Army of Club Penguin Declares War on Light Troops

BREEZE, ACP Capital – After a great deal of commotion between the two armies over the past few weeks, action has finally been taken as the Army of Club Penguin have declared war on the Light Troops.

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Theories – The End of Armies

Klondike, CPAC Headquarters- It’s been an on-going theory from the start of this all. Will CP Armies cease to exist? CP armies have been going up and down in sizes, some leading to their death. One by one armies are going down, could this be the end? Read more to find out the rest!

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Doritos Shut Down

SUMMIT, Doritoss Capital – One of the most legendary Club Penguin Armies of all time recently shut down. After a hard fall, the Doritos were shut down by their legend Bam117 following a tumultuous spell under the leadership of Sci and Alfrondo.

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WaterKid Retires From Light Troops

ICEBOX Light Troops Capital – The Light Troops, who have been consistently in the top three for the past month or so, have suffered a  small blow as long time leader Waterkid retires from the army suddenly, leaving questions about the internal stability of the Light Troops.

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Top Ten Armies: 11/23/14

EDIT: An error was made which saw the Nachos only have 13 event points instead of the actual 15. With 2 extra points, the Nachos move up a spot to 7th. We apologize for the inconvenience.

A very slow week for armies with only four armies above 60 points. A former CPAC army makes its appearance in this week’s Top Ten after being declared dead for months, leading to many changes in the lower rankings.

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Tensions Rise Between Light Troops and Army Of CP

BREEZE, Army of CP Empire – As the tensions between these two world powers increase, partly due to various actions undertaken by certain individuals, the Light Troops have made the decision to raid Breeze, resulting in a rather interesting battle. Continue reading

The Rise & Fall of the Rebel Penguin Federation

Tuxedo, Disputed Territory – In July of 2013, it had seemed that the Rebel Penguin Federation had risen out of their 5 year drought when they achieved 19 month record sizes, maxing 70 against the Nachos. Now, over a year later, it appears that the Rebel Penguin Federation is slowly but surely falling and decreasing in size. What caused this to happen?

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Changes in the Top Ten Formula

After many complaints, we have decided to make a change in the formula that calculates our weekly Top Ten Armies. The formula itself is undecided currently, but we have a couple of ideas that we’d like to share.

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[PB In Review] – Ice Warriors vs Golds

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – The Ice Warriors and the Golds, two armies who have been lingering on CPAC Top 10, face off in a friendly battle on the server Sub Zero.  Continue reading

Owlcity Resigns from Leader Position in the Chaos Army

Snow Board, CHAOS CAPITAL- On the 18th of November 2014, Chaos lost one of their greatest leaders in history. She was loved, she was joyful and she was an amazing friend to all of Chaos. Owlcity left armies for good.

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