April 2016 Legend Induction Results

We’ve tallied both the public votes and the Legends Committee votes. We have one new name to add to the list of legends this election cycle. Read on for the April 2016 Legend Induction Results.

CPAC legend status is one of the most coveted accolades one can acquire in this community. A spot on the legends page is reserved for those who have changed the course of the community, or have impacted it greatly. The page is for honoring the most influential community members ranging back from its origins in 2006, to its present generation still carrying the torch today.

Below is the list of 13 committee members who participated in the voting during this election cycle. Committee membership is reserved for those who have already successfully earned the prestigious rank of CPAC legend, or the rank of CPAC CEO.

  1. Shaboomboom
  2. Bluesockwa2
  3. Mchappy
  4. Incognito
  5. Flipmoo
  6. Bluesockwa1
  7. Wgfv
  8. Burrito
  9. Kingfunks4
  10. Wwebestfan
  11. Zakster
  12. Lorenzo Bean
  13. 1goblinguy

In order to receive induction into our legends page, a candidate needed to acquire more yes votes than no votes after tallying the legends committee votes. A candidate also had potential for up to 3 additional yes votes based on the community public voting results. Here are the final results for the April 2016 legend inductions.

Lorenzo Bean

5 Yes, 8 No

+1 Viewer Vote Third Place

Not Inducted

Fort 57

5 Yes, 8 No

Not Inducted


5 Yes, 8 No

Not Inducted


4 Yes, 9 No

Not Inducted


1 Yes, 12 No 

Not Inducted


3 Yes, 10 No

+3 Viewer Vote Winner

Not Inducted


3 Yes, 10 No

Not Inducted


4 Yes, 9 No

+1 Viewer Vote Third Place

Not Inducted


8 Yes, 5 No

:star: Inducted as CPAC legend :star:


1 Yes, 12 No

Not Inducted


2 Yes, 11 No

+2 Viewer Vote Runner-Up

Not Inducted


0 Yes, 13 No

Super Not Inducted

Congratulations to our one winner, Daniel, on receiving entrance into legend status! For those of you who didn’t quite meet the requirements, new changes to the process are imminent, as are new election cycles.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, the viewers, for your continued support and patience of CPA Central during this long election process. We look forward to seeing that same support in the upcoming rounds of legend inductions.

We want to know what YOU think! Do you agree or disagree with the results of this round of inductions? What changes to the process would you like to see in upcoming rounds? Who lives in a pineapple under sea? 


Club Penguin Army Central Chief Executive Officer 


47 Responses

  1. Maybe next time. Congratulations to Daniel, and thank you CPA Community for giving me the Public Vote!

  2. Also, wasn’t there supposed to be re-considerations for some of the Legends on the page? What happened to that?

    • Some of the people being reconsidered by the public are in the committee. Awkward.

      • None of the current legends had enough votes to need to be reconsidered

        • I thought that names had to be put up for nomination which we would then vote on a list of people that should be ousted from the page. I think that’s what everyone else initially thought as well. There wasn’t a required amount of votes stated on the post for someone to be taken off the legends page. Also people at the time didn’t vote off Waterkid because he only revealed his true intentions now. Does that mean he should stay legend?

  3. Lorenzo Bean?

    How are these people NOT legends? Lorenzo definitely should be legend by now. Freezie saved the Dark Warroirs millions of times and was the only reason why they were alive until the Agents were formed. xxToysoldier basically made dw from nothing into something.. started their last two gens and is now leading the #1 army. There are a good amount of people here that are legendary. Daniel barely did enough.. I mean he’s cool, but he’s cool. I don’t see anything legendary about him…

    What is this? Corruption. The majority of the ”’legends committee””’ definitely were affiliated with UMA or Daniel in the past. As much as I don’t want to sound like a dick, I seriously don’t think a lot of this is justifiable..

    If WATERKID is a legend, if BURR AND VINN are legends, Lorenzo, Freezie, and Toysoldier have done just as much (if not more.) to be called legends themselves. Let’s be real. Stop this now.

