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CP Army Central Philosophy Desk  Disney bought Club Penguin a long time ago, as a matter of fact, it’s been nine years since the purchase. Why change up the game so much? Does this correlate with the Club Penguin army community whatsoever?

Before this theory is discussed, I’d like to recap a fraction of Club Penguin’s history. For any of the veteran players here in this community, you may remember when it was 2007 when Disney bought Club Penguin for $700 million. Ever since they bought it, people complained how Club Penguin was ruined and Disney really needed to be stopped; however, they didn’t know what would happen in 2012. They didn’t know what would happen in 2014, let alone 2016.

Club Penguin had three months to make it all up to the community, and those three months were during the summer. They gave everyone takeovers all summer. Here they are promising the community things like a good Halloween Party, when nobody really trusts the staff anymore.

While this sounds like this post is intended to be a rant, rest assured that this post does have meaning to it.

Even when takeover parties didn’t exist, changes were still happening in this game, and these were changes that the players didn’t take well to at all. Disney has been around for nine years and they didn’t start having takeovers until 2012. Here’s the question: why didn’t they do it earlier?


Many would say that I support takeovers with the aforementioned statement, but it’s only a rational question. Think about it, even before these present-day movies that they’ve made, they had other decent movies to implement into the game much earlier, so why didn’t they do it earlier? While it’s true that the community would start hating the game early on, what’s stopping the community from hating present-day movies being instated in this game? Nothing. Everyone would be leaving either way, and if Disney knows they’re losing players, then why do they keep having these takeover events?

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 9.49.05 AM

Elsa, it’s no surprise you’d give the community the middle finger, per se


While this theory does have credibility through deep analysis, it’s important that the research is presented rather than just outright telling the answer.

Takeover parties began in 2012, but these weren’t even about movies, they were about popular franchises that a majority of people loved, and Club Penguin actually worked with Disney on these takeovers. The Marvel Super Hero Takeover was the first ever takeover event that ever occurred, then there was the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam, then there was an adventure party.

Everyone enjoyed these parties so much, but what happened in the Club Penguin army community when it hit 2013? Just think about it.

Over the years, takeover parties got worse and worse and now we’re celebrating copy/paste Frozen takeover parties every single year. It’s torturous, nobody wanted it, and why did they make it happen again? Apparently there is talk about these horrid, animated shorts that happened during the year and that’s good enough of an excuse to copy/paste last year’s party and make us go through with it.

As a matter of fact, nobody wanted these takeover parties, nobody asked for these parties, and they keep making up excuses such as Megg telling the audience that they were “surprised by the amount of requests.”

The theory

So, what is the theory? It can be speculated that takeover parties and the Club Penguin army community have a correlation. Think about it, they never had a problem with us before late 2012-early 2013. If they had a real problem with us from the start, they could’ve just held a mass banning spree and that could’ve kept us from growing as a community.

“Chris, could you elaborate on those points?” Most certainly. What happened in our community when 2013 rolled around? Many would say that Elmikey introduced multi-logging and auto-typing to the community, and those two things took their own paths, but lead to the same result: Club Penguin hating our guts. While multi-logging and auto-typing have gone on a steep decline of people using them, the damage has already been done. If we didn’t have to go and cheat and scare away potential recruits with our methods and scare Club Penguin’s staff, there’d be a great friendship going on now, if not that, then they wouldn’t care as long as we proved we could be trusted. They no longer trust us.

Before I get more deeper into the analysis, it took a long time for me to realize that back in the early days of Club Penguin armies, we would’ve all been children! Back in 2006, we must’ve all been kids, and younger individuals are more prone to obey commands, so if Club Penguin told us all that we could no longer be together as a large community at our very young ages, we wouldn’t be here today due to the fear most of us would have of getting our accounts banned. Well Club Penguin, you had your chance. We win this round. 

So, here’s the actual theory: 

Club Penguin and our community have a good relationship with each other, and from earlier catalogs, it could be a valid argument that they supported us with clothing items that would later be used as our official army uniforms to this day. Even when Disney bought Club Penguin, the staff didn’t do anything harmful to us, they treated us with respect, and we treated them with the same respect by refusing to cheat.

Then comes along 2013, Elmikey introduces multi-logging and auto-typing, which is trending for a couple years and over those couple years, Club Penguin catches onto us and, logically speaking, would then decide that we were betraying them with cheating. Becoming angry and feeling hurt with our destructive actions, they start holding mass banning sprees, but when that doesn’t help, Disney comes to the team with a crucial bit of logic:

Club Penguin feeds off of membership money, and what garners membership money? The items, the ability to customize, and most of all, the parties. So, if parties attract players to the game, perhaps they can drive the Club Penguin armies away with poor quality and lazy events, such as the takeovers we’ve been seeing for the past four years. After the first load of takeovers increased player traffic, they noticed that at the same time, cheating got even worse on our part.

