Verum Retires From The Night Warriors Leadership

Fog, Night Warriors Capital – Following the leave of Sprite and Flen, Verum the Night Warriors leader has recently left his leadership position in the army and has retired. Click Continue Reading to learn more about the retirement of Verum..

   Under the leadership of Verum, the Night Warriors have seen sizes of 45+ and were able to achieve 1st on CPAC multiples times. With the help of his co-leaders, Verum was able to transform Night Warriors into a superpower that is feared by many other large and small armies.


Night Warriors hit 1st on CPAC

Verum posted his official retirement from the Night Warriors on the Night Warriors site, the post can be found HERE. The post contains a lot of the past armies Verum has been involved in and a lot of his experience, achievements. The post also contains a list of people that he thanks for being there for him throughout his career. We took an excerpt from his post to look at.

This is one decision I don’t regret and never will. Night Warriors is the greatest army to have ever existed. We did all of this by ourselves, no hype and no multilogs. We didn’t pay a penny we just put in a ton of effort. NW is the definition of self-made. We did this without anyone, everyone tried to “expose” us and take us down. Every army tried to declare war and in the process we killed Redemption Force, Water Vikings and took down Chaos.

  In this excerpt of the post, Verum talks about how Night Warriors killed Redemption Force, Water Vikings and Chaos without any multilogs and no hype. Verum says that the Night Warriors are the definition of a self-made army. For more information about Verums retirement we went to his co-leader, Toysoldier.

Interview with Toysoldier


Trader: “Why did Verum decide to retire from the Night Warriors army?”

Toysoldier: “Verum has been busy these past few weeks, and he’s decided he wouldn’t have been able to bring the NW a sufficient amount of work that’s needed to sustain our sizes and overall ranking.”

Trader: “Do you think Night Warriors will drop in sizes with Verum gone?”

Toysoldier: “No, but it could easily cause troops to retire, because Verum was a great influence on many of our soldiers.”

Trader: “Does Verum plan to return to the army?”

Toysoldier: “I did hear that he does plan to return as soon as he gets the time needed.”

Trader: “Will anybody be replacing Verum as leader?”

Toysoldier: “No, we feel as if our current co leader is a fa**ot and deserves nothing but the gas chamber.”

Trader: “Any last comments?”

Toysoldier: “Make sure you preheat the oven to 400 degrees, 300 leaves the meat raw.”

  Toysoldier tells us that Verum retired for the main reason that he is busy and simply doesn’t have the time to lead an army at the moment. He says that Night Warriors will most likely not drop in size because of Verum retiring, but they might retire themselves. The last thing that Toysoldier tells us, is that Verum might be returning once he has time on his hands to lead the army.

event with verum

Event while Verum was leader.

Event without verum

Event without Verum as leader.

The first picture is from when Verum was still leader in the Night Warriors, the second picture is from after Verum retired. As seen from these pictures, there is a pretty decent size difference between the two.

Will the Night Warriors drop in size? Will Verum return the Night Warriors? Will the Night Warriors get back the 1st place position they once had? 

Tell us below!


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  1. When did I leave NW?
    I am still leader………

    • Maybe you should leave. You used to be a decent person until you wanted to become an edgy faggot. You trick troops and little kids into clicking links so that you can rat them and take their personal information. You should be ashamed of what your doing and do everyone a favor and leave. I’ll fix the mistake but I don’t see why I should do anything for you because all you do is ruin armies and make it less about having a good time and more about worrying about being hacked, ddosed and ratted.

      • This is the reason why UMA leaders should refrain from making posts related to NW. Make more unintentional mistakes, will you? From what I’m aware, Sprite was just an advisor. “Following the leave of sprite and flen,” that even necessary? Attempting to compare pictures from a hyped battle to a casual recruiting event and call it the loss of size due to verum retiring. Lol

        • Also approve my other comment thats curre tly in “moderation.”

          • If Sprite was an advisor, why did he make a huge post on the site about his leave from the army. Also, what’s wrong with me stating news? Is it wrong for me to say who retired and who didn’t. You need to chill out.

            You didn’t put in your events “Casual recruiting event” “Super hyped event”. I don’t know how i’m supposed to know the difference between the two of those. Simply found an event before Verums’ leave from the Night Warriors. I never said it was a loss, I said the 2 events have a considerable size difference. Stop crying.

  2. and the rocks begin to slide…

  3. Multilogging signs if you compare those last two pictures? (hmm)

  4. You could probably take an educated guess who this is, but whatever.

    I don’t usually comment on posts like these anymore. One of the reasons being that I don’t come on anymore. I heard you retired via a 3rd party so I thought I’d comment.

    Honestly, you’ve been nothing but a friend to me throughout these past few years and for that I sincerely thank you. I hope you move on in life just like I have.

    I also read a couple posts regarding the current state of the community and I can honestly say that you’ve left at the perfect time. Full of script kiddies and paraplegic plebs.

    Good luck in life Verum, I know you’ll do well.

    Slán go fóill, a chara.

  5. Verum multilogged 15 at a UK event and I gave the evidence to Goblin. He’s a trash leader loooool. NW = MASS MULTILOGS

  6. You mean the casual recruiting event during the period where all armies took a drop? These fucking UMA posts man. Trying to isolate NW leaders when all work was a contributed effort. Lmao.

  7. To be fair, this is quite a decent post.

  8. Under the feed, some of the army names have been messed up.

  9. Verum, My Friend… good decision.
    I’m NEVER would like to be in Night Warriors. Why? This is a FAKE NW! XXToySoldier Kill DW(You’re a DW legend!) and IW (tryied to kill RPF! ;X) and this is a fake curtain his actions. ToySoldier = the biggest f***er in CPAC (Jester, you aren’t only).
    1. True NW = Vendetta and Tomb1234
    2. When you back, join to RPF/NR. You REALLY friendly armies.
    3. Please…listen to me.
    Good Luck in future m8! *salute*

  10. Verum, one of the most annoying and egotistic prickish scumbags I have ever met within this community fact

  11. Who the fuck deleted my comment. Fuck off.

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