Closure Of Light Troops

Ice Box, Light Troops Capital – The Light Troops returned to this community a few weeks ago, ever since then, they have been able to hold a ranking on the Top Ten in which every army dreams of.

The Light Troops are known to be one of the biggest and most feared armies in the community. During this generation of Light Troops, they were able to reach amazing sizes of 99 and hold the first place position on the Top Ten.

Light Troops released their final post today titled, “Goodbye – Final Event Results”. This post was written by Epic Master and he leaves a few final words for the army. The final post can be found HERE.

“Hey-o LT, This is surprisingly the final event of the Light Troops to have ever happened. This is…. the end….. I will miss every single one of you. It was a pleasure to be an owner in such an amazing army and especially to work with people like Waterkid, Jessie, Tober & Tot/Revan. We did well in this final battle as we maxed 40+ with good tactics. I thank everyone who came to this battle and I hope you all have good luck in your futures. Shine With Victory”


The Light Troops didn’t close before taking down 2 large empires. One of these armies being the Rebel Penguin Federation and the other being Night Warriors.


Light Troops battling the Night Warriors on Fog

Before the Light Troops closed, Waterkid100, the Light Troops Commander, released a post on the Light Troops site titled “Roast Of DrMatt”. I’ve taken a few quotes from the long post that can be found HERE.

“This guy has to be the most annoying kid to work with ever. He always put on an act that he’s some determined leader and that he’s great and all but in reality he’s just a brainless rich kid who uses money to get friends

DrMatt paid me $71 to let him lead the Light Troops and I agreed. Although I got the money, he basically just put all responsibility on me and the owners and expected to take credit at the end of it all.”

In this post written by the LT Commander, Waterkid, he basically said that DrMatt only got hired for leader because he paid money to Waterkid100 and was rich. He also says that DrMatt didn’t do as much work as the other leaders of the Light Troops. To learn more about what exactly is going down in the Light Troops currently, we went to one of the most loyal troops and commanders, Epic Master (Firekid).

Interview With Epic Master, Light Troops Leader

Trader: “Do you think DrMatt is a strong leader, is he really as bad as Waterkid said?”

Epic Master: “Well most of the things he said was true and quite frankly during his reign he attended 2 battles and resorted to me and waterkid leading them. This week LT had 4 events all depending on me and waterkid and they were only big because of waterkid recruiting.”

Trader: “Do you see LT returning in the future? If yes, when?”

Epic Master: “I don’t know to be honest. If anything it would be in the summer and only if someone pulls out big bucks.”

Trader: “Why would money be needed to open the army again?”

Epic Master: “Waterkid doesn’t have time or inspiration to lead the army and armies are getting boring with the amount of people cheating and there are no real challenges. Plus he could make a bit of money off it”

Trader: “Will DrMatt be put back in the leadership, or is his time in Light Troops finished?”

Epic Master: “His time in the light troops will be finished unless he whips out a crap ton of cash from his pocket.”

Trader: “Any last comments?”

Epic Master: “Shine With Victory.”

In this interview with Epic Master, he confirms with us that the post written by Waterkid100, was correct. He goes on to say that every battle was led by Epic Master himself and the leader Waterkid. He says that the only way Waterkid will reopen the Light Troops is if he is paid “big bucks” to lead again, he also says that DrMatt is finished unless he pays money aswell.

Will the Light Troops reopen in the summer? Where will DrMatt go? What army will fill the spot the Light Troops have left? Should DrMatt pay Trader to join ACP?

I know the answer to one of those questions is Yes. Which one is it?

Tell us in the comments!

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  1. wv went into lockdown 2 days ago nobody posted js

  2. Otherwise, nice post.

  3. Yeah you see? People are cheating non-stop and that’s not fun. People who also multilog isn’t fun either. We need to stop cheating, and make it a right way. The summer is getting closer, and lm hoping that almost every army can revive, just for a fun world war and throwing snowballs, just like what we did back when Icey’s final event.

  4. Just as surprising as Elites shutting down

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