They then only focus on our community, ruining our summers with unwanted takeovers and torturing the rest of the community due to the war against our community. This is why they hadn’t been listening to the audience, because they’ve only been focused on getting rid of us; however, what they failed to realize was that the rest of the community left Club Penguin, a majority actually. Club Penguin falls so much in login count that the Alexa rank for their website drops to all-time lows.

This is where Club Penguin runs into a stalemate, they want to get rid of us and they know we’re winning at everything they throw at us, we’re able to outsmart their tactics. They want to exterminate us while keeping the rest of the community, and that’s when Spike Hike announces something back in mid-2014: Project Super Secret.

It can be said that from the looks of Project Super Secret, or for this post, Club Penguin 2.0 is the solution to Club Penguin’s conflict: due to the lack of servers and everyone’s accounts being deleted, meaning no way to hold events and have no way to get to our army leaders, this would mean the death of Club Penguin armies and the potential trends in traffic; however, nobody in the entire community is confident about this sudden change.

Club Penguin is dying because it’s killing itself trying to kill our community, and it’s at so many all-time lows at this point that Club Penguin 2.0 could either be the thing that keeps Club Penguin going, or signs its ultimate death warrant. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 12.08.44 PM

We would if Club Penguin’s staff and army community representatives got together and discussed grievances.



“So, it’s all Elmikey’s fault?! It’s time to witch-hunt!”

No, no, no, no, no! No witch-hunting! It’s not entirely Elmikey’s fault, real talk, it’s our fault as a community. Just think about it, while Elmikey might’ve brought it in first, but the community could’ve ended it right then and there. Of course we’ve all done an excellent job stopping multi-logging and setting up punishments for that; however, we as a community wallowed in auto-typing due to its benefits in recruiting players off of the game, oblivious to the consequences of using third-party applications.

The Ice Warriors, the ACP, the Nachos, you name it.. they auto-typed. To add more icing to the cake, so to speak, many community members were blackmailed. If they didn’t auto-type, they’d be demoted or be outlasted from their own armies.

“Chris, why do you bring this up if there’s nothing we can do? We’ve stopped auto-typing and multi-logging a long time ago, so why is this a problem?”


The point of this theory 

Think about it, if Club Penguin 2.0 miraculously had servers that allowed us to get together, or at least let us keep our accounts and friends lists to see our leaders and hold events, we’d be given a second chance. We’d be able to prove that we can be trusted, we could build a friendship between us and Club Penguin again.

Even if Club Penguin 2.0 didn’t have the resources we need, if we find a CPPS or a new game to support our ways of battling, we’d be able to have a clean slate. We could learn from our mistakes and not cheat in the game, we could build a relationship between us and game admins.

Even if Club Penguin doesn’t trust us now and never will, let’s not make the situation even worse.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 12.42.18 PM

Let’s at least prove we can be trusted in the last few months Adobe Flash Club Penguin has.

We can win the war between us and Club Penguin’s team 

Hold on. 

The last few months Adobe Flash Club Penguin has? So.. Club Penguin 2.0 isn’t a direct attack against the community, it’s using Unity because Adobe Flash has been dying out over the course of a few years.

Well, then what’s the excuse for the takeovers other than the supposed “oh we just want to advertise our franchises!”?

In the end, this theory might hold credibility after all.

Here at CP Army Central, we want YOUR opinion! Do you have anything to add onto the theory? Do you believe this theory has credibility? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below! 


CP Army Central Philosopher and Historian

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  1. What is with all these theories?

    • I’m a theorist by heart.. -blush- is that bad?

      • No. I’m getting impressed by all these theories. The only issue is that all of them may be real in some way, or none at all. To think that Disney would kill 3 games to beat us (yes the pirates game and that other game that I can’t remember were killed off for cp), is a little far fetched.

  2. Greatest post that I’ve read on CPAC out of my 4 years :D. Oh and Club Penguin and Disney are killing themselves by trying to get rid of us because without us, Club Penguin wouldn’t have players logging on for events every day of the week.

    • They have already killed the two other games (Pixie Hollow and Toontown) so why kill this one? I’m just going to wait for years to the past for the Disney company to shut their selves down. I grew up playing Club Penguin in my early years and I remember how exciting the takeovers of 2012-2013 were, though that changed. Soon, Club Penguin is going to run out of business and will officially shut-down forever just like how they did to the other games. Yes, I’ve been banned several times for bot recruiting and auto-typing but I think Club Penguin should give us a second chance to prove that we’re trustworthy.

