Top Ten Armies: 4/24/16

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – This week, every returning army dipped in performance, but the top army has finally changed, and a couple of new armies worked their way into the bottom of the list.  Continue reading

Trader’s Tales Episode 1: CPA Leader Meets Police

New York, Trader’s Home – It seemed like a normal afternoon during the Summer of 2015 for Trader. Trader was given information that a certain somebody, known as Phin, was giving out pictures for Xats. Continue to read the story..

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The Silverburg Theory

Mammoth, CPA Birth Server – The question that has been asked the most in the past few years undoubtedly is; “What happened to CP Armies?”. Everybody has their own opinions, but there isn’t really a legitimate answer to the question. The other question people have asked is; “How can CP Armies be saved?”. People have tried to answer this question as well, but most of the time they have not been able to really decipher it. However, when you have led thousands of battles and recruited thousands of troops, the fogged glass starts to clear a little. This post will show my answers to each of these two questions that seem to have no answer at all.  Continue reading

Nacho Troops Get Banned after Recruiting Event

BLIZZARD, Nacho Empire – It’s been several months since Club Penguin has taken significant action against armies, but in the last week, the Nacho Army has run into troubles with the game’s moderators.  Continue reading

Ice Warriors Enter Lockdown

Sub Zero, Ice Warriors Capital – The Ice Warriors army, only being alive for a few days, have decided to close down.

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Army of Club Penguin and Nachos War Ends

Fjord, Nachos Capital – After a few of fighting and constant attack of servers, the Nachos have announced that the war between the Army of Club Penguin is over.

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Camper John Replaces Kevin as Nachos Leader

Fjord, Nachos Capitol- On April 16th, 2o16, the Nachos of CP withheld an adjustment within its authority due to the promotion of Camper John to Nachos leader and Kevin stepping down from the position.

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Top Ten Armies: 4/17/16

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – My first Top Ten as CEO! My mother would be so proud… Anyhow, this week was rather slow for some armies, and a couple armies made their return to the community.

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The Tenth CEO: Inauguration of Lorenzo Bean

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – In a compelling turn of events, longtime Executive Producer Lorenzo Bean has been inaugurated as the tenth Chief Executive Officer of Club Penguin Army Central.  Continue reading

Ice Warriors Return

Sub zero, Ice Warriors Capital – The Ice Warriors, being one of the oldest armies alive, closed down a few months ago. They have decided to reopen once again. Will they reach the outrageous sizes they once saw? Or will they face the dying community head on and deal with what every other army leader is facing?

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