Hacking and How To Negate It

KLONDIKE, Tax’s Philosophy Desk- After several controversial point of views, we often now see several forms of hacking in the community, sometimes involving major army leaders. Most notably a recent statement made by Toy, Night Warriors Leader has stated he has various current army leaders on his bot net. Whether is may be a fact or a lie, what is really hacking and how can you avoid it?

For all these years, we have been spending time with each other, maybe making some friends along the way. Every one of us have left armies and joined armies. There is one question though that some people have left unsaid. Do we actually trust these people? People these days don’t seem to get respected in many armies. Everyone hates each other, whether it’s the troops hating each other, the leaders hating each other, or the troops hating the leaders etc. Have we actually changed our ways of greeting people with respect? Well, let’s not answer this right now and going along with the topic of this post.

There are many different methods of hacking. Here are some scenarios.

Method 1: Defacing a website

So you end up on a website. You have a big fight with your fellow leader. The chat resets and you are a guest and stay that way. Since you know you are couped, you see that you are still on the website. You go there and remove all the pages, posts, and everything else on it. This doesn’t really count as hacking, but it can easily shred your image in the community. An infamous image that has been accused of these acts includes Badboy and Waterkid, mostly known for their nude defacements.

Method 2: Doxing

Doxing simply refers to the process of gathering other people’s information such as name, age, email, address, telephone number, photographs etc. using publicly available sources such as the Internet. In other words, doxing is the act of using the Internet to search for personal details about a person. Members from our community use this technique to take other users information and is often used against them. In the past the “Diaper Assault”, an attack on Elmikey in which during the Nacho Army-RPF War. What had happened was that a Nacho Army Member had sent Elmikey diapers by doxing him, finding his address and information thus sending him the delivered package. Although this was considered a prank it was still sketchy to know that someone you don’t know that you have met online has your address in their hands.

Method 3: IP Addresses

Although it is not technically hacking, you could grab his/her IP address. It can tell you what internet service provider that person has, as well as an approximation of their location. In order to collect anyone’s IP Address, most use an IP Logger, a link where you click it and it logs your IP, sending it to the host who owns that link. This is why we enforce you all not to click suspicious links. These two are probably the more popular ideas of hacking. People often go beyond the depths of hacking, but others just like to keep it clean.

There are many other ways, but I think I need to talk more about why we hack. I think we hack just because of jealousy for one another, or we just need to make a point in armies. Other than that, we are ignorant people who don’t have a care to hack someone. We just need to get along, because that’s what most people want us too. There are several ways of using an IP Address to disrupt someone’s Wi-Fi, such as sending a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) or just a DoS (Denial of Service). Hackers use this in order to hit a leader offline during events so the opposing army could have a better but unfair chance.

In conclusion, hacking does not make us better in armies, it just makes our reputation worse. If you had a history of hacking, do you think you would be accepted to be an administrator in a big, smart army? Do you think that you would be trusted to be able to use the chat password for xat without resetting it and changing the password? Just think about these things. It’ll make yourself feel sad if you knew you screwed up already. If you never hacked anything yet, don’t, because you’ll regret it.

Method 4: Viruses

This is the least common used type of hacking in the community. But has it ever been used before? Of course it has, RAT’s (Remote Access Trojans) have been distributed various times by Jessie through clicking suspicious links. Five little words you do not want to hear: “Your computer has a virus.” Even if you know almost nothing about computers, you know this is bad. So why would anyone create a virus anyway? Malware, short for malicious software, includes many types of software written with the intent of harming your computer, invading your privacy, stealing assets or passwords for identity theft, or simply to be annoying. Malware includes viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware and more.

What is the reason behind hacking in general? Why is the community affected by this? Here are some examples.

Hacking for fun

Some hackers make attempts on computers, servers or network systems just for the personal gratification. Others may feel that they need to prove something to their peers or friends, and hack something only for the challenge. This was recently stated including the diaper incident.

Hacking to steal

Another reason to hack a system is to steal information or money. A large portion of hacking attempts fall into this category. Banks and large companies are common targets for hacking jobs, but sometimes smaller companies or even a specific person’s computer are targeted, as well.