      Oh and great post Christopher! I really enjoyed reading it :D.

  3. Back before I retired I did reviews on parties and it was June 2013 when they really started to suck but never did they last longer then 2 weeks.

  4. “We can win the war between us and Club Penguin’s team”
    Nah we lost back in 2014/2015 lol. There is no war anymore. You could argue that in 2014 or 2015 (I forget which year) when we started botting and recruiting heavily on CP. But even then, you couldn’t call it a war because CP just used the power they had to end what we were doing real quick.
    “The Ice Warriors, the ACP, the Nachos, you name it.. they auto-typed.”
    Auto-typing is completely fine with Club Penguin actually. A while back in 2013 when I worked for Club Penguin Army Focus, I asked for their thoughts on autotyping in an e-mail. They said they were completely fine with it. I also repeated this e-mail type post asking their thoughts on CP Armies. All 3 times they said they were completely fine with autotyping unless you abuse it and have like 8 people autotyping on the same server (like bots). They don’t like autotyping, but they tolerate it if it’s like 1 person or 2 people. The reason they don’t like botting is because they HATE the mass amount of people on 1 server. Back during my tenure as leader in Army Republic, we usually had 6-8 bots go on Blizzard, and 4-6 on any other populated servers. Add all the other armies bots, and that’s just overpopulating.
    The funny thing about this is, they were actually huge fans of having recruiting events (and I am too). It was a great way to get people to look for us. They didn’t like if we said “SEARCH US UP” during the events or something. But if we’re holding a recruiting event on Blizzard or etc. and just say “Join us” or “Join ACP” and have fun with the event, troops can search up “Join ACP” or “ACP” or “Army of CP” and find us. Recruiting isn’t as hard as we make it.

  5. Turtle is correct in a way. But now that the game (Club Penguin) has blocked many army names and potential recruiting lines, recruiting events wouldn’t be as effective as they were in 2012. Now, my question is, what other methods aside from recruiting events could we use to attract people from Club Penguin? (Knowing that recruiting lines used today for autotyping are very hard to understand for younger people)

  6. lol you guys think we are helping CP with average players on lol. You guys do know that they have over 100,000 people log on daily. We aren’t even 1% of that.

  7. I think CP was always going to find a plausible reason to get rid of us at some point. This community has generally always done things that would raise eyebrows/concerns from the staff and with parents in particular. That was stated a long time ago because I distinctly remember that one of the chief complaints that their staff once made when I called them years ago was the very fact that players were being diverted to other websites. Websites, in which they did not own or moderate and could not effectively maintain the security or safety of players. This is in all honesty a legitimate complaint if you take into account that doxing is something that happens all the time in armies and there are clear legal ramifications for when a player willingly discloses their information to someone that they believe is a Club Penguin staff member because some newer troops are generally under the impression that Club Penguin owns this side of the game but in said person could actually be a sex offender or unwillingly via doxing. The company would be liable for any harm that comes to players because parents would be concerned to the point they may pull their kid from the game and with that, they lose money that could be spent on said kid’s six month membership.

    Let’s not forget all the other stuff we do like Dosing, RATs, multilogging, botting, and the foul things people have said in comments or posts or on chat. Places of which I am certain that a few Club Penguin staff members have ventured on to finally so they could full assess what is up with the army trend and what they see is a clear legal and financial liability. All we ever did was give them all the ammunition/justification needed to slowly but surely and systematically crack down on us.

    • It’s worse when you realize that we started to encourage the behavior of certain individuals that made this community so unsafe and whatnot like Waterkid.

      From a parental perspective (not that I have a child), I wouldn’t want my kid near Club Penguin or this community either with all of that information being known. I wouldn’t want my kid to vanish because some pedo managed to get their info, go to our house, or something and kidnap them.

      • We brought this on ourselves whether we choose to admit it or not.

        • I fully agree.. I’ll miss this community. I don’t want it to die, but I feel like the end is near.

          • I truthfully won’t. What was once fun and cool just became a bunch of degenerative people who are probably too old to be playing Club Penguin and get butthurt over stuff like not getting “Legend” status or a promotion in a fictional military force.

  8. This post it’s just great. I agree with theory.
    By the way, the best CP times for me it’s 2010-2012 years.
    Since 2013 to today, CP killing himself.
    Chris you are f****g genius, i want MORE your posts 😀

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