Water Vikings, Golds, and Chaos Declare War on Lightning Strikers

White Out, LS Empire- An interesting, and unexpected war, broke out Friday, November 28 with the Golds, Chaos, and Water viking declaring war on the Lightning Strikers. In a recent post made by golds emperor Whatsup 11, he stated that a new alliance, calling themselves the “Allied Forces”, would be declaring war on the Lightning Strikers. In his post, he stated several reasons:

This army has been stealing Top 10 spots from our allies, and from armies that truly deserve a CPAC Top Ten spot by spamming AUSIA events all the time. We will also be declaring war for the treacherous leaders of the Lightning Strikers, such as Tondra and Brigade.They are weakening, and now we will finish these peasants off for their evil leaders. Tondrax, a man of many words, has a bad past with getting people to assist his army and not repaying them back, and I WILL NOT tolerate this, nor will the Allied Forces. The Allied Forces will strip this army of their nation within 2-3 days of invasions. This will not be our only target, we have another after we are finished killing the Lightning Strikers.

Above, Golds Leader Whatsup11 declared his reasoning for the war was that LS stole top ten spots from Gold’s allies, spammed ausia events, had leaders such as Tondra and Brigade (who Whatsup11 obviously has a grudge against). He also said later in the post that the lightning Strikers were had Flippers, Gold’s capital, on their nation page.

The Water Vikings, Chaos, and Lighting Strikers have only recently returned to the top ten, placing in the lower five. Under the leadership of Bepboy, Dash, and Buddy the Water Vikings have shown signs of a rapid growth-spurt. The Golds also moved up in the top ten to the fourth spot, while the Lighting Strikers hold a respectful 7th spot. While the Chaos on the other hand moved down a spot, placing number ninth.

The Lightning Strikers responded quickly:

As you may know, the alliance composed of Golds, Water Vikings, and Chaos have declared war on us. I still do not know whether Chaos will be fighting against us with the alliance or helping us; apparently, when I talked to Sapper, Chaos leader and creator, he told me that someone approved helping Golds and Water Vikings without his knowledge. They claim that they will strip us of our nation within 2-3 days of invasions. Nevertheless, we must prove that we are a strong army and can put up a fight.

The Lightning Strikers said that they were unsure whether Chaos would be against them or help them in the war. Mondo finished his post saying he wants a clean and respectful war. Invasion posts have yet to be posted.

Who do you think will win the war? Will we see an even larger rise from any participating armies? Comment what you think below!


CPAC Editor in Chief and DW 2ic


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  1. all gold everything

  2. Lol reading this post, it sounds to me that the golds are attention seeking as everybody is focusing on the LT and ACP war.

    Having been a retired WV 6ic under Bepboy leadership, i lose all my respect for them.

    I am also a retired Chaos 5ic, i hope they support LS or ill lose respect for them too.

    As for why im defending LS, i have made a formal written request to Brigade requesting instant 3ic based on my activeness and experience. I hope this is approved of course and im scheduled to return on Tuesday even though it was meant to be today.

  3. Water Vikings agreed to the alliance, not the war. Do a little more research before saying stuff like that.

  4. … Really Gordon get some research first? Conclusions ….

  5. Would’ve appreciated some pictures but good post anyways.

  6. This post is not correct. WV never declared war on LS.

  7. Wow Lightning Strikers have just been brought back and already they are having wars against 3 other armies!! 😮

  8. Looks like you’ve got a LOT more research to do judging from these comments. Also a few grammatical errors, especially one annoying one at the start.

  9. WV is not fighting you twat

    • Who the f**** you talking to, you piece of s***

      Read the title, you are in the alliance so you are fighting

      • something tells me you have some sorta mental issue, cause WV is not fighting. We agreed to an alliance, not a war. So please go back into the maggot filled crawl space you came from.


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