Night Rebels Return To The Community

North Pole, Night Rebel’s Capital- The Night Rebels have risen from the dead to immediately declare war on The Kings of Club Penguin. Will the Night Rebels successfully live to prosper through this generation? Or will they sink into irrelevancy?

Recently another army has returned to reak havoc on the Club Penguin Army Community known as the, “Night Rebels”. Currently led by Flen, Vijay, and Redstar, are leading the army, and they have a pretty lively chat for an army that has risen from the dead. They returned as of the 27th, and were originally a rebellion to the Dark Warriors. This is prevalent because they now consider themselves an army among all others remaining within the community. This is stated in their returning post, the following is an excerpt from the post made by Flen, Night Rebels Leader:

The Night Rebels were created as a rebellion of the Dark Warriors when they closed down. Many of the former Dark Warriors troops, including high ranking owners, didn’t want the Dark Warriors legacy to end just yet. As a conclusion of that passion, the Night Rebels aren’t just a rebellion of the Dark Warriors anymore. We are now considered a army among many others in the Club Penguin Army Community.

Immediately following their return, they decided to hold an event, maintaing consistent sizes of 15-18 throughout the entirety of the event.


Night Rebels Reaching Sizes of 12-15


Night Rebels maintaining sizes of 15-18 throughout event

The leadership is currently very enthusiastic about the Night Rebels future as a whole, they also decided to declare war on the KCP in order to gain new territory.One leader in particular, Redstar, is very confident but also unsure in what the future holds for the Night Rebels. He is confident that the Night Rebels will maintain decent sizes, despite the inevitable September drop.

Interview with current Night Rebels leader, Redstar

CPAC- How do you feel about the resurrection of the Night Rebels?

Redstar- I feel like the Night Rebels will do well in this generation, we have many goals to achieve.

CPAC- Do you guys feel strong returning out of nowhere, especially considering the general size drop due to school starting up once again?

Redstar- I feel like the September drop will ruin our potential for a better comeback a little bit, but we can still pull through.

CPAC- Why did the Night Rebels choose to immediately declare war on The Kings of CP? Is this declaration of war personal, or is the empire in need of servers?

Redstar- Cause we need servers and we fucken can.

CPAC- To conclude, how well do you think NR will do compared to previous generations? Do you plan to exceed current expectations, or even surpass the previous generation’s accomplishments?

Redstar- Time will tell -winks-

CPAC- Thank you for your time, Redstar, and best of luck to Night Rebels.

Redstar- Good luck to your post.


In the above interview, Red seems to be very confident in the Night Rebel’s abilities and potential, despite the September drop. He also states that the leadership plans to not only exceed current expectations, but also hopes to top previous generations as a whole.

Comment your opinions and/or beliefs on the Night Rebels return to the community. Will the current leadership rise Night Rebels to the top? Will they successfully acquire KCP’s nation? 


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