The Underground Mafias Alliance Declares War on the Redemption Force

UMAMMOTH, Underground Mafias Alliance Head Quarters – On February 16, 2016, the UMA Alliance has formally executed a declaration of war on the Redemption Force, the Redemption Force however, has yet to reply but a post interview is included in this post on the Redemption Force’s plans and word.This alliance is only aimed towards one army and one army only, the Redemption Force.  What does this mean for the Redemption Force?

Just yesterday various armies had issued a declaration of war on the Redemption Force. Further mostly by the fact of their intolerance towards them in the community. We have also seen the flock of several Redemption Force Leaders leaving and ditching their army for another. Notably, one of which Max had joined up with the ranks of the Chaos Army a new army that has just recently grown that is part of the alliance to eradicate the Redemption Force. The Redemption Force Leaders that remain are Wenny, Konrad, and Reacon upon other leaders. Below an excerpt from the Formal Declaration of war post made by Mach can be seen:

Greetings Redemption Force!

Today, the Underground Mafias Alliance, you’ve read this correctly, has come to agreement in the declaration of war against you, as well as the invasion of Thermal, your only server. For the longest time, you have been rude, cocky, and ignorant; and for some reason, we’ve all let you get away with it. That is it: enough is enough, and we’re tired of someone so small trying to act big. The following armies will be declaring war on you:

  • Chaos
  • Army Republic
  • Elites
  • Army of CP

Together, we max unprecedented sizes, and alone, we stand strong as well. That is why we have deemed it necessary that together, as the UMA, we will be invading your capital and only server, Thermal. We understand that right now you are devastated, you are probably urinating in your trousers, but unfortunately, this is karma for your ignorant actions.

The armies in this alliance includes the newly reborn Elites and Chaos along with the Army of the Republic and the Army of Club Penguin. As seen with tensions that have risen with the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Army Republic had finally made the decision to fight the Redemption Force instead for their cause. The sizes of these armies together are massive along with Chaos’ new CPPS partnership had been capable of them reaching sizes of 45+ on their return event back, doubling the sizes of the Redemption Force. Inevitably proven that the alliance combined could possibly produce massive sizes against the Redemption Force. Below can be seen the Redemption Force’s sizes and the Chaos Army’s size. I have managed to grab an interview with both sides on their opinions. Below can be seen the interviews with Wenny, Redemption Force Leader and Trader Chaos Army Leader (UMA Alliance)


 Redemption Force Leader Wenny


What do you think about this declaration of war?

I think that they are just doing it because they can, They have given no evidence as to show how we’ve been cocky

What do you think the outcome of this war will be?

I cannot tell, honestly but I think all armies will be affected one way or another

What are your plans for this war?

To do the best we can and show the army community what we are made of

Any last words?



 Chaos Army Leader Trader


What were your intentions of declaring war on the Redemption Force?

The Redemption Force always stomp on Chaos generations, it was time to return the favor in this generation of Chaos.

What do you believe will be the outcome of this war?

I believe that Chaos, ACP, Army Republic, and the Elites will come out on top while our enemies are dead.

What are your goals and plans for this war?

The goals for this war are to show our enemies how strong we are and how much power we hold in this community that we currently have.

Could you clarify on why the Redemption Force have been cocky?

The Redemption Force picks on smaller armies that wouldn’t have a chance at war, one of those armies had used to be Chaos. But now that we are stable, they won’t be able to pick on us. The Redemption Force needs to learn their place.

Any last words?

I cut off this mole on my stomach and it started to bleed. I didn’t have any bandaids so I just let it bleed, my bed is covered with blood and it did not stop until like two hours ago, then I realized I did not cut the whole thing and had to cut it again. I have an infection in my chest


We want to know what YOU think! Is the formation of this alliance noble, or an excuse to gang up on their enemies?  Do you believe a whole alliance was necessary to take out one army? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below! 


Former CPA Central Executive Producer

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