ACP, IW vs LT, Pirates: Battle of Breeze

Breeze, ACP Nation – Today the alliance of the Light Troops and Pirates invaded ACP’s capital, Breeze. The Ice Warriors joined the fray on ACP’s side. At this point, both sides have claimed victory at every previous battle. The battle for Breeze began at 3:00pm EST at the Cove, where LT had approximately 21 troops online. ACP and IW charged in with a joke bomb. ACP’s troop count was around 12, and IW hovered around 14. LT attempted to circle the room while IW made a vertical line.


After 5 minutes of exchanging tactics, LT made the first move to the Ice Berg. The Pirates, who were previously locked out of the room, turned yellow and joined LT at the Berg. Together they had a force of approx. 39 troops. ACP and IW attempted to charge in with E+K, which LT responded to with E+8.


IW and ACP could not get a substantial number at the Berg before it filled up, so they went to the Stadium. Combined, they maxed 42 and formed a plus.


At 3:14, both sides moved to the Plaza, Pirates/LT forming a chatbar line and ACP/IW making a line above. Sizes dropped due to lockouts on both sides. ACP/IW topped out at 23, and LT/Pirates had 27. The armies performed some nice looking emote and word tactics for about 8 minutes.


LT/Pirates then moved to the Snow Forts, with ACP/IW right on their heels. The sizes in this room stabilized at 25 for LT and Pirates, and 26 for ACP and IW. The highlight of this room was ACP and IW’s E+T, countered by LT doing E+8. Unsurprisingly, the battle ended with both sides claiming victory at 3:26.


The battle was fast-paced, and well-fought on both sides. The sizes fluctuated because of the battle rooms filling up so quickly. Neither side had a significant size advantage; even when they reached their respective peaks, the difference between them wasn’t more than 5. However, this is just from what I personally was able to observe. Their sizes may have varied since I moved from room to room to get footage of each army. The tactics were also quite steady, but like yesterday, LT may have done a couple more word tactics. Here is the video of the battle.

Lorenzo Bean

CPAC Associate Producer

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  1. 1st good post

  2. As much as it has been a good battle LT and Pirates VS Grand Alliance are claiming victory. CPAC needs to introduce a war official system where they judge the war and their decision is final.

  3. looks like LT and CPPA won in my eyes

  4. Great Post Dan!

  5. sadly i have to agree with 11 on this one

  6. Content: 9/10
    Structure and Language: 9/10
    Overall: 9/10

    Great job on the post! 😀
    Btw 9/10 is really good 10/10 isn’t commonly reachable.

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