    • This. A chat with Gob on ACP chat about this will just be shrugged off with a (hula). If the community as a whole speaks out for themselves, maybe then they’ll actually have to do something about this shit.

    • Toysoldier should be there if Daniel is, definitely. Same with others such as Silverburg, Andrew etc.

      Unfortunately the committee is a list of people who pay little to no attention to CP armies & pick people who they like. (don’t necessarily blame them, blame the people who have them in that position)

      Perfect example of this is how long it took somebody like Waterkid to get legend over Zakster (who has did a respectable amount in his career but in no way does it warrant legend status)

      And even though the guys ego is bigger than the entirety of armies, Roberto probably should have been here ages ago.

    • This has nothing to do with UMA corruption. The only person on this list who has any ties with Daniel is Wg.

  4. and zakster is still legend cool seems legit lol

  5. Where’s Silverburg and Mustapha? BUUUUUU D;

  6. gj eyes, all that work in UMA paid off for you

    toy should have gotten in though.. burr probably voted against toy because he took his roblox account ahahaha

  7. Congratulations to Daniel.

    But if Toy didn’t get on there this time, I don’t see how anyone else would. He was one of the best recruiters in 2014 and still stands as a prime force today. He has stayed in armies to contribute but receives a shocking 11 no’s? Most of the committee have been in the same armies together but there isn’t one who could accurately depict the contributions and effort that Toy has put forward This makes the voting process extremely questionable.

    I can already tell exactly who voted yes and no for Toy. There are people in the committee heavily biased towards him. (One got his roblox’s account taken from him so obviously he’s still butthurt about that.)

    Isn’t it ironic that the person who had ARGUABLY the heaviest influence/impact passed up for people who are more familiar to the members of the committee? Why are 6 of the 13 slots filled by CPAC representatives? Shouldn’t a leader who’s army have dominated a whole year have more yes votes? (also where did lorenzo’s vote go when it came to vote for himself?) I wouldn’t be arguing so vehemently if I didn’t think this was somewhat wrong. I can only assume that many would agree with me that Toy has definitely achieved feats worthy of a legend according to the public vote.

    The members of the committee have nothing to go off of but a paragraph written by Gob. This has many flaws. You may be revising the voting process next time, but the voting system now shouldn’t be this messed up. What is to be said about all the other legends who got voted in by the same system? (b1/b2 in 2014 but not a single dw leader or lt mention. in fact, the desc for 2014 is all about cpac.)

    If the people voting can be so complacent, I would feel that the title of legend is underwhelming. Again, I’m pretty surprised that only one legend was inducted. It was even said that the list of nominees seemed pretty short this month. One nominee who wasn’t even in the same league as the others somehow got on that list. Take this as you will, but I feel pretty strongly about this and others working towards legend should take this into consideration as well.

    • “Why are 6 of the 13 slots filled by CPAC representatives?”

      Only two slots were filled. That was by Lorenzo and me. Everyone else is on the committee because they were already inducted into legend status.

      “You may be revising the voting process next time, but the voting system now shouldn’t be this messed up.”

      i just got here man, doin the best i can.

      “One nominee who wasn’t even in the same league as the others somehow got on that list. Take this as you will, but I feel pretty strongly about this and others working towards legend should take this into consideration as well.”

      The names for 2016 were utter and complete shit. There was legit no better names for 2016. 2016 still hasn’t been marked by anything in particular. If we were to write the story of 2016 in CPA, we’d have nothing interesting to write. Therefore, the names are shit.

      • Goblin, why don’t you retire then? If you think “The names for 2016 were utter and complete shit. There was legit no better names for 2016. 2016 still hasn’t been marked by anything in particular. If we were to write the story of 2016 in CPA, we’d have nothing interesting to write. Therefore, the names are shit.” then you’re so dumb. You should understand that youre still here whining like a baby, yet you aren’t doing it right. You literally ruined the CPAC legacy as well, bud just stop. Like stop, do the right votes not some votes that aren’t really inducted as legend but someone who really deserved it with proof. So again, make 2016 great, and make the negative words stop. 2016 can be the great in history, we can try. You should rethink to yourself and tell me why you think its shitty right now. Why are you posting this then? Who knows.

