Chip Announces Retirement From WV

Frostbite, Water Viking’s Capital- The Water Vikings have seen many retirements throughout their recent generation. Will Chip’s retirement impact the Water Vikings as a whole?

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Madhav2 Retires From Smart Penguins Leadership

Ice Breaker, Smart Penguins Capital – Following a successful AUSIA training session, Madhav2, Smart Penguins Leader, has announced his retirement.

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Night Rebels Declare War on Kings of CP || Cancelled Shortly After

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Night Rebels’ Empire – As Night Rebels returned, they decided to declare war on smaller army, Kings of Club Penguin. Shortly after, they cancelled it. Was this a bad move for Night Rebels?

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Night Rebels Return To The Community

North Pole, Night Rebel’s Capital- The Night Rebels have risen from the dead to immediately declare war on The Kings of Club Penguin. Will the Night Rebels successfully live to prosper through this generation? Or will they sink into irrelevancy?

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Golds Leader, Jodie, Departs From Leadership

Flipper, Golds Empire- On August 27th, 2016, Jodie announced that she would no longer be serving as leader of the Golds army. 

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Jack283 Announces Retirement

Frostbite, Water Vikings Empire- Following the Water Vikings defeat in the Legends Cup VII finals, Jack283 announced his departure from the Water Vikings leadership.

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CPA Central Top Ten Armies [28/08/16]

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters –  As we come to the end of our annual Legends Cup, witness numerous retirements and see a general decline due to school starting back up, a new army has claimed the top spot this week.

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Rebel Penguin Federation vs Water Vikings: Legends Cup VII Finals Video

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – What an amazing battle between RPF and WV. It was a great battle with both armies getting good sizes, especially RPF. Sadly for WV, RPF was always one step ahead using snowballs, bombs and unique formations to their advantage. Down below is a video (through my perspective) of the battle.


CPA Central Editor-in-Chief

Takeover Party Theory

CP Army Central Philosophy Desk  Disney bought Club Penguin a long time ago, as a matter of fact, it’s been nine years since the purchase. Why change up the game so much? Does this correlate with the Club Penguin army community whatsoever?

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Editorial: Why Auto Typing and Bot Recruiting is not Working

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters  –  It is highly evident that our efforts in both bot recruiting and auto typing aren’t working as much as we would like them to. In this post, I will be discussing how our main recruiting methods aren’t working as much as we would like them to and I will also provide a couple solutions so we can possibly see another rebirth in our community.
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