Hacking to disrupt

There are also some hackers, including hacking groups; that target a company for in order to disrupt business, create chaos and just be a nuisance. These groups often be trying to make a statement with their hacking, demonstrate security inadequacies, or to show general disapproval for the business itself. Examples of hacking groups that made these headlines is the infamous Anonymous.

What you can do to prevent hacks

1. Install Anti-Virus software – This should not even have to be listed because if you don’t have any anti-virus software installed, you’re asking for trouble! If your reason for not installing anti-virus software is because it’s too expensive, then that can reason can be shot down because there are several free anti-virus programs out there that are considered better than others.

2. Install only trusted software – If you’re not sure what a piece of software does from its name, then don’t install it. Also, don’t install anything you didn’t intend to install in the first place. Sometimes programs will ask you to install other programs during the install of the original application. Be careful of that because it’s usually spyware. If you’re installing software from big names sites like Microsoft or Adobe, you’re good.

3. Run virus scans regularly – If you’re not in the mood to scan every day, at least run a scan once a week. Actually, setup a schedule for your computer in your anti-virus software to run a scan late at night or whenever you don’t use your computer and that way you won’t be bothered with a slow computer.

4. Don’t click on suspicious links – This is the number one rule, do not click on any suspicious links. You never know if it could be an IP logger or a virus unless it is a major and safe site like Google.com. If you want to check sites without even having to enter it, copy the link someone sent you and scan it at http://scanurl.net/ in order to see if a link is safe.

5. Not everyone is a hacker – 99% of the community doesn’t even know how to hack, don’t chat with fear, enjoy yourself. Getting yourself hacked is 100% avoidable, follow these instructions and you should be safe.

What do YOU think about this? Have you ever experienced a “hack”? How about a virus? Do you have any tips for others? We want to hear YOUR opinions!


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  1. first

  2. Im glad Im safe for that. I have AVG virus scan and it is a blessing to let my laptop be safe.

  3. There aren’t any real hackers here anyways.

  4. did u guys watch the last episode of gravity falls

  5. No one in this stupid community is a real hacker.Most of the army leaders just brag about being hackers.When infact most of them don’t know what ‘dark comet’ is,or what ‘snakebite’ or ‘HOIC’ does.When I asked these so called hackers some basic questions related to perl,python or even simple batch scripts they just rage quit.They even don’t know what ‘lulzsec’ was or what is the irc channel of ‘anonymous’,nor they know anything about backtrack or kali linux.The only thing most of them know is copy and paste.They have no knowledge about streesers or botnet,but they vlaim to ddos or ping flood,only by searching on google.I have personally taught some people how to configure dark comet and helped them in understanding its functionality including Flen.If anyone else wants to learn about true hacking just contact me by joining our program on Goblins Edit: Yeah, no.

    Think you are a hacker/can DDos?I am giving out my IP address on xat,just contact me and try ypur best lol….

    • for a ‘real hacker’ you certainly don’t know how to operate your own server and actually obtain a real domain rather than a free one, lol.

      backtrack and kali are for script kiddies. both are kinda haphazard.

      also, id be careful who you give your IP too. you’d be surprised how many routers are vulnerable to SNMP reflection attacks. doubt anyone here could do that tho.

      kali isn’t anything special so if you want to learn kali and in doing so you’d learn linux. the thing is learning kali isn’t learning to hack, its just learning to use some programs learning to hack has more to do with learning about how everything works and having the right mindset to find a way to break it.

      also, explain to me: what do you consider ‘hacking’?

    • You’re retarded. Knowing how to use HOIC or dark comet isn’t an achievement , any 10 year old can use it. Anonymous are not skilled, they’re just edgy 14 year olds. Daniel rm’d and nulled anonops for like 3 months straight and you’re saying no one from this community can hack lol. People in this community do have botnets and using a stresser just requires $$ same with a botnet.

    • Oh my god Gob lmaooooo

  6. Stupid mobile keyboard.

  7. Very helpful ty bro and nice post

  8. But here is the thing. There is a bad type of hacking which we all know or should know well right now. Then there’s the good way such as Cyber Security and etc. I think that needs to be differentiated in this discussion or the post itself, too. Either way though excellent post. 😀

  9. One time my army got hacked which caused my internet to go off

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