Night Rebels Declare War on Kings of CP || Cancelled Shortly After

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Night Rebels’ Empire – As Night Rebels returned, they decided to declare war on smaller army, Kings of Club Penguin. Shortly after, they cancelled it. Was this a bad move for Night Rebels?

As many people know, the Night Rebels returned on the 28th of August maxing sizes of 18. Not long after their return event they decided to declare war on Kings of Club Penguin, a smaller Club Penguin army seen on the SMAC Top Ten Armies quite a lot. Flen had made a post confirming the war and putting a schedule up with the dates and times of the invasions. However, it was set up to be a non-personal war with Night Rebels just wanting more land.

It’s not anything personal, but we’d like to get some nation for our selves and our future generations.

However, not long after the post was made by Flen, Night Rebels leader, Vijay, another Night Rebels leader, posted that the invasions were cancelled due to NR being a better army then KCP and NR should be focusing on getting servers from larger armies. However, even though the war was cancelled, Kings said they would be giving NR 75% of their land. As well as that, Vijay mentioned in the post that Night Rebels will be helping KCP in their ongoing war with Takis.

Hello everyone! I have decided to cancel the invasions. We are in CPA standards. I don’t understand why we need to invade a SM army. Kings will be giving us 75% of their servers. We will help defend them from Takis. Takis requested an alliance with us. But, I have denied their request. Thank you for reading! ~ Vijay NR Leader

The hole situation has just about been resolved between KCP and NR with NR helping them with Kings’ ongoing war. The question remains, will NR stick to their promise of helping KCP, the people who gave them 75% of their land? Well, it’s simply too early to tell. It’s going to be interesting to see if two armies planning on having a war with each other suddenly help each other out in only one day.

If the war did happen, Night Rebels would of had the advantage size wise. Kings are mostly seen with sizes of between 5 and 10 but NR, at their return event, managed to max a total of 18 people. The size difference would of been huge in the war.


Night Rebels’ return event.

The situation has been a pretty big situation for the returning Night Rebels. Only back a day and they’re already faced with war, allies and disputes. However, it’s not as bad as it sounds because NR have managed to save themselves from madness, just about, and put themselves back in the right directions. If they can keep it up with good numbers such as 18 then they will be doing very well in the near future.

What do YOU think? Should Night Rebels kept on going with the war? Will Night Rebels help KCP? Would KCP had a chance of winning?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


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