Night Rebels Website Defaced

NORTH POLE, Night Rebels Capital – After their chat was defaced by none other than their own creator, we see that Night Rebels’ website has been defaced. Will Night Rebels be able to recover from this?

Recently, the Night Rebels’ chatbox was taken over by Night Warriors leaders in an attempt to deface it after Night Rebels’ creator, Wozza, gave them the password to become main owners. Along with many other Water Vikings’ owners (army Wozza is in as of right now), Wozza stated that what he had said on Water Vikings’ site was just a joke, however, days later proof was given of Wozza himself compromising the chat of the Night Rebels. This was covered by Trader, CPA Central Associate Producer, in a post which you can read by clicking HERE.


In the  picture above, you can see that Wozza is saying that once Night Rebels gave him administrator on their site, he would deface them.

Night Rebels’ deface was first announced by JakeCP12 today, on January 18th 2016. He states that the army needs a leader online as soon as possible, however, he does not state when was the site defaced nor who did it. Below is the post he made:

The website has been defaced by someone, we need a leader online ASAP!

-JakeCP12, Night Rebels Second in Command

Once I realized their website was defaced I quickly went to their chat and asked Night Rebels’ owners if they knew anything about when did it happen or who did it, but apparently, they didn’t even know it was defaced until I linked it.

Above, you can see Cheynaynay1, Night Rebels Third in Command (3ic), and Olivia, former Night Rebels Fourth in Command (4ic), surprised for the deface of the website of the aforementioned army.

After this, I waited for a higher rank to see if he/she knew anything, and then Lenore, Night Rebels  Second in Command (2ic), came in saying that she didn’t know who did it nor when did it happen, same with Olivia and Chey. However, Lenore said that she was going to fix it.

If you see Night Rebels’ website right now, you will notice that all pages and posts were deleted, however, the widgets and backgrounds were not deleted. Editors cannot change/remove widgets, yet they can delete pages and posts. Therefore, I am pretty sure that whoever defaced NR’s was an editor.

Night Rebels’ Site Right Now

I managed to grab an interview with JakeCP12, Night Rebels Second in Command, about when he found out NR site was defaced and who does he think did it, since apparently he’s the only one who knows when the site was defaced.

CPAC: When did you realize Night Rebels website was defaced?

JakeCP12: When a null came on and told me at around midday UK.

CPAC: Who do you think could have done it considering the defacer is most likely to be an editor on NR site?

JakeCP12: Well, I think it was Flen because of the tensions between NW and NR recently, and as he came out and was pc’ing [sic] me around 10 minutes after the deface. I could be wrong, too. It’s just an idea.

CPAC: How does Night Rebels plan to fix this?

JakeCP12: Well, we are still waiting for a leader [at 3:35 PM EST].

CPAC: Anything else?

JakeCP12: NR will come back from this and rise to the top!

From the interview above, JakeCP12 states that the site was defaced around midday in UK times, as he also thinks Flen did it due to the fact that 10 minutes after the deface Flen was private chatting him. He states that no leader has come on to fix the deface, which happened around 7 AM EST, with the interview conducted at 4 PM EST now.

WIt remains to be seen how NR is able to stand up again from this deface as they did after their chat deface. Some suspects at the moment are Wozza and Flen, however, we will see what the NR leaders can say about this.


What do YOU think about the deface of Night Rebels? Will they be able to recover and rise again, or will they fall? Who do YOU think did it?

Comment YOUR opinions below!


CPA Central Reporter

12 Responses

  1. idk who did it but whoever did this, just stop. ever heard of manners?

  2. Post was good, but extremely biased.

    Weren’t you not told: By the post on WV site and all the controvercy that the pic of Wozza pretended he was PCing Haroon about defacing the WV chat, had nothing to do with defacing NR?

    WTF is wrong with you guys? Like, I mean I’d understand Trader making the mistake of going onto our LOL Page and picking it up wrong, but you are all fucking IDIOTS thinking we’d ever post that on our LOL Page if it would get Wozza in trouble. Think about it.

  3. Definitely not Flen. He makes the GFX for NR and I’m pretty sure he’s going to pay for their new domain.

  4. this is what happens when you hire flen
    NR’s fault, they had it coming

  5. It appers that Wozza was Innoccent.

  6. The site has been restored.

  7. the NW banner on the sidebar gave me a seizure

    Yeah, Drake, Toy and you, dear reader, hate me, but…XXtoy(gay)soldier destroy DW/IW and re-create Fake NW to hidden his actions. LMAO x666 69.
    NR, You always be in my eyes Dark Warriors. Good Luck to future and…KILL NW! (evil) (Tiro,harron, please do it this.)

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