Top Ten Armies: 2/21/16

**Update**: Evidence against NW has been added, 

**Update**: Due to an oversight, the Redemption Force was not calculated in this weeks Top Ten. Their score, and their rank, has been added. 

KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ – This week we see a spectacular rise from a newly recreated army, as well as radical improvement with many legend armies.


1. Underground Mafias Army [NEW!] [75.50]

2. Army of Club Penguin [+2][71.09] 

3. Army Republic [+6] [70.00]

4T. Redemption Force [+3][61.00]

4T. Water Vikings [-2] [61.00]

6. Nachos [-1][57.00]

7. Night Warriors [-6][56.77]

8. Elites [NEW!] [56.00]

9. Rebel Penguin Federation [NEW!] [55.45]

10. Night Rebels [-7][53.50]

These are some A1 full stats right here.


1. Underground Mafias Army: Returning to the community this week under the leadership of Daniel and Wgfv’s successor, Joseph, the UMA started their week with a UK training event on Snowboard. In this event, the army claims to have maxed sizes of 55. Their next event was, once again, a training on Snowboard; this time maxing sizes of around 60 including lock outs. As a part of the UMA alliance, UMA invaded the Rebel Penguin Federation’s capital server, Thermal, with this event proceeding to get bot raided. UMA’s final event of the week was a battle versus both the Redemption Force and Night Warriors, maxing 35 with numerous lock outs.


2. Army of Club Penguin: ACP had a total of 8 events this week, beginning with a patrol of Breeze where they maxed 20. The next day, they raided Alpine with a top size of 16. ACP then held an AUSIA training session and reached 18 troops online. Then, they maxed 25 at a training session. Their UK division logged on for a U-Lead and maxed 15. ACP combined forces with other armies in the UMA Alliance to get 40 online for their invasion of Thermal. Next, they did another AUSIA training and topped off at 20. 


3. Army Republic: The Army Republic started off their week with a new leader, Matt. Following the newly crowned leader meant it was a busy week for the Army Republic, AR had logged on for a US Invasion of Tuxedo maxing 24 and averaging 22,the next day they had logged on for a UK Training Session maxing 16 and averaging 14, later that day logged on for a US Training Session maxing 20 and averaging 17. The Army Republic then battled the Fire Warriors in a practice battle maxing sizes of 13 and averaging 12 and to cap off the week they held another US event were they maxed 20 and averaged 17 following this the AR recently had joined the UMA Alliance and invaded Thermal Maxing 37 and averaging 32.


4T. Redemption Force: The Redemption Force kicked their week off with an AUSIA training maxing size of 9+. Their week continued later that same day with a UK training that saw sizes of 10, and a US training hitting sizes of 19. The following day saw two events for the Redemption Force, an AUSIA with sizes of 14 and a UK training with sizes of 20+. On the 20th, the Redemption Force finally put all their training to use during the color wars event that saw sizes of 30+. The Redemption Force finished their week off with a bold raid of Mammoth where they saw no opposition and saw sizes of 16+. 


4T. Water Vikings: Water Vikings started off the week with a training session on Pine Needles maxing 27. The next day the Water Vikings went onto Fjord and had a practice battle with the Nachos, maxing 28 and averaging 25. Another training session was held on Alaska in which Water Vikings maxed 23 and averaged 21. Water Vikings finished off the week with a training session on Cabin, maxing 24.


6. Nachos: The Nacho Army had a busy week, this week began with a practice battle against WV where they saw sizes of 15. The following days they held a recruiting session with max sizes of 12 along with a “Formation” training with similar sizes. Later the Nachos would have a practice battle against Fire Warriors with sizes of 12 a recruiting session on that saw sizes of 19. They ended their week with a quick tactic session along with the “Color War” event which both saw sizes of around 11.


