Coalition Meeting Results

In this Top Ten, we see the rise of – oh shoot, wrong post.

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The Clan Shut Down After Multilogging Scandal

GRIZZLY, The Clan Nation – The Clan seemed to have been doing very well, even placing second on the CPAC Top Ten Armies. The army’s energy proved to have been short-lived, however, when Duck admitted to multilogging and Fear, a leader from the Clan, shut it down.
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Lady Clout Returns to RPF

TUXEDO, RPF Capitol – Clout has rejoined the leadership of the Rebel Penguin Federation, alongside Elmikey, Luis and FlameAries. How will this addition to the leadership effect RPF?
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Top Ten Armies: 6/26/16

UPDATE: Due to an error in scheduling, the Clash of the Unforgiven tournament will not be taking place this upcoming weekend, but the weekend following that. Clash of the Unforgiven tournament has been moved to July 9th.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – In this week’s Top Ten, a new army shoots up to 2nd. Go on, see for yourself. Continue reading

Tensions Rise Between Ice Warriors and Water Vikings

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – After returning just a week ago, the Water Vikings have already encountered a conflict with the Ice Warriors. Both sides have proceeded to make posts on their respective sites sharing insults with each other and explaining their side of the story.  Will this result in a war, or is it just another minor squabble?
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Coalition Meeting Times

If you’re ever going to attend a meeting, make it this one.

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Nachos Cutting Ties From Army Republic Alliance

Fjord, Nachos Capitol- On June 22nd, 2016, a post was released on the Nachos website declaring the end of the Nachos and Army Republic alliance. If you are asking what led Kevin to make this decision, continue reading for the full story. 

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Rebel Penguin Federation Declares War on Ice Warriors

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Nation – Tension between Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation has been on a rise over the last few weeks which is mostly due to Silverburg, former RPF leader, joining the Ice Warriors leadership. The tensions finally boiled over when RPF announced their declaration of war. What does this mean for both armies? Click continue reading to find out!
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Doritos Return

Summit, Doritos Capitol- On June 14th, 2016, Bam announced the return of the once powerful army, the Doritos; however, the army would die two days later. Now after another six days of waiting, the Doritos have returned under notable leader and legend, Mustapha10x.

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SilverBurg Joins Ice Warriors Leadership

HUSKY, Ice Warrior’s Capital – Over the past few weeks, we saw major leadership changes in the Ice Warriors, which caused them to majorly fall in sizes. From the Coup D’etat of Badboy, and Trader, to the leave of Bam117, we now have Silverburg, former Dark Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation commander, leading the Ice Warriors. Will Silverburg get the Ice Warriors back to their former standings, or will he freeze up?

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