        • If you actually blame me for the state of the community, then you’re an even bigger idiot than people give you credit for.

          Also, while trying to decypher that miserable excuse of grammar in a comment, I could only fully comprehend the fact that you think this community isn’t in a bad state. This is the worst fucking state we’ve ever been in. If you think otherwise, there’s something wrong with you, not me.

          • Community was long gone before you got this job (not sure exactly when you got it, haven’t paid attention at all this year.)

            It wasn’t ever really CPAC’s job to govern armies, although I think towards the end of the Blue Bros they should have taken a slight grip, that’s when the community started heading downhill at an alarming rate.

            What did it really is the increased toxicity (mutlilogging, cheating, doxing, ddosing,) which knocked the morale of the community entirely. Bot recruiting made CP mods hate the community to a core and annoy several players too I’d imagine.

            I’d hate to be involved in the community right now nevermind lead or be a an executive in something like CPAC.

      • “Only two slots were filled. That was by Lorenzo and me. Everyone else is on the committee because they were already inducted into legend status.”

        I mean that their legend status was highly influenced by their career in CPAC. Not their army experience. No offense, but coming from a person who’s never lead a tactic, is it really fair to participate in voting? Explain to me how Lorenzo is able to add an extra vote to himself. Or how someone who is in the same army as the nominee seems to have more votes than the person who had a higher impact on armies?

        “The names for 2016 were utter and complete shit. There was legit no better names for 2016. 2016 still hasn’t been marked by anything in particular. If we were to write the story of 2016 in CPA, we’d have nothing interesting to write. Therefore, the names are shit.”

        Yet you have a bunch of names coming up for July. Why weren’t they included in this month’s list of nominees? I honestly think we’ve hit rock bottom when we have to resort to nominating someone completely irrelevant to the plot of armies.

        I’d like to quote Freezie’s comment from just now.
        “the list lost all merit due to the inauguration of several peculiar candidates in recent years”

        Waterkid was granted legend over Toy when his ass was dominated all of 2014. I personally led the Christmas Chaos Finals against Andrew. The fact is, DW created a legacy far greater than LT yet the status of legend goes to the wrong person. Because of things like this, Legend is starting to lose all of its appeal. Can common sense not factor into the voting process?

        There’s not even a discussion. The committee is given a paragraph to read individually and they try to formulate their decision based off a paragraph. You can’t fit a whole year’s worth of effort into a written paragraph. Yes, the community is going downhill. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it justice by getting at least the legends done properly.

    • Drake, you should realize that hes also from
      UMA. Maybe he actually did it himself and make him a legend.

      • All of the UMA legends that would be allowed in the community don’t come on anymore. The only one who really represents UMA there is Wg

    • Only one person was nominated because the list that was presented to the council was generally one in which hardly anyone warranted getting onto the page.

    • Jesus Christ, why are you all attacking me and assuming I voted against Toy. I don’t even dislike the guy, nor am I upset that he took my Roblox account.

      Get over it. The biggest reason most of you aren’t legends is because you’re not retired yet. Retirement has a huge impact in how people viewed you. Stop bitching like a 12 year old and relax. It’s a fucking name on a list and while I like to brag about it to piss off ornery twats such as yourself, never does it cross my mind when I’m busy doing stuff that actually matters.

      Right all the essays you want, 9/10 times you’re attacking the wrong people for the wrong reasons. I believe former DW leader Unknown exemplified it best that If you truly believe you’re a legend, you don’t need a page to verify it. Now get over it.

      And yes, we get it. You’re really good at spamming bots therefor you’ve proven you’re superior to anyone whose ever experimented with this community.

      • *view

        b> damn hella typos first thing in the morn’

      • Pretty sure I was polite enough to refrain from naming you specifically. This isn’t about how everyone on the list got legend, but how 13 supposedly intelligent people have the audacity to be complacent and ignore a fuckload of accomplishments achieved by some nominees.

