September Drop Instated

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – September, being a month for our community’s young to return to school has been proven to have an significant drop to armies for many years, but this year’s drop has come early.

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Mustapha Returns to DCP

SUMMIT, Doritos of Club Penguin’s Empire – After being fired from Doritos of Club Penguin, Mustapha made his own version of Doritos. However, this wasn’t needed after all because only a few days after being fired, he was brought back by WWE as leader once again. Does this spell out more controversy?

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Coalition Meeting Agenda: Sunday, August 28th

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – This week we see- Oh wait, wrong post. What do you mean Goblin already used that joke? Well, I just used it again. Anyway, below are the times and agendas for the coalition this Sunday.

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Summer @ CPA Central 2016: CP Army Awards Voting


KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – For the seventh year running, CPA Central will be running the Summer Awards, a chance for you to vote for categories regarding Leaders, Troops and Armies.

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Summer 2016 Legend Inductions Results

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – After 2 complete weeks of voting for who you feel should join the previously nominated members of the community on our legends page, it’s finally time to announce the results of the votes you cast.

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Nachos Site Restored By Person1233 Following Defacing

FJORD, Nachos Empire – Yesterday during the morning in the United States, the Nachos site went through a dramatic site defacing with inappropriate pictures being the only thing found on the Nachos Website. Person, former Nachos Leader and Army Legend, was quickly contacted and he restored the website back to almost full working order.

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Top Ten Armies: 8/21/16

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – This week was riddled with battles, with over half of the armies in the Top Ten involved in wars somehow. Despite this, most scores dropped from last week. Here’s how things turned out.

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Mustapha10 Removed from Doritos

DISPUTED TERRITORY, Doritos Headquarters – In a shocking turn of events, Wwebestfan, Doritos creator and legend, has removed Doritos leader, Mustapha10 from the DCP leadership. How will this effect DCP?

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DW Declares War on SP

UPDATE, 10:21pm GMT – SP release a response post, which can be viewed by clicking here

FROSTY, DW Nation – In a period of time where war is in no short supply, the Dark Warriors have declared war upon the Smart Penguins. The Dark Warriors have released a declaration of war post, but no response has been posted on the Smart Penguins’ site.

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Doritos Declare War on the Water Vikings; Tensions with UMA

UNSPECIFIED SERVER, Doritos Empire- The new generation of the Doritos Army has been kicked off with a bang, after declaring war on one army, and have increased pains with another.  How will this pan out for the Doritos? Continue reading