Ice Warriors Announce War Against Night Rebels

Husky, Ice Warriors Capitol- After recently returning from the multitude of dead armies, the Ice Warriors of Club Penguin have returned under a brand new leadership in their attempts to regain their position of the #1 army in the CP community.

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Editorial: Club Penguin or Private Servers

Klondike, Club Penguin Army Central – The issue about whether armies should move to Club Penguin Private Servers has been one to come up ever since TheBester5’s CPPS was released.

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How IW Came Back

It’s official, the world is trembling, not in fear, but due to the cold. The Ice Warriors are back and a cold wind blows over Club Penguin Armies. Many people are wondering how IW came back after their long death, but don’t worry, I know all about it. Continue reading

The Ice Warriors Make Their Return

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital- Very rarely is there an army that shapes the landscape of our community and takes its fair share in spearheading present and future generations. The Ice Warriors are one of those armies, and they have long built up on their history as one of the three historical super powers of this community alongside the Army of Club Penguin and the Nachos. Following many years at or near the top, on January 16th, 2016, the Ice Warriors were shut down by IW creator Iceyfeet1234, but now they are once more planning their return under the leadership trio of Badboy, Trader, and Bam. Read on for more details. Continue reading

Top Ten Armies: 5/29/16

KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ – If you like lists of armies in Club Penguin, click read more for lists of armies in Club Penguin!

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Trader and Bam Resign from the ACP

BREEZE, ACP Capital – After two undulate-like weeks of constant bot raiding, Trader and Bam have decided to resign from the Army of Club Penguin. With that being said, the army’s future is now completely vague.

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King Mondo and Super Edwin Inaugurated as Leaders of ACP

BREEZE, ACP Capital – Following the shock retirement of Bam117 and Lord Trader, the Army of Club Penguin have finally announced and presented King Mondo and Super Edwin as the brand new leaders of the army. What does this mean for the ACP?
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Chip Appointed Temporary Leader of Night Rebels

NORTH POLE, Night Rebels Capital – Recently with Night Rebels so far steady top 10 placement along with a few internal conflicts. NR have pronounced longtime Water Vikings figure, Chip, as the new temporary leader in hopes of seeing a sharp and stable rise.

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New Night Warriors Leadership Appointed

FOG, Night Warriors Capital – Following the retirement of Drake8893, Verum and XxToysoldier from the Night Warriors, DrMatt, former LT leader, and Tompenguin6, former DW and RPF Leader, have been appointed to take their place.

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Coalitions Project Launch

Well now, let’s see if we can’t usher in a new era, shall we?

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