        Nice. The whole community believed that bot recruiting didn’t work and whined about their sizes. Anyone can do it, so why aren’t they consistent and persevere through these times? To belittle the amount of effort that goes to managing a number one army is fucking ridiculous considering you’ve done fuck all these past years nor were you in first very often.

        And apologies, but the thing is, I truly believe that the proper people should have their name put up on that hall of fame because they simply deserve it. I’m advocating for the nominees who got swept away by a shit ton of no votes. Not even a chance. I guess retiring and doing fuck all for the community is majorly proportionate in whether you are deserving of legend or not.

        I’m questioning the system more than targeting individuals in particular. To make change, one has to step up and do it. If you want something done, you get up and god damn do it. So sit down sir with your raging bullshit.

  8. Congrats Daniel!

  9. I know there may be some people on that list who still aspire to be on it… annnnd it’s nothing to be bothered over in the slightest. Not only has the list lost all merit due to the inauguration of several peculiar candidates in recent years but…

    The community is trash, no integrity, no fresh implementations, no anything. It’s dead. Find a new hobby & reminisce in the years you wasted here. Met some cool people, but wasn’t worth it.

    • Sadly, this has turned out to be completely true.

      • Recall during your DW days in some posts you said that this was a place that sucked kids in and took away their childhood with nothing in exchange. A prolonged absence from Xat & armies has made me realize what you said was 100% concrete.

        Respect to you for still trying, but I’d just leave dude. It’s gone, it’s why I never cared in IW or RPF a few months ago. Just looking around this website I doubt they’ll still be operating in a years time.


  11. How come Toy or Silverburg aren’t Legends They’re the heart of the modern day CPA community, Plus Toy is like the Dark Warriors Godfather. Most legends aren’t even close to the status of these Leaders right now, TOY AND SILVERBURG FOR LEGEND Drake deserves it too btw.

  12. I think too many people on this council thought about the impact Daniel had on them, rather than the impact he had on the community. Lots of people on the council are UMA, so they were probably his good friends. I’ve talked to many people who were around during Daniel’s time and they say that he wasn’t that “legendary”.

    Not saying that anybody else on this list is legendary. If leaders from let’s say 2011 did the same thing modern leaders are doing right now (spamming CP with bots), you’d see them getting even bigger sizes than us most likely.

    What pisses me off though is how this council heavily praises people from the past. How did Fort manage to get 5 votes when nobody in the council was around during his time? According to Commando717, Fort was the worst leader in ACP history who nearly killed them after Oagalthorp retired.

    It was the same situation with KG007, who got voted in by a council who wasn’t around during his time. All KG did was betray RPF because it was too much pressure without Commando, and join ACP in order to lead without any pressure.

    People like me and let’s say XXToysoldier will only get legend status if there is some sort of reform. The current system of filling CP with bots and having smiley-face danceoffs isn’t working anymore. A leader’s strength nowadays is determined more by the amount of tabs their computer can handle and the quality of their bot scripts, rather than their intellect and the quality of their character.

    Hopefully things will change.

    • Well said my homie xxxx

    • The majority of people who have been inducted in the past haven’t had any special influence on the community whatsoever. You’re right when you say that he did impact a lot of people, INCLUDING xiUnknown, the guy who PIONEERED Dark Warriors.


      Just because he hasn’t lead an army to giant sizes of 100+ that doesn’t make him notable in the history books, Silver.

  13. smh i’ve never even heard of any of these people. smh smh smh smh sieg heil

  14. Freezie, Toy, Silv, Drake, Roberto, Lorenzo and Myself –

    All pretty much conquered armies at a point of time, demolished the competition, out-sized almost every other “large” army by over 40 in prime, and have gotten to or won several tournament finals. Led several armies into their Golden Age, not to mention won numerous wars.

    Not a single person on the Council list has even surpassed what the above did.

    Dan.. seriously? What did he do that the above didn’t?

    (Idk why my comments never get approved or get sent)

  15. This is disappointing because congrats to Daniel well deserved but just him alone wtf

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