7. Night Warriors: This week saw the start, and termination, of NW’s war with WV. They kicked off their week with a Raid of the server Frostbite, and the next day won a Practice Battle against the Nachos army, at which they averaged 45. They also launched their new AUS/ASIA division at an event where they averaged 13. A UK Server Invasion saw them average 26, and at their Invasion of Cabin they maxed sizes of 55.The next day, they achieved sizes of around 35 at another UK Invasion, and ended their war with an Invasion of Yukon, at which they hit sizes of 50.Later, they held another AUSIA training session, maxing 15, a UK training session, maxing 35, and helped the Redemption Force defend Thermal against the UMA Alliance, maxing 62 in a combined effort, joined by NR. To finish the week, NW maxed 15 at another AUSIA event, achieved Second Place in their ‘Color Wars’ event, and raided Mammoth with RF, together maxing 40.


8. Elites:  The Elites held their official re-opening event this week on Summit. In this event, the army successfully managed to attain sizes of 41+. The Elites only held one other event this week, which is what could be classed as their “official official reopening event”, after the first was denounced earlier on, following the removal of Badboy from their leadership, after it was proven that he had been multilogging. In this re-opening event, the Elites maxed sizes of 17, averaging 16.


9. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF had two events this week. They did well. They did well enough to get eighth place.


10. Night Rebels: Night Rebels had a short but eventful week following a huge defacement, their week started with a UK training session with sizes of 15. The following day they had a US training session with sizes of 11 along with other UK training several days later maxing 14.The Night rebels ended their week with the battle for thermal in the their alliance with NW & RF.




Night Warriors (-20)









Supa Em










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  2. Good job, Chaos!

  3. acp is so hot <3333

  4. They said UMA couldn’t be the entire Top 3 at once…


  5. gg no re

  6. Good Job to all armies this week.

  7. NW finally exposed for what everyone knew they were!!
    This top ten was just chaos…

  8. I linked this in the smac kik chat and I told you the FW week in review was there. But of couse, don’t listen.

  9. Last weeks top ten is still sticky

  10. Good job ACP! Im sure we’ll get first place very soon! 😀


  12. Gj. Golds getting ready to come back stronger.

  13. Good job ACP! Lets get 1st next week!


  15. Redemption force??????????????????//

  16. Goblin, I’m not very sure but I just think that you should make a new weekly poll. (hmm)

  17. looool that elites pic ya’ll couldn’t end it with dcp could you

  18. Excellent work ACP 2nd place is nothing to be ashamed of, and I am certain we can take the throne next week if we stay on the ball. Also awesome job to our brother ally Chaos for your first week that was amazing.

  19. Um, Redemption Force????????????????

  20. RPF has had 5 events this week. Not 2. RPF’s Events:
    Invasion Of Tuxedo [AUSIA]
    Training Session [US]
    Invasion Of Berg [AUSIA]
    PB [UK]
    Colors War [UK]
    Please update our score. Thank you.

  21. Who wrote the summary for RPF? The summary did not include any sizes or specific events. I demand that you update the summary and note we had more than two events this week.

  22. I demand that aswell. This not appropriate.

  23. haven’t been on xat for a month, i don’t regret that choice.

  24. The big three.

  25. I pointed out to CPAC Staff on the SMAC KIK that I put our top 10 week in review on the OMEGAS website. CPAC Obviously doesn’t want to know about the Fire Warriors no more.
    :/ Shame.

  26. Reblogged this on Defenders of Penguins and commented:
    10TH ON CPAC

  27. What the fuck is that bio for RPF? We didn’t have two events lol

  28. roses are red
    violets are blue
    cpac wouldn’t suck dick
    if they just put fw

  29. lol @ RPF’s description.
    Surrender The Good Surrender.

  30. Go Job ACP, Chaos and WV!! Well done Defenders, let’s continue rising!!

  31. Oh.. NW multilogs? What a shocker! LOL. If you want more evidence kik me on xChippa

  32. So, where’s that evidence for the -20 deduction on the Night Warriors? From what I can see without that deduction the Night Warriors would be at number one for a third time in a row. You cannot just deduct the points and then say,
    “Evidence to be posted at a later date.”
    Without the evidence posted that deduction should be non-existent. Any professional knows that you do not deduct points before you have evidence posted, especially if those extra 20 points would move that army into the top spot. Until the evidence was obtained the Night Warriors should remain at the top spot and then the score should be updated as evidence is added like the score for ACP was re-calculated last week.

