Editorial: Why Auto Typing and Bot Recruiting is not Working

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters  –  It is highly evident that our efforts in both bot recruiting and auto typing aren’t working as much as we would like them to. In this post, I will be discussing how our main recruiting methods aren’t working as much as we would like them to and I will also provide a couple solutions so we can possibly see another rebirth in our community.

Note: The following post is an editorial and contains the writer’s personal opinion. It does not represent the views of CPAC as a whole.

Argument 1: Our Bot and Auto Recruiters are Annoying

For this, you will have to go into our potential recruit’s shoes. Do they really want to see several bots screaming at them in all caps telling them to join their group? This could disturb and distract them from maybe doing other things such as going to the night club or shopping for clothes. These potential recruits show an obvious dislike to our bots and auto recruiters through the comments on one of CPWorld’s YouTube videos on our community.

It is immensely evident that we are annoying our target audience. An accurate comparison for our main recruiting methods is the bot raids that raid many tournament battles and other miscellaneous events. We want the bots to stop raiding our events and we think its very annoying, but we can’t do the same thing for our recruiting methods.

Argument 2: Our Recruiting Lines

Let’s face it. Nobody is going to understand “JOIN THE ARR MY OF CP” except for us. “JOIN CP DARK” just sounds like an advertisement for an edgy CPPS website. The point is, if you actually take time to read some of the recruiting lines we use, they are very hard to understand. It gets worse when the recruiters are trying to describe how to join. Lines like “TYPES UP” and “LOOKS ON EXPLORER” are some of the worst. How will your army get new recruits if it has some strange lines that only a genius will understand.Not only that, but some armies have also gone to the efforts of lying about giving free memberships to the people who join their army. These armies got recruits, however, they lost a lot of good reputation as soon as they were exposed. Furthermore, we describe armies to them like they haven’t been observing us. Armies are described to have giant and epic battles and snowball fights daily. Yet couldn’t be more wrong.  Our community isn’t as big as it was in 2012 and our battles are getting more boring every week. It’s like we’re selling a product that is completely different then we are describing it as. In the recruiting lines we use, our community should be described as a fun community. But we shouldn’t lie about giving free memberships or over-hyping the community. We also need to make sure our recruiting lines are easier to understand in that we may understand what they mean, but that does not mean our potential recruits do as well.

Argument 3: No Interaction Between Recruiter and Potential Recruit

There has been an uncountable amount of times I’ve seen a person ask “How do you join?” and the recruiter never answers their question, eventually turning off the potential recruit. How will the people join an army if they can’t get any information from a recruiter?The potential recruits could also think the recruiter is ignoring them too, for example, we make it clear that we want to be heard with lines like “ATTENTION ATTENTION” but when they ask a question, the recruiter does not answer it and just continues spamming recruiting phrases. This is a terrible thing because you are turning of anyone that was remotely interested in your army and you could also get reported!

The Solutions: Manual Recruiting & Recruiting on Other Games

It is easy to manually recruit, you just have to befriend people and tell them how to join. It is clearly better than both bot-recruiting auto-recruiting because it’s not annoying, you’re interacting with someone and you can answer all their questions. If people did more manual recruiting, our community will gain a better reputation because we aren’t just trying to get new soldiers, we’re trying to get new friends too. It’s easier to recruit people who are your friend then turning on a script to hopefully convince people who are already annoyed with you to join your army because you have free memberships!

You could even recruit off of Roblox. We don’t seem to be switching to Roblox any time soon so you can’t risk our reputation. Furthermore, Roblox does not have a big filter like Club Penguin does either, so it’s easier for people to understand you. You can also manually recruit on Roblox too, as Roblox is all about playing games with friends, you could bring those friends to your army’s chat and introduce them to some people and you could get them to join that way too.


What do you think? Is manual recruiting going to save us or are our main recruiting methods more valuable to use? Comment your opinion! 


CPA Central Philosopher

25 Responses

  1. Wonderful editorial, Fluffy. I agree with you strongly on this!

  2. No kidding, CP has blocked any lines that make sense. Good post.

  3. Good post Fluffy. If in 2010 I went on to a server and saw a room filled with penguin going, “WOOKIE UP TEAM CLOVERS FOR MEMBERSHIP” it would terrify me.

  4. I already recruit on 3rd party sites. I request others do the same. It’s the only way now.

  5. Crap post cause everyone already had given up on auto typing and moved on to third party sites

  6. Best post I’ve seen since June. Great job!!!!

  7. Every time I come on this site, I see another one of these cookie-cutter anti-autotyper editorials on the front page. How has nothing changed, even though I check the comments and see so many people in support of these ideas?

    • ^^^

      we all know auto typing & botting is slowly killing us. every alternative sounds amazing in a post, but simple isn’t fucking possible. gg.

    • This isn’t really an anti-autotyper editorial, this is more of a post investigating into why autotyping hasn’t been working.

  8. I autotyped two days ago for about 3 hours and got 30+ join applications and a lot of cool recruits. What?

  9. Never fear, flexer Chip is here! I’ve already worked out a sponsorship with google.com. Yes, google.com. Although it cost me a lot of money, more princely, 30 billion dollars, it will sure be worth it in the long run. Shortly, every chat (on xat; not only cp armies) will have at least 150 pools.

  10. This was the answer I was searching for on Chris’s theory post. For those armies who do not have good results in autotyping, manual recruiting could work really well for them.

  11. Manual recruiting doesn’t fix the issue of blocked lines. Even if you could communicate with potential recruits they wont understand half of what you are saying

  12. Solid post, 10/10 would read again 😀 😛

  13. Loophole:

    Make a penguin using your army’s name.

    Autotype in the same room as that penguin. Profit.

    Nightwarriors was unblocked that way but I could care less about armies now. This game is not focused towards teens building up their futures with education, work experience, etc, to add to their resumes. Leave the game to its intended audience. It caters towards elementary kids. Interfering and attempting to spam their game is worthless. At some point, you will move on and it’s better to do it now than later on where your performance has dropped beyond recovery.

    • ^ drake is right, this game is meant for kids and l suppose that we all need to have a new life by not playing club penguin anymore, as well as armies. You guys need to have more education and have a successful one by passing your grades and graduating school to move on to college, and you don’t want to keep playing until you realize how old you are.

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