SWAT Reopens With Ganger90 At The Helm

MAMMOTH, SWAT Capital – In an unexpected turn of events, the SWAT army has decided to come back for another generation with Moneytrees, Zuke, Ganger90 and Domsamillion at the helm. Click Continue to learn more about the reopening..

The SWAT army is known to unexpectedly close the doors and reopen some time later. The last generation of SWAT was able to get sizes up to 55+ and achieved first on the CPAC Top 10. Although the fairness and how legit the generation was are brought up into question in a few CPAC Special Reports that can be found HERE and HERE, SWAT was still able to achieve amazing sizes at the time and first on CPAC Top 10.


SWAT event where they managed to get sizes of 50+

Ganger90, SWAT leader and creator made the post on SWAT site announcing the return of his beloved army, the post can be seen HERE. An excerpt from the post says:

We will be having a huge opening mission tomorrow, and by the way congratulations on getting invited to become a SWAT special agent. We will be having lots of fun here in SWAT which will include fun missions, parties, igloo events, xat and power giveaways, fun chat games, and much more. SWAT is a fun experience, and we aren’t only an army but we’re a family. This mission is really big, we’re trying to get a big turnout of 45+ troops. We will need to hit around 60 on our chat,

  From this excerpt we see that SWAT expects to be coming back with a bang, maxing 45+ troops and over 60 on chat. SWAT also says that they will be having fun missions, parties, igloo events, xat and power giveaways fun chat games, and much more. These could most likely bring in lots of troops and SWAT would be hard to compete with if they do get the expected 45+.

Interview with Ganger90 (SWAT Creator and Leader)


Trader: “Who’s going to be leading this generation of SWAT?”

Ganger90: “Ganger90, Domsamillion, Moneytrees, Zuke”

Trader: “SWAT has been involved in multilogging scandals before, is this going to happen this generation? If so, how do you plan on handling it?”

Ganger90: “No, SWAT is not going to be multilogging. We are the most advanced army as far as recruiting goes in the game today, we are going to prove that by bringing in many hard-earned recruits into our army. SWAT is going to be the best, and in the right way.”

Trader: “What are your plans or goals?”

Ganger90: “To reach 1st on CPAC, and to find a way to hit 100+ on chat in this generation.”

Trader: “Do you have any targets that you plan to attack once you reopen?”

Ganger90: “Yes, we will reveal them when we are ready for war.”

Trader: “Any last comments?”

Ganger: “F**k all yall pu**y a** ni**as u dont want none.”

  In the interview Ganger90 says that Zuke, Domsamillion, Moneytrees and himself will be leading the generation, all of which are SWAT veterans and leaders. Ganger90 also says that SWAT will not be multilogging this generation and will be the biggest and best while playing fairly. The last thing Ganger90 says is that they have eyes on a target they want to attack once they reopen.

  Further investigation of the site we found a post made by Ganger90 a month ago, which targets Mach and UMA. Which makes us question if UMA will be the target of SWAT, the post can be found HERE.

Dear Mach and UMA,

It’s okay to be jealous of an army that is much superior and better than you in every way, Mach, you even said it yourself. UMA is not a real army, you’re just an army that runs their mouth and does absolutely nothing because Mach is a terrible leader and can’t lead an army past SMAC. When UMA manages to get 10 on CP, I will acknowledge your dumbass threats and destroy your wack “army”. Everyone is very glad you’re gone from CPAC, you were the worst CEO of all time. CPAC was already shitty, and became far worse when you took office and you need to just stay away from CP armies in general, because it seems you’re just terrible at every aspect of it.

  The Underground Mafias Army which had their opening event on Tuesday this week were able to achieve sizes of 30+. If the SWAT army did attack the UMA it sure would be an interesting fight.


Will SWAT max the expected 50+ they achieved last generation? Will SWAT declare war on the Underground Mafias Army? Will this generation last longer then the rest?

Tell us your opinions below! 


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  1. Hmm, good… good luck SWAT. I belive, that you don’t multilogging. Good Luck in Future, but… try not to die ok?

  2. inb4 ganger retires

  3. i really didnt expect them to return. I for one am shocked of SWATS return.

  4. “Mach is a terrible leader and can’t lead an army past SMAC”
    That’s cute.

    “When UMA manages to get 10 on CP, I will acknowledge your dumbass threats and destroy your wack ‘army'”
    Come and get it.

  5. why does cpac even bother reporting SWAT openings and closures

  6. “No, SWAT is not going to be multilogging.”
    we’ll see about that.

  7. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


  9. http://prntscr.com/a8vdlj
    “this is the internet”
    “Don’t forget all the morons who type like 5yr olds!”

  10. Eh; it was time. Brb contact my hacker, as promised.

  11. Let the multilogging commence!!!!!
    for the 200th time!?!

  12. Why am I not surprised?

  13. succ me

  14. urghhhh not dis again plsssssssssssssssssss

  15. Déjà vu

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