Golds Leader, Jodie, Departs From Leadership

Flipper, Golds Empire- On August 27th, 2016, Jodie announced that she would no longer be serving as leader of the Golds army. 

The Golds of Club Penguin have managed to stay a consistent contender in the weekly CPAC Top Ten. Displaying sizes from anywhere to 10-18 lately, the army has widely stayed more consistent than the majority of the community. Although they remain stable for now, the army will have to deal without one of their fellow leaders, Jodie.

Most notably known for her well-known work in the media outlets of this community, Jodie also led one of the most highly respected armies, the Golds. Jodie officially joined the Golds in the month of January. Upon arriving in the army, she met some of her greatest friends in armies. She specifically mentioned Ant, Tilgen, Coqui, Security, and surely the rest of Golds, have made their presence felt in her heart. An excerpt of her closing remarks can be found below.

As you read by the title, this is Jodie’s last and final event, here is what she had to say:

  1. I’ve been in Golds since around January, and even stuck with the Silver Surfers when we merged for that short period of time. Nonetheless, I can’t imagine my last army experience to have been any better. If I’d have known about Golds back in 2011, I would have gladly taken it as my home army. The leaders here have always been so welcoming and supportive – Golds are literally a home to me now. As time goes on, I realise how many amazing friends I’ve met due to joining Golds. Ant, Tilgen, Coqui and even Security. Golds is family, and family means nobody gets left behind. This has been my last ever event here in Club Penguin armies, and I’m glad I got to spend it in such an amazing one. I wish everyone the best of luck no matter where life takes them, and that I’ll always be rooting for Golds in the future should it ever need be.
Don’t follow your dreams, don’t even chase them. Be them. – Jodie
At Jodie’s final event as leader of Golds, the army logged onto the server Flippers in which they were successfully able to hit sizes of 17 penguins online. Considering the current sizes of fellow armies, the Golds performed exceptionally well at this event. A picture has been provided below.
Interview with Former Golds Leader, Jodie
CPAC- Lately, this community has witnessed a large amount of leaders retiring from their fellow armies? In your opinion, how much of an impact will this have on armies?
Jodie- I think it all depends on how much willpower armies have to survive. At this time of year, we always see numerous leaders retire and well-known faces leaving due to school. Surely, there is going to be a dip, but the strongest of them will survive.
CPAC- You mention the strongest of armies. Do you expect the Golds to continue as a presence on the Top Ten?
Jodie- Of course I do. Golds have their weeks when they are strong, whereas others aren’t as good. Nonetheless, they’ll continue to be a strong contender through thick and thin. They always are.
CPAC- You’ve had an impact on media and armies. If you had a final message to say to this community on the decline of all armies, what would you say?
Jodie- Well, it’s inevitable all good things come to an end. With that being said, that probably includes armies. Everyone knows 2016 armies are way different than 2012 armies which everyone reflects on with awe – and many wouldn’t batter an eyelid should anything happen to the community. To all those who are truly invested in armies or those who enjoy being here, just keep your head up while you can. Keep going, if that’s what you truly want. Don’t let anyone put you down. If you want to get your army to CPAC< you go and do that. People are going to try and ruin this community with botting because, honestly, not many people care now. However, this community has a strong history – and, despite how futile my desire may be, I’d like to some preservatives should I happen to look back in 5 or 10 years time. Our achievements here don’t mean anything in the real world, but they mean something different to each and every one of us. 
CPAC- Thank you for your time. Best of luck.
Well, the final message by Jodie sums the concluding paragraph up for me. We need to continue to preserve the history of this community. Although many of us will try to bring us down, many people in this community have the ability to bring us back up. If you truly want to help, I urge you now.
Comment YOUR opinion on Jodie’s retirement below! Will the Golds remain strong? Share the thoughts YOU have below!
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  1. We’ll miss you Jodie.

  2. Glad it was you covering this, Atticus. I’ve had a great time leading Golds – literally a home army to me now.

    ily all

  3. Even though I’m from RPF, I’m going to miss you Jodie! (hugs warmly)

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