Madhav2 Retires From Smart Penguins Leadership

Ice Breaker, Smart Penguins Capital – Following a successful AUSIA training session, Madhav2, Smart Penguins Leader, has announced his retirement.

As we reach the end of Summer many armies tend to fall, and  some grow weaker until they finally are called deceased armies. But the Smart Penguins held on to the very last and continued having successful events throughout the Summer. With the opening of the Server Map in the beginning of the Summer, the Smart Penguins began invading server after server throughout the entire summer.

Madhav2 had joined the Smart Penguins in the beginning of July as a Leader In Training. He was then promoted to a Leader one week after his trial began. Since then, Madhav2 has led the Smart Penguins as the American Leader alongwith Superhero123, the European Leader, and Astro75114, the Ausia Leader.


On August 24th, 2016, Madhav2 announced his official retirement from the Smart Penguins. In Madhav2’s retirement post named ‘Madhav2 Retirement,’ the now retired Smart Penguins Leader states that this probably wont be his final retirement, but he wont be coming back soon. Madhav2’s retirement post has been provided below.

Hey SP,

Its been awesome month and a half for me being in SP. I really felt like I fitted in this army. So many awesome battles and more. This most likely won’t be my final retirement but I’m not coming back anytime soon. I will try to visit sometimes too.

I wish SP best of luck and stay smart!




Interview with retired Smart Penguins Leader – Madhav2

CPAC – What had encouraged you to join the Smart Penguins instead of any other army in the community?

Madhav2 – I joined the Smart Penguins because I wanted to become recognized in Club Penguin armies.

CPAC – What goals did you have in mind for the Smart Penguins during your leadership, and were they accomplished?

Madhav2 – My goals for the Smart Penguins was simply to achieve CPAC Top 5 in the CPAC Top Ten, in which we did accomplish.

CPAC – Do you think your retirement as a Leader will affect the Smart Penguins?

Madhav2 – It most likely will due to the fact that Superhero123 will soon be retiring from the Smart Penguins as well. Which leads me to believe that the Smart Penguins need to hire more Leaders.

CPAC – Without both the American and European Leaders in the far future, do you think the Smart Penguins will be able to continue to stay in the CPAC Top 5?

Madhav2 – All of the Smart Penguins weight now rests on Astro75114’s shoulders. It is now up to him to make the Smart Penguins rise to great heights. And, in all honesty, once school starts, I’ll only be able to logon for 30 minutes, reason being why I retired from the Smart Penguins.

CPAC – Any last comments?

Madhav2 – Good luck to the Smart Penguins and FYI: We’re hiring Leaders !

CPAC Thank you for your time.


As shown in the interview above, Madhav2 states that all the weight of the Smart Penguins will now be resting on the shoulders of Astro75114, the current Ausia Leader. Madhav2 stated that unless the Smart Penguins start hiring more Leaders, it will become harder for them to continue progressing in the future.

Opinions are important to us here at the CP Army Central! Comment YOUR opinions on Madhav2’s retirement from the Smart Penguins! Will the current leader be able to continue on the path that has been already set up for them? Will the Smart Penguins be able to stay in the CPAC Top 5? Comment YOUR thoughts below!

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