Elites Army Makes Its Return

SUMMIT, Elites Capital – Just yesterday the Elites Army had made its booming return back to the community with leaders such as Step, Peep, Burberry, and new faces like Badboy leading the Elites for the first time. What does this mean for the Elites Army?

The Elites were believed to be created by 77ninja77 in late 2007/ early 2008 on Summit. 77ninja77 lead the Elites to great power, rivaling with the strongest armies in its time: ACP, Nachos, RPF and more. Like all great leaders one day, 77ninja77 retired, and left the Elites in the hands of Agent55882, which soon led to the end of their first generation. Since then there have been many unsuccessful attempts to bring the Elites back to what they once were, until its sixth generation, created by Khimo. It switched in and out of the top 10, until they slightly fell, and weren’t in the top 10 in months. Then, after being reconstructed, in a matter of 2 weeks, the Elites hit world power status, achieving(if not surpassing) the Elites first Generation. Eventually, as has happened many times before, the Elites died again.  They were recreated by notable figures such as Khimo, Tempahh, and Firemanhq, but that generation died after great success, just as many other generations of Elites before. Below can be seen a photograph of the Elites golden era:

The Elites had made no hassle but started off an event almost immediately after their imminent return to the community. The fact that the Elites had never made the top spot on the top ten makes it a goal for them to pursue along with various other armies. Below can be seen the Elites opening event and a statement left by Peep, Elites Leader:

Today we had our official opening event on Summit!

I am proud of the results we had today. Elites have been my home army as I started off in 3G as a Sergeant First Class and now ascended to leader. I feel honored to lead us now as we prepare to take off into a new golden age. This has been my dream and goal since I have been in armies. We’ve always said Elites Will Rise, and I believe this time we really are.

We maxed 41.

The Elites having made a prosperous return to the community maxing sizes of over 40+ seems as if this generation will be the Elites Army’s biggest yet having never reached that peak during their time alive before. Below an interview with Badboy, new Elites Army Leader can be seen:


Elites Army Leader Badboy


What made you join the Elites?

cus they seem chil asf and step flexin was too sexy to pass by elites is where its at

What are your expectations of the Elites?

I expect my erection to go from a 8.5 all the way to a 10 in a matter of weeks. The Elites will stand atop of armies and together we and our allies will take a swing at Reacon’s mother

What are the Elites upcoming plans and goals?

I plan to go to burger king tonight and get a huge wopper with a tendergrill chicken sandwhich. Then after im done, I plan to do some push ups then touch myself. But if you meant any other plans for Elites then no

Any last words?

On Tuesday when you were sitting on the couch I was so tempted to get on top of you and start moving my ass and the other part up and down on you


What do YOU think of the Elites Army’s return? Will they be prosperous? Will they reach greater heights? We want YOUR opinions! Comment down below!


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