Jack283 Announces Retirement

Frostbite, Water Vikings Empire- Following the Water Vikings defeat in the Legends Cup VII finals, Jack283 announced his departure from the Water Vikings leadership.

As most of Club Penguin armies have seen a decline in army performance due to the beginning of another school year, the Water Vikings were not excluded from this list. With sizes dropping below 20, the Water Vikings had a larger variety of questions than answers on how to fix the current state of the army.

Claiming sizes of 40+, the Water Vikings made a valiant fight during the tournament finals; however, the Rebel Penguin Federation countered WV with a fantastic display of tactic differentiation, formations, and a large force of penguins online. Shortly after the defeat, a post was released on the Water Vikings website urging the troops to not give up and to keep pushing forward. To read the full post, click here.


On August 27th, 2016, Jack283 announced his retirement from the Water Vikings. In Jack’s retirement post entitled ‘The Official Retirement of Jack283,’ the former WV leader claimed that he no longer had the time to lead the army; however, he did continue saying that he still believes that the game is “fun.”

I joined Ice Warriors, many years ago. I then rejoined, only to be told by some friends, Snowskitter, Mortico, Soni, etc that Andrew was offering veterans of the army very low ranks. I then messaged Kingfunks4, told him about it, begged him to rejoin us for leader and coup Andrew. He rejoined and Andrew left. Then a few weeks down the line, after our initial rise, we hit a very slight slump, and Iceyfeet1234 couped us all and replaced us with the Drew Crew. We were getting prepared to join the ACP, when they declined us. We all ended up in the Water Vikings. Biggest mistake the Ice Warriors ever made (they’re dead now) and the ACP too, as both armies would have been maxing 80+ aswell as the extra troops ACP/IW already had, which could have given us 100+ at LC. I’m going to go on a minor limb here, and say we were scummed out of both LC and March Madness. But hey, if CPAC appoint your enemies are judges, then that’s just life baby. So, I quit after LC in a pretty bad mood. Returned sometimes near January, got from 2ic to leader in 2 weeks as I was extremely active. Recruited everyday, 24/7 kind of stuff. Lead Water Vikings to 2nd during Winter, alongside Katie. Then, I quit. And a quick decision was made by Kingfunks4 to close down the Water Vikings. That ended the whole generation that had seen 80+ at times, and 50+ in AUSIA during October lol. So, anyways I didn’t really think I deserved leader when we returned, but I guess it just happened, and I came back leading Water Vikings once again. We managed to reach peaks of 70+ at UKs straight away. And then came Legends Cup. Then came this post, that you’re reading right now, which is my official resignation.

Along with Jack’s final words to his army, he continued to thank all the troops that helped or impacted him along his journey. He then promoted Bounce Back to the position as WV leader and e pengo as WV 3ic. With Jack’s empty slot filled, it will be interesting to see if Bounce will be able to demonstrate a leading ability that Jack possessed.

Interview with former Water Vikings leader, Jack283

CPAC- With multiple people retiring from the community; you being one also, how do you expect this to impact CP armies?

Jack- I think people will continue to tell the tale they’ve been telling for years in that armies are dead. It’s not true, and people leave this community every year, our community is declining, and if there aren’t many efforts put into legitimate recruiting, I do think we could see this community in 5 years just being Mustapha with 30 tabs open for DCP. 

CPAC- How well do you expect the Water Vikings to get over losing the Legends Cup final, and the fact you are retiring?

Jack- Although last night was an exception, I do believe WV has been cheated out of the latest tournaments; most notably when facing the Rebel Penguin Federation. I think WV will get over this just fine. I am proud of the Water Viking since we made it to the finals and we’re dominating the Top Ten. We are having a great time in the army and we will continue to have fun. I think sizes will improve as Buddy and Bounce are terrific leaders and I think they will lead WV into another golden generation. 

CPAC- Any last comments?

Jack- Fear the Wave!

CPAC- Thank you for your time.


Shown in the interview above, Jack continues to believe that the Water Vikings will remain a dominant force in CP armies. He does not think that the army will suffer any setbacks and that the army has made the necessary moves to promise the continuation of a successful generation.

Comment YOUR opinions on Jack’s retirement! Will the Water Vikings “Bounce” back? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


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  1. Incredible leader! We’ll miss you.

  2. Love you dude <3

  3. jack you will be missed

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