  33. About time there was another new addition to armies achieving first though



  35. Hannnnnnn

  36. That top 10 was rigged. Chaos is just a bot army. We have actual troops. We will prove we’re the best by smashing the UMA for this week. We are innocent till proven guilty. Until actual evidence shows up, no deductions should be allowed. This proves CPAC is corrupt inside. #MIGHTOFTHENIGHT

  37. I did not post week in review yet… I apologized for NR from waiting so long… :/

  38. Good job Chaos, good to see someone else up there instead of hackers and ddosers

    • Bad, pls. You call others “hackers” and “ddosers” when you and Ganger ran swat by yourselves.

      • Phin, what in the fuck are you talking about? Me and ganger never ddosed or hacked anyone, and if you’re trying to say multilogging is on the same level as that, then you’re wrong. Now stop spewing random shit on comments before I call to the sea and you get sucked back into the ocean

        • Typical. Club penguin noob trying to defend the army he multilogs for. That’s cute.

          • what? I’m not even in SWAT you dumbass. Please get off CPAC comments before I have to embarass you again because everything you say makes someone cringe, along with your physical appearance.

          • I could say the same to you Bad

          • I doubt it. Stop living on the comments section, you always preach about how armies are gay after you were exiled from IW for being a disgusting bitch and here you are every single week trying to start shit with people. If you aren’t interested in armies anymore then gtfo, we’d appreciate it

          • If I was “exiled” from IW, why am I moderator on the chat? Explain that to me, Bad. And my last VPN was IP banned last time I checked. Go play more Club Penguin, since you see to take armies so seriously.

          • can cpac not change the name in the comment? kthx.

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            She will comment back, so if anyone is following this little fight Phin and I are having, then stay tuned so I can bring you some more entertainment.

          • You’re moderator on the chat of a dead army, congrats. I’m sure if they were still alive they’d want you no where near their chat, as the images you have brought to us have probably scared away many recruits. I didn’t mention anything about your VPN or IP, so I’m not sure where that comes from, just probably your mile high autism kicking in, but the thing is Phin, I’ve been retired for weeks now, so I don’t see how being told to play CP is to be taken as an insult. The only one taking this shit seriously is you, otherwise why bother to comment back if armies are too out of your league? Or do they just not supply enough Twinkies for you to munch on? I’d bet on it. Please Phin, stop talking on comments, I’m one of the many whom have embarrassed you and whatever you think you’re gaining from keeping it going with me an others isn’t gaining you much, so just stop. I don’t have a problem with you, as you commented first, but if you want a problem, I will give you one.

          • For one, I don’t even eat twinkies. And when have I ever been embarassed by YOU? If IW were to return, I wouldn’t be banned on their chat LOL! Another thing, why are you still commenting on a post that’s over a week old? I like how you tell me to stop commenting, when Rocky is in his 20’s and still comments on CPAC. Yeah I really could care less for CP, but I like to read when I’m not busy with my life, something you seem to lack. Come back to me when you actually gain some common sense. :^) (or you gain some chromoomes)

  39. 2/21/26..

  40. hercules

  41. boi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. GO ACP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Gob just curious on what “Total Size” means exactly. Is that the average? Also I am pretty confused as to why some armies have not been included into this week’s top 10?


  45. Apparently, you put us in ninth place but you said that the Rebel Penguin Federation did well to be in eighth place. Update this and also, where are the details for our army and we had more than two events.

  46. Still waiting to see that evidence against NW :/

  47. @your recent comment: I don’t weigh anywhere near 250 pounds, whatever the hell pounds are. I play ice hockey, and football (soccer for Americans) which is why I’m not as active on xat. Speaking of which, if IW did reopen, I still would be inactive. “taking nudes for Cargo” LOOL! I never gav Cargo anything tyvm. Even if I did go nude, xat, kik, and fb would be blocked (which obv they’re not) I go to starbucks for coffee, not 7/11. And I only go o Fridays. Do us all a favour, stick your nose in a dictionary, because you clearly don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re” kthx bye.

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