Wozza Promoted to Water Vikings Leader

Frostbite, Water Vikings Capital – Wozza, the Night Rebels creator who had recently left for Water Vikings 2nd in control, has recently been promoted to leader of the army. Click Continue Reading to learn more about Water Vikings promoting Wozza..

         Water Vikings, led by Sir PJ, Jack, Buddy, Katie and Adden who have successfully kept the Water Vikings at a stable size of 25+ and have achieved 2nd on the CPAC Top 10 (Found here) have pronounced their choice to make Wozza a leader of the Water Vikings.


Water Vikings under the current leadership.

        In a post written by Jack, Water Vikings leader, he explains the reasoning behind promoting Wozza to leader – the post can be found HERE. We’re going to take 2 excerpts from the post so we can fully understand the reasoning behind it

Ever since he joined us from his position as leader of the Night Rebels, he showed nothing but loyalty, bravery and leadership.

From this excerpt of the post, Jack says that while in Water Vikings, Wozza has been loyal, brave and has proven his ability to lead.

Lets all take a moment to respect what he was brought & contributed to this army. For, our rise would not have been possible without his presence. Good job Wozza!

In this excerpt, Jack says that the rise that the Water Vikings have received would not have been possible without Wozza.

We decided to have an interview with one of the Water Vikings leaders known as Jack to learn more about what is currently happening at Water Vikings and also to see if they have any plans for the near future.

Interview with Jack – Water Vikings Leader


Trader: “What made Wozza stand out from the other 2ics?”

Jack: “Wozza has recently been our most active LiT with Jazz on leave. He is also very experienced; We had planned on making him leader but had given him a trial run as LiT to prove that he was loyal.”

Trader: “How big of a rise do you see in the future with Wozza leading?”

Jack: “I think we can easily come first once given time to settle. We have Katie on leave, we just lost Chip, Adden, Zoomey and a few good mods/owners and we have a few planned on coming back from leave in a few weeks so i’m not expecting a rise anytime soon.”

Trader: “Does Water Vikings have any current plans?”

Jack: “Well we’re hiring some experienced owners and also waiting for some Water Viking veterans to come back.”

Trader: “Any plans for war?”

Jack: “I’m not sure, things can always change.”

In the interview with Jack, he tells us that Wozza is a very experienced leader and is very loyal, which played a part in him being made leader in Water Vikings. Jack also says that a lot of Water Vikings high commands have left the army, leaving them in a bad position, which makes him think that there won’t be a rise anytime soon. Lastly, Jack says that there is not going to be any war at the moment.

Will Water Vikings rise from their current position? Will more Water Vikings veterans return? Will the Water Vikings enter a state of war?

Comment your opinions below!


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