Chip Announces Retirement From WV

Frostbite, Water Viking’s Capital- The Water Vikings have seen many retirements throughout their recent generation. Will Chip’s retirement impact the Water Vikings as a whole?

As of August 31st, Chip, former Water Vikings official, has departed from the army to pursue a career in the Rebel Penguin Federation. Throughout the last couple of weeks, the CP Army Community has seen a decline in size and overall activity due to the notoroious “September Drop” rolling around once again. This has also been met with many retiring due to school or lack of interest.


The following was taken from “LEGENDS CUP FINALS VS RPF-RESULTS” where WV maxed 40, where Chip was also present.

This is the most recent event where Chip was present, as the Water Vikings have not had an event since then, according to their website. Chip seems pretty confident in his abilities, and also in his retirement as a whole. He claims his decision is for the best, and that he has more potential and more of an overall impact on RPF. The following is an excerpt taken from his resignation post:

“It’s that time of the year where I depart from the Water Vikings army. I’m joining the RPF because I feel that I have a better future there. I love the Water Vikings and will always refer to you guys as my family. Stay strong, keep on hyping, and do what you do best – dominating.”-Chip, Former Water Vikings Commander

The following is an interview with Chip, where he continues to justify his choice of retirement:

Interview with Former Water Vikings Official, Chip

CPAC- How do you feel about leaving WV for RPF, was it a sudden choice, or were you planning to do so?

Chip- Well, even when the Water Vikings were making sizes of 40, I had a feeling that RPF is the better army for me, chiefly because I have a better future here. I’ve left WV for RPF in the past before, and had a blast.

CPAC- How well do you think WV will peform without you as a fellow commander? Will your retirement impact their size and how they perform as an army?

Chip- I hate to sound cocky and self-centered, but yes, the Water Vikings will be impacted greatly. I believe my influence over the Water Vikings is greater than most leaders there.

CPAC- Anything else you would like to add?

Chip- The Rebel Penguin Federation is an army that won’t die out anytime soon, because we are cycling with a batch of new recruits everyday. If you seek an army that has legitimate troops always talking on chat, RPF is the army for you.

CPAC- Thank you for your time.

As you can tell from the interview, Chip seems very confident in his future with the RPF, and he also believes that the WV will be impacted by his departation from the army.

Will the Water Vikings be affected by Chip’s resignation? How will Chip’s presence in RPF impact the overall state of the army? Comment YOUR opinions on Chip’s retirement from WV!


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