Paul states that he will be looking to hire leaders for The Corsairs and to make the fourth generation, the most successful generation in The Corsairs’ history.

Personally, I feel that The Corsairs will have a successful generation and will get on the CPA Central top ten as 9th or 10th, this week. Paul is also experienced which means that The Corsairs can get a good rank and will make the fourth generation, the most successful one in their history.


What do YOU think? Will The Corsairs fall short and die? Here at CPA Central, we value your opinions!

Ben // ThatWaryGuy

CPA Central Vice President

6 Responses

  1. The at the start of each paragraph looks like a CPANN post.

  2. Who is this experienced Paul?

  3. The fuck is a Corsair.

  4. Paul was the leader of the mighty Clan, which was shut down because of a multilogging scandal.
    This army was the colony of the mighty clan.
    As soon as the clan was accused of multi, Paul stepped down from the leader rank.They didn’t multi much though,only 20 pengs per event.

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